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  • November 3, 2008


Growing New Fruits

Same as sending out fruit to get furniture, send out a letter to all the characters in your town and attach a shell to each one. Some of them will send you back close but a few will send you fruit that does not grow in your town. To get the new fruit to grow you have to chop down a fruit tree already growing in your town and use your shovel to remove the stump, in the hole where you remove the stump place the new fruit, bury and water the sapling and the new fruit tree will grow in the place of the already existing fruit in your town.

Cross Breeding Flowers

Plant three kinds of flowers in a box shape (example: Tulips, daisies, roses) different colors or the same, water all three flowers for at least 1-2 days, in the empty spot, eventually you'll have a new color of flowers .

Jingle The Reindeer

On the night of dec. 24 after 8:00 a deer named jingle will be there to deliver presents. You can get the jingle set from him but its kinda hard. Jingle hides in houses and all over your town. He only goes in houses that have the lights off and he doesnt go in your house. When you find him he will ask you 2 questions to determine what kind of furniture you will get.

jingle set:

jingle bed
jingle chair
jingle table
jingle piano
jingle clock
jingle carpet
jingle wall
jingle sofa
jingle wardrobe
jingle dresser
This furniture is really expensive 12, 450 for every piece. He goes away at 1:00 am so thats alot of furniture. I made like 300k bells just that night. So go and do it, but. IT GETS REALLY HARD AND IRRITATING. But worth it.

Bank Deposit Prizes

Deposit the amounts of money listed below into the in-game bank to unlock the corresponding feature.

10,000 Bell Deposit - Shopping Card 
100,000 Bell Deposit - Box of Tissues 
VIP Status (Huge Deposit) - Gold Card

How To Get Big Bells On Halloween! (without Needing Candy)

First change the date to Halloween (October 31st). Then empty out your pockets, go to Tom Nook and buy 16 packs of paper. Next go find the neighbor closest to Tom Nooks and they will talk to you. Say you don't have any candy and they will get mad and turn your paper into Jack-o-lanterns. After, walk away from them until they are outside of your view. Go back and they will talk to you again, keep on doing this until all of your paper has been turned into jack-o-lanterns. Go back to Tom Nook and sell all of them for a grand total of 15,000 bells! Repeat this until you get tired.

Bug Money

You can get more then 100, 000 bucks on bugs that are on the coconut tree these bugs are Cyclommatus 8, 000 bills, Golden stag 12, 000 bills, Alas beetle 8, 000 bills, Elephant beetle 8,000 bills, Hercules beetle 12,000 bills, Goliath beetle 6, 000 bills. These are very rare though and you have to make a row of coconut trees (by the ocean) and go down the row for some time then you can fill your pockets with bugs and go home and put them down and go back. Hit they are out a lot at 11:00-12:50.

Money Tree!

First buy two shovels. Next find a nice spot to bury on of the two shovel, member where you buried the shovel, skip two days ahead and dig up the shovel you buried and it will be gold! Now you can make a money tree! First take out your golden shovel then get a money bag or a 100 bell token and bury it with your golden shovel then water it for two to four days and then BAM! Money tree when you shake money falls out of it.

Meet Wisp the Ghost

After 8PM, after the stores have closed, come outside and walk around until you hear a voice. It will give you some directions. Follow the directions, and you'll see a ghost (he is always near water). The ghost is Wisp, and he will ask you to find his lamp, the Empty Lamp. You can sometimes find it early, but only on Mondays! If you've done all this, and can't find Wisp, you can find him up in your attic. He will give you one of three great rewards: 1) Clear ALL weeds from your town (a great first step towards a "Perfect Town"), 2) Clear ALL cockroaches from your town, or 3) Get a random item.

How to Get Some Easy Money

Take a net get some bugs and then sell them. You can also take a fishing rod and cacth fish then sell them.

Paper Candy Mix-up

Advance to halloween (Oct 31) at 8:30 pm then you go to tom nooks store and buy as much paper as you want or that you already have you then find someone they say trick-or-treat and you say heres ur candy. Give them paper and then you have jack-in-the-box which you can sell for a lot more than just paper!

Find K.K. Slider!

Every Saturday at 10:00 pm, go to the roost in the museum and on stage you will see K. K . Slider!

5,000 Bells A Year

On your Birthday you mom sends you 5, 000 Bells, if you want to get rich just keep advancing to your birthday and go up a year and the money will be coming in by the thousands.

Gold Roses

Plant three red roses in a group, not a line, leaving an open space for new roses to grow. When black roses appear (they will look dark purple), water them for a couple of days. Then, let them dry out, turning brown. When you go to water them the same day they turn brown, use your watering can THREE times, placing the water right in the middle of roses. Next day, gold roses. I've only been able to do this when playing in the Spring and Summer, and I used my Gold Watering can. It doesn't always work but I've been able to produce five gold roses!

Fishing For Money

Here is a list of fish that are worth a lot of bells.

Sweetfish -     900  Bells
Neon Tetra -    500  Bells
Ocean Sunfish - 4, 000Bells
Guppy  -        1, 300Bells
Arowana-        10, 000Bells
Sea Butterfly-  1, 000Bells
Clownfish  -    650  Bells
Pirahna  -      2, 500Bells
Catfish   -     800  Bells
Sea Horse -     1, 100Bells
Red Snapper -   3, 000Bells
Popeyed Goldfish-1, 300Bells
Surgeonfish  -  1, 000Bells

Unlimited Paper From Nook

To get this unlimited paper you must be working for nook so what you do is this. When nook tells you to deliver the paper take it and then go outside and drop it on the ground and go back inside and ask for more he will give you as much paper you want all you do is repeat the steps, its that easy.

Free Things

If you find a genie lamp, keep it and one day at 3:00 am a ghost named wisp will appear. He will tell you 2 find a lamp (if you did not find one already). And then he will tell you 2 go in ur attic (the place with the bed and phone). When you r in ur attic take out the lamp and rub it, wisp will appear and ask you if you want to remove all the weeds, kill all the roaches in your house or give you a item that is very very very hard 2 find in any stores.

Shake Trees

Go around your town and shake all of your non-fruit bearing trees. One of four things will happen: 1)a coin (100 bells) will pop out 2) a spider will come down 3)a beehive with bees will fall down or 4)Nothing will happen. If you get the coin- pick it up, go into your pocket and put it in your wallet. If you get the spider- catch it with your net and sell it to Nook for 300 bells. If you miss the spider the first time, re-shake the tree. The spider will come down on the opposite side. If you get the beehive- you will get stung unless you run into the nearest house/building (the owner has to be in the house) before the bees catch you.

Silver Can

To get the Silver Can, go to Nook's shop and buy all the flower seeds. Do this again for several days. Eventually, Nook will give you the Silver Can, which can heal wilted red turnips back to health!

All The City Folk

People who work in the City:
Harriet styles your hair for 3, 000 bells at Shampoodle.
Kicks shines your shoes for 500 bells on the steps.
Gracie owns Gracie's and Labelle works there.
Lloid works at the action house.
Dr. Shrunk is a sweaty mess at the Marquee.
Lyle is depresing sometimes, but he works at the HRA.
Katrina is a cat who works in a fortune tent and tells your fortune for 100 bells.
Redd cheats you in a tent.
Sometimes you can see Mr. Resstii in the coned place a little after eight o, clock.

Easy Money

The first thing you do is grab your shovel and start hitting rocks until money comes out. Next, you go around and pick all the fruit off your trees. Then, go to your house and get all the furniture you don't want. Last, go pick up all the seashells every half hour.

Empty Lamp

Sometimes, you will just be walking around town when, you spot a Genie Lamp. You may think there is a Genie inside, but its empty. I'm not sure what to do with it right now.

Money Trees

First, you'll need a Golden Shovel. To get this, bury a spare shovel in the ground for a day and dig it up. With the Golden Shovel, you can bury money and it will grow into a tree. Shake this tree and moneybags will fall from it like fruit. You can bury an enormous amount of money by removing it from your wallet (up to 30, 000 Bells) and it will triple on the tree. Be sure to take care of the sapling, watering it and placing it away from other objects. In four days or so, it will become a full tree.

Golden Slingshot Tips

The present balloons that you can shoot down with your slingshot come every time the clock reads "5" in the second minute digit during the hours of 10 a. m . And 3 p. m . (10:05, 10:15, 10:25 etc. ) . That means there's a total of 12 chances to hit a balloon every day.
The best vantage point is the northern side of you town. You can actually control the balloon with your running movement. You may not be able to spawn balloons if you haunt the northern area, so run up there when you see one. After hitting 8 balloons, one will randomly contain the Golden Slingshot, which fires 3 pellets.

Fossil Prices

Those dig spots around your burg may turn up fossils. You can be a philanthropist and donate them to the museum, or sell them to Tom Nook for cold, hard Bells. Here are the prices you’ll get from old Nook:
Amber - 1, 200 Bells
Ammonite - 1, 100 Bells
Coprolite - 1, 100 Bells
Dinosaur Track - 1, 000 Bells
Archaeopteryx - 1, 300 Bells
Pecking Man - 1, 100 Bells
Fern Fossil - 1, 000 Bells
Dinosaur Egg - 1, 400 Bells
Shark Tooth - 1, 000 Bells
Trilobite - 1, 300 Bells
T. Rex Tail - 5, 000 Bells
T. Rex Torso - 5, 500 Bells
T. Rex Skull - 6, 000 Bells
Tricera Tail - 4, 500 Bells
Tricera Torso - 5, 000 Bells
Tricera Skull - 5, 500 Bells
Mammoth Torso - 2, 500 Bells
Mammoth Skull - 3, 000 Bells
Ankylo Tail - 2, 500 Bells
Ankylo Torso - 3, 000 Bells
Ankylo Skull - 3, 500 Bells
Apato Tail - 4, 000 Bells
Apato Torso - 4, 500 Bells
Apato Skull - 5, 000 Bells
Dimetrodon Tail - 4, 500 Bells
Dimetrodon Torso - 5, 000 Bells
Dimetrodon Skull - 5, 500 Bells
Iguanodon Tail - 3, 000 Bells
Iguanodon Torso - 3, 500 Bells
Iguanodon Skull - 4, 000 Bells
Sabertooth Torso - 2, 000 Bells
Sabertooth Skull - 2, 500 Bells
Pachy Tail - 3, 000 Bells
Pachy Torso - 3, 500 Bells
Pachy Skull - 4, 000 Bells
Parasaur Tail - 2, 500 Bells
Parasaur Torso - 3, 000 Bells
Parasaur Skull - 3, 500 Bells
Seismo Tail - 4, 500 Bells
Seismo Hip - 4, 000 Bells
Seismo Chest - 4, 500 Bells
Seismo Skull - 5, 000 Bells
Plesio Torso - 4, 500 Bells
Plesio Neck - 4, 500 Bells
Plesio Skull - 4, 500 Bells
Stego Tail - 4, 000 Bells
Stego Torso - 4, 500 Bells
Stego Skull - 5, 000 Bells
Ptera Right Wing - 4, 500 Bells
Ptera Left Wing - 4, 500 Bells
Ptera Skull - 4, 000 Bells
Icthyo Torso - 2, 000 Bells
Icthyo Skull - 2, 500 Bells
Rapter Torso - 2, 500 Bells
Rapter Skull - 3, 000 Bells
Styraco Tail - 2, 500 Bells
Styraco Torso - 3, 000 Bells
Styraco Skull - 3, 500 Bells.

Late Summer Fishing

For massive amounts of money, consider going fishing in late July or early August around 7 at night. You'll find some of the most expensive fish on those days at that specific time. They are listed below, along with their value.
Hammerhead - 8, 000 Bells
Napoleanfish - 10, 000 Bells
Red Snapper - 3, 000 Bells
Shark - 15, 000 Bells

Downgrade Tom Nooks Store

After Nook has upgraded his store to Nookington's, he'll occasionally ask you about it, about once a month. Your answers can cause him to revert the store to a previous model. Give the answers listed below for the desired store:
"Variety" - Nookington's
"Balance" - Nookway
"Hours" - Nook 'n' Go
"Sorry, no" - Nook's Cranny

No Bee Stings

Wear your WII mask and you won't have the swollen bee look. You will still get stung but no one can tell.

Get the Lighthouse and Windmill

To get the lighthouse or windmill you have to donate 1,000,000 bells to the town fund (NOTE: you will get to vote for a windmill or lighthouse) If you are not happy with your decision, donate another 1,000,000 bells.

Play Hide-n-Seek!

Sometimes if you talk to a random animal, not one who wants to talk to you, they will want to play hide-n-seek. They will get two other animals to play with you. They will give you 10-15 minutes. Where you have to look for them is behind trees, signs, houses, and buildings. Look closely because they will poke there head from behind a tree. An easy way to see if they are behind the building is run directly along the building. They are never inside.

HRA Prizes

Score lots of points with the HRA and feng shui. They will reward you with these prizes:
70,000: house model
100,000: wide-house model
150, 00: two-story house model.

Lucky Items

The following items are very lucky in your house.

Garden Gnome
Ivy Piano
Jank in the box
Lefty lucky cat
Lovely phone
Lucky black cat
Lucky cat
Lucky gold cat
Master sword
Music box
Piggy bank
Racoon figure
Samurai suit
Treasure chest

The Lost Key

Sometimes, an animal in your town will say that they lost their house key. Go to their house, and it will say that it is locked. Go fishing for a small fish. You will eventually catch a key. Give it to the animal, and you might get some Bells or a Gyroid.

Silver Slingshot

Nook rarely sells the Silver Slingshot after Nook Way expansion for 500 Bells. I got mine the 12th of Feb, so warp back to then!

Gyroids Keep Beat

If you place a Gyroid in your home and start some music, the Gyroids will keep the beat with the song. I think the best beat-keeping Gyroid is just the Tall Ombloid. Too bad you can only have 4 Gyroids on at a time.

Get Blathers to Say the Museum Is Better

To get Blathers to say that "the collection is coming along quite nicely" instead of "almost nothing on display" donate at least 67 items to the museum.

Shoe Shine by Kicks

In the city, there will be a skunk named Kicks who will shine your sneakers. He may also change the color of your sneakers, especially when you choose "Go by color! " . When you choose "Go by color! ", he will change the color of your sneakers based on the hat your wearing. If you don't like the way he changed your shoes, just put your other hat back on, and have him shine them again.

Talk to Phineas

Sometimes in the city there will be a fat seal named Phineas. Talk to him. He gives you dorky prizes. Example: a bubble wand.

Shoe Shine

While visiting the city, find the skunk. He will shine your shoes, allowing you to change the color.


If you wanna keep your store as nookington's, when nooks says he wants to talk to you about something, he will ask you what you look for in a store. If you always say variety, it will stay nookington's If you say something else he will change the store back to nooksway.

Gyroid Room

Go to the coffee shop and always bring a Gyroid with you. One day, Brewster will ask you about it and he will ask for it. There is a special room that he keeps them in and you can back an get it later if you want.

Get A New Bridge, Fountain, and Lighthouse or Windmill

Go to the town hall an donate 200,000 bells to the town fund an they will give you an option of 3 places you can get a new bridge. Then donate 500,000 and get a fountain an when you throw an axe in once a day a goddess will appear an she might give you a gold axe if you keep trying, but don't be surprised of she keeps your axe. Then donate 1,000,000 and you will have an option of a windmill or a takes about a week for them to put them out in your town.

Tips For Auctioning Items

Certain items like Gyroids and fossils bidding prices can be predicted. If you auction off an item such as a robo-tv the prices will vary. If you auction off a Gyroid you will get somewhere around 3,000 bells a piece. If you auction off a fossil like a T-rex head you will get 4 times as more bells than what Tom Nook will give you. So if it is 5,000 bells you will get a whopping 20,000 bells! That is if it sells...

Pitfall Your Neighbors!

If you plant a pitfall seed and push your neighbors into it they will be stuck. The only way they can get out is by talking to them. Afterward, they will be sad for a short period but it's just fun to see your neighbors panic!

Star Fish

If You See A Star Fish in the the Ground use your shovel and dig it up. It could be anything.

Mario References

1.If you buy a type of a guitar(for instance a 
country guitar) and put it in your room and you 
press A when you are near it, it will play the 
Mario tune

2. When you find the money rock and you hit it a 
couple of  times,when bell bags come out it will 
play a sound affect like when Mario gets a 1UP 

3.When you get 10,000 points at Nooks Shop you 
will be able to buy Mario's standard Kart From 
Mario Kart Wii.

4.When you get 500 points at Nooks Shop you will 
be able to purchase the banana from the Mario 
Kart series.

5.When you get 800 points at Nooks Shop you will 
be able to purchase the triple red shells from 
the Mario Kart series and they actually rotate!

Easy House Things

First just go and buy paper. Then all you have to do is go and get a whole bunch of fruits. Write a quick letter to someone and put the fruit as a gift. Keep doing that till you write using all of you paper. Send to the post office. Wait a day or two and then all of the people you sent letters to will have sent you something back like furniture, walls, or flooring.

Wild World Import

Transfer your saved game files from Animal Crossing: Wild World, and all of your unlocked items will be available in Nook's store.

Bunny Day Dates

Just in case you want to change the date to bunny day the dates are organized by the year.

2009: April 12
2010: April 4

Snowman Items

During the winter, there will be two snowballs somewhere in your town. All you have to do is roll them around and they will grow bigger. Make sure the head of your snowman is slightly smaller than the body of your snowman. If you roll a snowball into another one, the snowball you were rolling will end up on top and that will be your snowman. If you get it right( and it will take some time to make your snowman happy) then he will say something positive about the way he is built and you will get something in the mail from him. If you didn't get it right them he will say something negative. There will be two new snowballs everyday during the winter.

Gracie Furniture

If you see Gracie the Giraffe walking around your town you might receive furniture from her. Talk to her during each season to receive cool furniture sets.

The Salon

For first timers at the salon in the city, you can go in and ask Harriet the salon owner,and she will ask if you want a makeover or a new hairstyle. If you choose hairstyle you will have to pay 3,000 bells to get your hair done. If you choose makeover and it is your first time there you can do it for free (The makeover is when you get to look like a Mii. You choose the Mii and Harriet makes you look like that me!

Messenger Bird

When you go to a message board, sometimes there will be a yellow bird. When you approach it, it flies area. Once you see the message's one is new.

Silver Shovel

On some random night's in the city, go all the way to the right after 8:00 pm. You will reach a place if the cones are pushed aside. Talk to Mr. Restti. He tells you to get out and take the Silver Shovel with you!

Money Fish

In Winter, there are a lot of MONEY FISH! One is called the Football fish which sells for 2,500 bells. The others are Red Snapper, lobsters and that's it.

Lots O Bells

First you must finish Tom Nook's part-time job. Then get the fishing rod. Go to the ocean and fish! You might catch Sea Bass, Red Snappers, Barred Knifejaw's, Sea Horse, and more. Sell them for a lot of bells. You will be rich in no time!

House Expansions

Below is a list of cost for expanding the size of your house for each addition.

Normal House - 19,800 Bells 
First Expansion - 120,000 Bells 
Second Expansion - 248,000 Bells 
Third Expansion - 368,000 Bells 
Fourth (Final) Expansion - 598,000 Bells

Tom Nook Points

When you spend money in Tom Nook’s store, you earn a point for every 100 Bells you spend. Purchase the items listed below from Tom Nook for the corresponding amount of points earned.

500 Points - Banana 
800 Points - Triple Shells 
1,000 Points - Yoshi’s Egg 
2,500 Points - Bad Bro ‘Stache 
3,000 Points - Toad Hat 
4,000 Points - Peach’s Parasol 
5,000 Points - Hero’s Clothes, Varia Suit, or Wario Hat 
6,000 Points - Hero’s Cap, Majora’s Mask, or Samus Mask 
6,500 Points - Midna’s Mask 
10,000 Points - Kart

Selling Mushrooms

Mushrooms are valuable items that can be sold to Tom Nook for Bells. If you happen to find Elegant Mushrooms, you're in luck, because those valuable items are worth a shocking 10,000 Bells a piece.

Easy Money

Every day one of the rocks in your town gives money for 5 seconds if hit with shovel or axe. Can only be done once a day and rock changes every day

Fishing Tourney And Bug Off Dates

Here are all the Fishing Tourney Dates

December 13
January 17
February 14
March 21
April 11
May 16
October 10

Here are all the Bug off dates

July 18
August 15
September 19

Hair Colors

Lighthearted- Blonde
Safe- Brown
Fiery- Red
Flirty- Pink
Mysterious- Dark Brown
Young- Sky Blue
Lush- Green
Radiant- White

Flea Market Dates

Here are all the flea market dates:

November 23
January 25
February 22
March 22
April 26
May 24
June 28
July 26
September 27
October 25

Golden Shovel

Same as the last game, bury one shovel with another then wait 1 day exactly. dig it up and there ya go! you can also put 1,000 bells in the ground water EVERY DAY and have a money tree!


K.K.'s Secret Songs

K.K.'s three secret "request-only" songs are: Stale Cupcakes Spring Blossoms Wandering They will sound oddly familiar. K.K. will be very surprised that you know these "secret" numbers.


Harvest Set Unlockables

To get a furniture item from the Harvest Set, You must talk to Tortimer after 3pm on Harvest Day, (which this year was Nov. 27). He will give you a Fork and Knife pair, telling you that the 'Special Guest' hasn't shown up yet. There will be a Turkey character, Franklin, hiding somewhere in your town. You will be asked to trade himm the Fork & Knife. If you do, he'll give you an item from the Harvest Set. The set includes: Fork and knife, wall, rug, bed, dresser, bureau, sofa, char, table, mirror, TV, clock and lamp.

Model Of Town Hall

It unlocks a year after you move in.

Birthday Cake

When it's your birthday, talk to your neighbors.

Spooky Items On Halloween

You can unlock the following Spooky items on Halloween starting at 6pm. You have to find Jack and give him a piece of candy. If you give him candy, he gives you one of the following from the "Spooky" series: Bed, dresser, wardrobe, sofa, chair, table, vanity, bookcase, clock, lamp, wall, carpet.

Jingle Series Furniture

To unlock the jingle series of furniture, talk to Jingle on Christmast Eve (at 8pm). You can get: wall, carpet, bed, dresser, wardrobe, sofa, chair, table, lamp, clock, piano, and shelves.

Mario Items

Shoot down the ballons with the sling-shot from Nooks store to get one of the following: "?" block, 1-up mushroom, brick block, cannon, fire bar, fire flower, green Koopa shell, starman, green pipe, flagpole, super mushroom, coin, brick flooring, and mushroom mural.

New Years Shirt

Talk to Tortimer at town hall on January 1st to get the New Year's Shirt for each year.


You'll find Wendell on weekdays between 6:00 and midnight (12:00) find him fish and he'll give you prizes! NOTE: he's a big fat blueish purplish thingy.

Angelfish: Field of flowers
Apple: Coloring nook
Arapaima: Nothing! (inedible)
Arowana: Pitfall
Barbel steed: Horizontal street
Barred knifejaw: Curved track 3
Birthday cake: Self-portrait
Bitterling: Intersection
Black bass: Grass
Blue candy: Coloring boy
Blue marlin: Iron floor
Bluegill: Street corner 2
Butterfly: Horizontal track
Carp: Vertical street
Catfish: Mystery circle C
Char: Street corner 2
Cherry: Coloring Resetii
Cherry salmon: Street corner 1
Chocolate heart: Chocolate
Clownfish: Curved track 4
Coconut: Coloring house
Coelacanth: Nothing! (inedible)
Crawfish: Rhino beetle
Crucian carp: Ground
Dab: Curved track 1
Dace: Street corner 1
Dorado: Money
Eel: Mystery circle D
Elegant mushroom: Memo
Flat mushroom: Memo
Football fish: Stairs
Freshwater goby: Mystery circle A
Frog: Water puddle
Gar: Gyroid
Giant snakehead: Manhole
Goldfish: Money
Green candy: Coloring girl
Guppy: Field of flowers
Hammerhead shark: Nothing! (inedible)
Horse mackerel: Horizantal track
Jellyfish: Outer space
Killifish: Water puddle
King salmon: Treasure chest
Koi: Footstep
Loach: Mystery circle B
Lobster: Red carpet
Moray: Pitfall warning
Napolean: Nothing! (inedible)
Neon tetra: Field of flowers
Ocean sunfish: Nothing! (inedible)
Octpus: Curved track 2
Olive flounder: Curved track 1
Orange: Coloring Pelly
Pale chub: Street corner 4
Peach: Coloring Blanca
Pear: Coloring K. K . 
Pike: Stone paving
Piranna: Cracked ground
Pond smelt: Intersection
Popeyed goldfish: Money
Puffer fish: Forbidden sign
Rainbow trout: Street corner 3
Rare mushroom: Picture frame
Ray: Treasure chest
Red candy: Coloring girl
Red snapper: Curved track 3
Red tunip:? Block
Round mushroom: Memo
Salmon: Red carpet
Sea bass: Vertical track
Sea butterfly: Outer space
Sea horse: Curved track 4
Shark: Nothing! (inedible)
Skinny mushroom: Memo
Squid: Curved track 2
Stringfish: Nothing! (inedible)
Surgeon: Horizontal track
Sweetfish: Street corner 3
Tuna: Iron floor
White turnip: Brick
Yellow candy: Coloring boy
Yellow perch: Street corner 4
Zebra turkeyfish:! Sign.


First you have to donate 500, 000 bells till you get a fountain once you have a fountain, buy an axe, and walk up to the fountain and press A with the axe in your hand, then you'll throw your axe in the fountain then Serena will show up, answer questions for her and she MIGHT give you a silver axe or a gold axe. WARNING: she will make VERY mad, just answer the questions to try and be polite.

Get More Hair Cuts

After you've bought every hair style at least once Harriet will offer you hair cuts for the opposite gender!

Golden Shovel

Plant a shovel with a different shovel. Wait one day then go and dig it backup. Now you have a golden shovel.

Foreign Fruit

To get other fruit, shoot down a lot of balloons and you might get a different fruit.

Silver Fishing Rod

To get this item, Tom Nook rarely sells it after Nook 'n' Go store expansion for 500 bells.

Golden Watering Can

To get this item, keep your town perfect for 15 days straight!

Silver Watering Can

To get this item, buy 50 bags of seeds from Tom Nook.


To get a fountain in your town, you have to donate 500,000 bells to your town fund. Once you do get it, go get a ax and throw it in the fountain. Then a goddess will appear. You will either get a golden ax, silver ax, get your ax back, or not get it back at all.

Tortimer's Goods

To get the following of Tortimer's goods, speak to him on the corresponding day noted below.

Cool Globe - Nature Day 
Leaf - April Fool's Day 
Picnic Basket - Labor Day 
Resetti Model - Groundhog Day 
Sailboat Model - Explorer's Day 
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Easter eggs

How To Get Rich On Easter

First, switch the date on the Wii to April 12, 2009. Then, when on Animal Crossing City Folk, go infront of the town hall and meet Zipper T. Bunny. He will tell you about bunny day and tell you to go dig up Easter Eggs. He will also tell you about the special prizes in the eggs (Bunny Foil) and if you find some he will give you a special treat (Bunny Day Furniture). When you dig up as many as you can, go to your pockets and click on the egg and select ''open''. If you find bunny foil (golden foil with a white bunny) take it to Zipper T. Bunny and he will either give you a.
Bunny Wall
Bunny Floor
Bunny Bench
Bunny Bed
Bunny Chair
Bunny Clock
Bunny Stereo
Bunny Toy Set
or a Bunny Table
If you take these to Tom Nook's Store, he will give you like 5, 000 Bells for each piece! I once sold the whole set and made like 80, 000 Bells! But if you decide to keep the furniture you will score high with the Happy Room Academy.

Easter Day Money

On bunny day you will get bunny furniture. Sell all the bunny furniture to nook and soon you will have 100 bells. Skip to the next sway and go back to bunny day and collect Easter eggs and sell the bunny furniture to nook again and if you keep doing this you will soon be rich like me!


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