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Money, Money, Money

Always remember money is everything in the game (and real life). Money spent should be well spent, spend wisely.

Plane Advisor

Similar to the Staff advisor, he advises you whether or the planes you buy are a good value or not. His judgment will be based upon each plane's condition and relative price.

Boeing 737-800

Similar to the 737-400, but its consumption rate is low. Its capacity is only slightly greater and so is its price at $48mil. See the 737-400 for other recommendations. Perfect for small inter-continental travel.

Boeing 737-400

Similar to the 720. With a 30% lower consumption rate than the 720, it may seem a great value. But when you look at its price, you will be put off buying the plane completely. It can't be bought early in the game due to its hefty price of $41 million, but when you get that far, you may have already bought a better plane. If you are looking for a plane with a low consumption rate, try buying the MD81 or the A300 -- at about half the price and lower consumption but also less range. These two planes also have a higher capacity, so they are a much better value.

Too Crowded

If you have many flights and if it gets too crowded, then go to the manager's office and ask for an expansion. If he agrees, go to the board the next day and you can bid for the new terminal like a branch. If you get the highest bid, you get the new terminal.


Routes can be good money makers too. Buy short routes and use a plane that has high a passenger hold and low consumption rate. Because you charge per person for routes and you also pay less for fuel, you get more profit. Remember to check whether or not your routes are profitable. You can do this by going to your notebook (in your office, near the globe) and putting your mouse over the flight. If you are losing or making a small profit, then advertise your route if you can afford it. This should bring in a lot of passengers and money. Next see if your passengers are happy with your prices -- you can do this by checking your gate when it lands and looking at the thought bubble. If it is good you will know and if it is expensive they will think it. Change the prices accordingly (if you want). Assign routes to one plane. The best planes to do routes are: Concorde A300 A310 DHC 8 Dash 8 Gulfstream II Once you put the routes for return flights, repeat them for the week and once you get underway, you should be raking it in.


Buy large tanks from Arab-Air and buy petrol at the beginning of the game. When the price increases, use those instead, which will save you money. Do this regularly and you will save a lot in the long run, although it also requires some micromanagement.

Boeing 727-200

Similar to the 707 it seats 189 passengers and carries 18 tonnes of cargo. However, its consumption rate is lower at 13000 litres per hour, and so is its range. This does not however mean it is cheaper - -in fact it is about double the price. Costing $26 million, it is very expensive for a plane of such little calibre. For such a small plane, you are probably better off buying the 707 -- even though it consumes more fuel, it will not cost $12 million.

Boeing 767-300ER

This plane can hold 290 passengers and 29 tonnes of cargo. Its consumption rate is low at 2800 litres per hour and its range is quite far. This make it ideal for cheap flights overseas -- in the long run it will pay off a lot of money as its cost is only $25 million. It should be bought as soon as possible so you can gain more money and expand more quickly. This plane will be a good plane for beginners and is very good value for money.

Boeing 777-300

The 777-300 holds 550 people, challenging the Boeing 747 series. Even its range and consumption is better then that of the 747's. The price is fairly reasonable and is a good buy if you have $69 million to spare.

Boeing 747-400 Domestic

Similar to the 747-400, it holds a big capacity for passengers and cargo. Its main disadvantage is its short range as its name suggests. It will be a big money maker due to its large capacity, and it is cheaper than the 747-400. Great value for money.

Boeing 747-400

The first of the Jumbo-Jets and the most-used overseas plane. Its even higher capacity and lower consumption makes it must to buy. It will bring in the profits for the long run, but don't hope to gain a lot of money in the short run as its price will make your pocket much lighter. By making its image 100%, it will bring in a lot of money for long-range routes overseas.

Iluyshin II 62

This type of plane is quite cheap and can easily be bought by a budding company. The value of the plane is average for its statistics. The seating is average, as it fits 198 people, and the fuel consumption is also average.

Iluyshin II 86

This plane is much the same as its counterpart, the Il 62. It has a greater number of seats and cargo hold, but its range is almost half. These two factors about cancel either other out. For its price of $17.1 million, it is not expensive and is probably not too bad a value.

Lockheed C5A Galaxy

This plane is big, as it holds 345 passengers and 34 tonnes of cargo. With an average range of 6,000km and a price of $25 million, it seems a good plane to buy. This is until you see its consumption rate of 14,000 litres/hour. It is bigger and cheaper than the Tristar 500, but its consumption and range is worse.

Lockheed C-1011 Tristar 500

The Tristar is also a large plane like the Galaxy, as it holds 300 passengers and 30t of cargo. Compared to other planes, it is a very good value at $30 million. Its consumption rate at 9,100 litres/hour is average, and the plane also has an average range of 7,000km. It is almost the same value as the Galaxy -- the $5 million difference will be made up in fuel, so in the long run this is a worthy plane to buy. This is good to buy early in game if you want to go ahead quickly.

Oil And Kerosene Advisor

Well it's a bit obvious -- he helps you buy oil and kerosene for your planes.

McDonnell Douglas DC10

This plane is a bit larger than the Tristar -- holding 380 passengers and 38 tonnes of cargo, it is a big plane. Its consumption at 9,376 litres/hour is a bit greater than the Tristar but not much and is still quite low. Its range of less than 10,000km is one of the highest, and overall, this is a good plane. Even the price of $29 million is good, and so this plane is a good value -- just cheaper than the Tristar but better. If you have money, buy this plane.

Fitness Trainer

He makes you run faster. I have no idea why you need him, except to get orders first or travel faster. The higher the skill, the faster you get. If you buy him you can see a difference in your speed. Why would you want one? Your walking speed won't increase, only your running speed.

McDonnell Douglas MD81

Very good plane costing only costing $20 million, so it can be afforded early in the game. Its small cargo hold and low passenger accommodation at 172 is its only draw back. This also has a very low consumption rate at 3,000 litres/hour, which means can it can be sustained cheaply and run on routes a lot. But the routes must be local, since it has a range of under 3,000km.

Financial Advisor

You need one to view your balance sheet along with your daily profits and plane expenses. To view it, go to the globe and on the filofax, there should be a tab on the bottom left corner where you can select to view your balance. You will need a highly qualified advisor to view more complex information.

NXT LVL Engineering Space Voyager 2000

The ultimate plane in the game, not because of its size but its price. At $200m, only the elite can afford this, and even then, it is small. Since it only holds 90 passengers and 9 tonnes of cargo, it hardly seems value for money. Especially when it consumes 125,000 litres/hour, it will drive up the bill considerably, even though it has the maximum range of 15,000km.

McDonnell Douglas DC8 Super 70

This planes only holds 259 passengers and 25 tonnes of cargo, which makes it an average sized plane. But one major drawback is its consumption rate -- at 14,000l/h it is too high. But what it loses in consumption, it makes up in range. At 12,600km, it is only second to the Space Voyager 2000 (the ultimate plane). But another major drawback is its price -- at $80 million it is too high and is not good value for an average- sized plane with a large engine. It could be used for long-range expensive orders and should still make a small profit, though.

Airbus Industry A300

A fair-sized plane with a capacity of 230 people and 23 tonnes of cargo. A large range of 8,000km makes it good buy. Along with its unusually low consumption rate of 2,980 litres/hour, this is the best-valued plane in the game.. Only costing under $30m, it can be bought at any stage of the game for any reason. Not much can be said about this plane except that it is very good value.

Boeing 707-320C

This plane, which seats 189 passengers and has room for 18 tonnes of cargo, is average in size -- if not small compared to the modern planes. The consumption of fuel at over 15,000 litres per hour is very high and will likely cost your company quite a lot of money in the long run. Its range is also quite average. Its price of $14 million is cheap, and early on in the game when you do not have much money, it is probably one of the only planes you can buy. But due to its high rate of consumption, it will eat your funds up and is not recommended. If you do want to expand your fleet early in the game, I recommend the Boeing 720, with relatively similar stats but with a lower consumption rate and higher range. The price is the same and it is a better buy, but it still not recommended. A better buy would be the Iluyshin Sowjet Joining II 62, with better stats and lower price for people with a small company.

Airbus Industry A310

Another fair-sized plane, which can hold 250 passengers and 25 tonnes of cargo. With a smaller consumption rate and a smaller range than its predecessor, it is almost the same if not better than the A300. And it also has a cheaper price tag, at $22.5m.

Boeing 747-100

The 747 series is one of the largest airliners in the world, and it is the most popular commercial passenger aircraft. This is not so different in the game. Its consumption rate is very high, which may make it a turn-off to buy. But don't be turned away -- its high capacity for passengers and cargo will make up the cost in the long run. You may want to buy the other 747's instead, but their price is too high, and I recommend this plane instead. It is a great value buy for such a small price, and you can fit a lot of people and cargo in it. Compared to the 737, it is cheaper -- even with a higher consumption, which will eat your profits in the long run, it will still be cheaper than the 737. Its high capacity will neutralise the costs of fuel.

Boeing 757-300

The Boeing 757-300 holds an average capacity, with the ability to seat 240 passengers and carry 24 tonnes of cargo. Its range is best suited for inter-continental flights. Its consumption is low and so it will not eat a lot of money, but its capacity will bring the profits down. It's an average plane for $59mil and is suited for a medium sized company that wants to expand but does not have a lot of money.

Order Analyst

A very useful advisor. When you choose an order, he will tell you if it will make a big profit or a loss. He will also tell you if you have planes capable of travelling that far or if you won't have enough room to fit them in.


He allows you to see your competitors' information and status.


1000 Dollars


Get Money Fast

When you go to the main menu u press "Show me the money" and then you will have money.


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Easter eggs

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