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  • Strategy, Empire-Building
  • Microsoft
  • The Learning Company
  • Teen
  • September 10, 1997


Jack Be Nimble Twist

Some times, if you insert thejack be nimble code, the catapults might fire cows instead! But after a couple of shots it will go back to firing people.

Helepolises Or Catapults???

Catapults, as you will soon discover, are great weapons to attack towers and other buildings with lots of hit-points. Actually, I believe that the Helepolis is a better choice. Although its attack is basically centered in one area, they have a rapid rate of fire. The attack strength of the Helepolis is only 40, compared to the Heavy Catapult`s 60. The major difference I like to use the Helepolis is that they are not converted as easily as the Catapults, and also that they can attack units like Centurions and Cataphracts closer in. Anyway, the risk of Friendly Fire with Heavy Catapults is tremendous, you reduce the risk of it with Ballistas and Helepolises. Also, the Helepolis is constructed twice as fast as the Heavy Catapult.

Units Above The Pop. Limit

If you need more units, but the population limit stops you, try this. Bring your population to 1 unit beneath the population limit. Now, make sure you have lots of resources, enough to build several units. Next, go to all the buildings that can produce units, and QUICKLY click on the icon that makes the unit. Do this on every building as fast as you can, but you can only continue until a unit is completed, thus bringing your population to it's limit. HOWEVER, the game will complete all the units you started! With this, going fast enough, you, will be able to go over 10 units above the population limit.

2x Hoyohoyo

When you advance to the Bronze age and are able to build Temples do "hoyohoyo" ( the strong priest cheat) before researching any technologies in the Temple, after putting the code in you will not get a priest with 600 hp but 1200 hp. Also not a speed of 10 but a speed of 14! It makes for a much better cheat

Be Careful

If you use the code gaia to control animals, only use it as a last resort. This is because once typed in, you can only control animals.


Baby Prez

If you enter "power" you will get a baby that rides a tricycle and that shoots a gun out the front.

Dragons Instead Of Birds

Press enter, and type 'king Arthur'. All the birds, hawks and eagles, will become dragons. The only way you'll be able to tell they were birds, is by their shadow.


The Planet Player: controlls animals (lions,elephants, ect.) have fun

Fast Resources

Use the following trick to rapidly enter the cheat codes and get resources quickly. For wood, press [Enter], type woodstock, highlight the word, then press [Ctrl] + C to copy it. Press [Enter] to activate the cheat. Press [Enter] again, then press [Ctrl] + V to paste the word on the screen for activation. Repeat to get resources quickly. This may be used with the quarry, coinage, pepperoni pizza, and photon man codes.

Cheat Codes

While playing a game, press [Enter] and type one of following codes to activate 
the corresponding cheat function:


Instant building		steroids
Win scenario		home run
Kill player 			kill[player's position 1-8]
Rocket launcher car		bigdaddy
Everyone dies		diediedie
Resign game		resign
Full map			reveal map
1000 food			pepperoni pizza
1000 gold			coinage
1000 wood			woodstock
1000 stone			quarry
Remove Fog of War		no fog
Transform villagers [Note 1]	medusa
Laser gunner [Note 2]		photon man
Animal control		gaia
Juggernauts may move on land	flying dutchman
Increased catapult range and effect	big bertha
Priest 600 hit points, speed 6	hoyohoyo
Increased ballista range		icbm
Catapults fire peasants [Note 3]	jack be nimble
Stealth archer, dressed as tree
 when still			dark rain
Turn horse archers into black riders	black rider
Nuclear missile trooper		e=mc2 trooper
Commit suicide		hari kari

Note 1: After enabling this cheat, move one of the villagers into an opponent. He 
or she will transform into a Black Rider after death. The Black Rider will transform 
into a Heavy Catapult after it dies.

Note 2: Enable this code after establishing your Empire and clicking on the 
center of a town.

Note 3: Enable this code after a catapult is selected.


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