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  • Action, Adventure
  • Unknown
  • Sierra
  • Mature
  • August 8, 2001


Big Money Small Town

First in Shrouded Hills talk to talk to Ristezze then pick pocket Ristezze's key to his bed room, leave the store and advance time one day then back into the store go into his bed room and open the chest take the money inside it you can do this as long as you want sometimes you will have to go down a little bit to find the money. Note: every now and then there will NOT be any money in there, but here is another idea take all his sale stuff and sell it back to him.

Easy Money

On the side-quest where Madam Lil sends you to retrieve money from Mr. Langley, you can continue to talk to him for more money. Also, as long as you don't give Madam Lil the money you can continue to get money from Mr. Langley infinitly.

General Character Creation Tips

Well, character creation in this game is probably the biggest, and most overwhelming, part of playing if you haven't at least tried the game before. There are a ridiculous amount of skills and abilities to choose from, and you don't have a whole lot of skill points. Don't even bother trying to create a "Rounded" character, it just doesn't work. Of course, there is always the option to use some of the 'Pre-Defined Characters' that come with the game. It comes with characters from the four general character archetypes. You can also use some of the built in 'Auto-Levelling' scemes that will allow you to not have to deal with distributing your points. These pre-defined characters and schemes won't get as good as you can make your character yourself though. You'll probably want to choose between one of the four main "Styles" of character. Although there are no actual classes in the game, the skills define your character pretty well. As far as your stats go, some are definitely more important than others. Intelligence really only needs to be above 10 for conversations to be fairly complete (although higher Intelligence makes for some interesting options). Beauty is almost completely useless unless you feel like pushing it up to 20...just make sure it's 8 or above so people will have a positive reaction to you, and put points in's much more useful for getting skills as well. Willpower is an important stat for anyone to have (yes, even technologists) because it pumps up both your HP and your Fatigue points. It's the most important stat for mages, because it lets them learn more powerful spells. All the other stats are mainly useful to specific character types, and should be allotted points as such. For example, a thief should put plenty of points into Perception and Dexterity; a fighter, plenty into Strength; etc. For skills, obviously take the skills that are most appropriate to the type of character you want to be. Read the tips for each individual type to see what's best for that type. Skills that are greatly useful to all characters are Persuasion, Pick Pocket, and Dodge. As far as being male or female goes, there's really very little effect on the game. Some people will react slightly different to you, but both can do all the games quests, if by slightly different means. Women get a plus to Constitution and a minus to Strength, which is good for Mages.

General Interaction Tips

This little section will give some helpful hints on how to not get people mad at you. First of all, make sure they're not looking when you steal stuff. As long as they're turned the other way, they won't see you picking that can turn them at will by talking to them from the direction you want them to turn. If a person's initial reaction to you is lower than normal, it probably means that they have a different alignment than you. If you have fairly good Charisma, you can usually counter this initial reaction by selecting dialogue options that make you seem more like the not-liking-you- so-much character's alignment. People who don't really seem to like you will usually drop little hints on how they want you to act in the conversation...for example, if they say you're stupid, act smart, if they say you're a coward, act robust and cocky. Don't rely too much on the charm spell; people's reaction will plummet after the spell wears off, and after you do it to them enough times, they'll attack you. Most people like it when you're deferential to them, even if you're at a higher level. Most people's reaction goes up if you compliment them or take a quest from them. Finally, just don't be a jerk to people. Many people will like you more if you act confident, but if you're just rude to them, you won't get anywhere, and you may get attacked.

Combat Tips

First of all, you should always be in turn-based combat mode...real-time combat can be fun in the beginning, but later in the game when you need to use skills and spells to survive in combat, it's pretty much impossible. Besides, you get a huge advantage over enemies in turn-based mode, as in, your speed actually counts for something beyond how fast you can click, and thieves might actually be able to negotiate the battlefield well enough to backstab on every attack. If you're a mage and have offensive spells, USE THEM. Don't be squeamish about spending lots of fatigue points -- you can always just stand around in an area where there are no enemies and regain it all in a couple of minutes. The only way you're going to gain any experience as a mage is by nailing creatures with spells (and quests of course, but those don't give enough XP later in the game). For thieves, combat can be a bit tough at the early stages until you're very good at Backstab and Prowling. (Once you're a Prowling master you're untouchable in combat, but that's not till fairly late in the game.) You have to be clever in choosing which combats to actively fight in, and which ones to avoid (if possible). In combat, use Backstab whenever possible, and be sure you have a fairly good-damage weapon. Once you're an expert Backstabber, you can use swords and axes. In the early game, small damage spells will be your savior, especially harm. Combat is fairly simple for fighter types. Just go in and whack stuff. Of course, that's not ALL there is to it, but it sums up the fighter philosophy pretty well. Be sure that you totally deck yourself out in armor, and that you have plenty of healing capability -- you're going to be taking some beating, even with ridiculously high defense. For technologists, it's probably best to use guns, or the special weapons you can make with certain colleges (like the Tesla Rod). If you're using guns, don't be shy about picking up bullets. They don't take much room in inventory, and you'll find that they run out very quickly if you're not careful. When using guns, although real-time combat mode is far easier than for a wizard, turn-based combat can still be useful so that you can use called shots on your opponents (see the manual) more easily. Since there's always a possibility that you'll run out of ammo, it's a good idea to take one or two points in Melee as a backup.

Tips For Technologists

Technologists are probably the most difficult type of character to play to start, since they require a lot of items to work effectively. To start, it's a good idea to specialize in two or three tech colleges. They all have their uses, but Smithy and Electric are both pretty nice, since they get you good items. Therapeutics is also a good one to have; however, you'll need to carry a large stock of items to be able to consistently heal yourself. As far as combat goes, technologists have it pretty good. Be sure that you take the Firearms skill, with a bit of Melee as backup in case you run out of ammo, which you probably will. Since your primary weapon is probably a gun, be sure to always get bullets wherever you can, and buy them if necessary to keep a full ammo stock -- running out in the middle of a fight can be annoying. Also, never assume that some object you find is useless. There are lots of schematics scattered around the game that you can't learn through leveling up, so it's very likely that these seemingly useless items can be used for these found schematics. Always be sure to keep on the lookout for new schematics. The ones you find are always pretty useful, and some that you find later in the game are quite powerful. If you don't have enough room on you to store all the ingredients that you need, remember that your companions have a lot more inventory space than you do (they have as much as a shop), and they can carry around ingredients that you don't immediately need/have room for.

Tips For Fighters

A fighter type character's main advantage is their versatility. Unlike mages, thieves and technologists, who have to be rather specialized in their area of expertise, fighters can go either way. The only stats really important to a fighter are Strength and Dexterity. The only really essential skills are Dodge and Melee...and by 20th level or so, if not earlier, both those stats will be 20+, and Melee and Dodge will both be maxed out. That leaves you somewhere around 30 levels of skill points to distribute among other abilities and skills. A fighter is probably best off spending some points on spells and spell-related stats (Willpower is good to have for any character). Having some low-end damage and healing spells at the beginning of the game (and later on, for that matter) can easily turn the tides of battle in your favor. Still, if you're a fighter, be sure to get your Strength up to 20, or above. It doubles your damage bonus...if you're going to be going hand- to-hand with some of the stuff later in the game, you're going to need it. 20 Dexterity is nice too, but it's really not as important. If you do have it, you'll go first in EVERY battle in the game if you're playing in turn-based mode (which you should be). Don't be overzealous...just because you're an awesome fighter doesn't mean that some lowly Ghoul can't score a critical hit on you, and even if you have master Dodge and a defense of 100+, many enemies can still easily score hits on you later in the game. Have a plan before you charge into battle, in case the worst happens.

Tips For Thieves

A thief character's game will be very different from any of the other basic types you can choose to be. To make a really good thief, it's important that all of your thief skills (except maybe Find Traps) are very good, so that means you'll have to pump a lot of points into Dexterity and Perception. Basically, through your first bunch of levels as a thief (up to level 10 or so), you'll want to concentrate on getting your thief skills as good as possible. Find Traps just isn't worth the points...if you have anyone with you who can cast healing spells, they can heal the damage from any trap in the game faster than it can hurt you. Throughout the game, you'll want to try to get Backstab, Pick Locks, and Prowling up to master level. Pick Pockets isn't worth it -- the master bonus sucks, and you'll be forced to get a lowered reaction from people in Tarant (the game's largest city). The thief's biggest advantage in the game is that they never have to pay for anything. Even at the beginning of the game when your skills probably aren't good enough to break into the back of shops where all the items are, you can just pick pocket the storekeeper for the money you spent on the item. Yes, you really can do that. You can use the little "Pay and Pick Pocket" trick on pretty much anyone you give money to, including people who train you to be apprentices and experts. Just one warning: ALWAYS save before's bad to get caught. A thief character will want to have a fairly high Intelligence. Being more intelligent allows you to get more dialogue options and will also increase your chance of successfully using a skill. Persuasion is also a fairly important skill to have, although you probably won't need more than three ranks anywhere in the game. You'll definitely want to put at least one point into Persuasion at the beginning of the game to deal with a certain quest. Since thieves probably won't have the Melee skill of a fighter type, nor the firepower of mages or technologists, it's very important that you learn to use Backstab. Try to make all of your attacks from behind a person, using Backstab. If you can prowl up behind them without them noticing, they'll take a LOT of damage. Once you get to a slightly higher level (10-15 or so), you'll probably want to start getting a few spells if you haven't already. The Conveyance school will be your savior if you need to run away...get as many spells from it as possible. Harm is also a nice, low-fatigue damage spell to have, and no one seems to be resistant to it. Finally, don't be squeamish about killing people to get their stuff (unless of course they're involved in a quest). Sometimes there's simply no way to avoid a confrontation, and you'll just have to deal with it. Most of the time, you can prowl around and get stuff without people noticing you, but in the beginning of the game, it's a bit harder.

Tips For Mages

First of all, if you're going to be a mage in this game, be a mage. There's no way you can balance magic and technological disciplines with the amount of skill points you get in the game, nor would you want to. Your most important stats are Willpower and Constitution -- both increase your fatigue, which means more spells can be cast. Pretty much any race except dwarf will make a decent mage. Elves and half-elves are good, because they get magical aptitude bonuses, but they get a -1 to Constitution, which balances that out a bit. All the spell colleges have some useful spells in them, but the ones I feel are really worth concentrating on are: Conveyance, Summoning, Force, Necromancy (Black and white), and Fire. Conveyance spells are just great, so try to get all 5 of them if you can...teleport is probably the most useful spell in the game. Summoning, similarly, is extremely useful; the summon ogre is great at lower levels, and the Find Familiar spell will give you a permanent ally. Force has most of the good offensive spells in the game; all the spells are very useful in combat. Necromancy Black is really fairly useless beyond the 2nd level, but Harm is probably the single most useful spell in the game...with very high magical aptitude, you can easily kill many enemies in one (turn-based) round. Necromancy White is just good to have around, and you'll be happy you took it. Of course, with all these greatly useful spells, and so many more to choose from, you'll definitely have to make major sacrifices to other skills to become a great mage. All you should really put points into is Willpower, Constitution, a little Dexterity + Strength, a little Melee for backup, and spells, spells, spells. Persuasion can be useful too. If you have to unlock something but don't have lockpick skill, use the Unlocking Cantrip spell, the level-2 Conveyance magic.

A Peaceful Solution To Arronax's Imprisonment.

When your in the void and your outside Arronax's cell if you pickpocket one of the guards and take there amulet the spirit snake will become one of your followers and if you talk to him he will ask you to release him if you do then Arronax will be free. Note: the amulet is a dorien amulet

Alter Alignment

To increase your alignment towards good, repeatedly give money to the beggars in the streets.


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Easter eggs

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Created by: Mochan. Read the full guide...

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