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  • Action, Combat
  • From Software
  • Agetec
  • Teen
  • August 21, 2001


Mission: 30 Battle Tactics

You can, w/ relative ease, annihilate the hovering AC guarding the "Security System" @ the commencement of Mission: 30 w/ little or no damage. The moment you begin the mission, you'll find your AC on an elevated catwalk. The enemy AC is @ the very bottom level guarding the access point to the primary objective. DO NOT just jump from the catwalk to rapidly reach the bottom for a "Faceoff w/ the guard; as he/she will unload an armor-piercing staccato of fire upon you before you ever reach the bottom. Instead, @ two varying points; there are platforms....Use these to safely "Turbo-Hop" your descent to the enemy. Afterward, position yourself to execute one final Turbo Boost to swiftly arrive @ the access point. W/O giving the enemy time to consider your actions, open the door; get inside & allow them to close behind you. While you are repositioning yourself to face the doors, the enemy AC will be continuously darting back & forth in front of the doors on the outside. This is merely a ploy to waste your ammunition stores....DON'T fall for it! Here's the deal. After you've unlocked the doors, just continue to move close enough to them to keep them from resealing. Eventually, the enemy AC will pass through the opening in an attempt to eliminate the threat....YOU! Move quickly back from the doors so that they'll close entirely. Now you have the enemy AC right where you want him....In close-quarters. The confinement restricts the enemy AC's ability to jet about & evade your assult. Now switch to your strongest weapon & destroy the foe! I accomplished this w/ my shoulder-mounted grenade launcher that I brought over w/ me from AC2 through the data conversion option offered @ the onset of loading AC2:AA.

Mission: 32 - Tactics

This one's way simplified. Immediately upon being jettison from the helo's transport area. Ignite & maintain FULL Overboost. NOTE: Do Not wait to hit the ground. Execute full thrust as soon as your free-fall begins! This will propel your AC to the perimeter of the engagement zone where you can pick off the enemy one-by-one as they approach your 20 (i.e.; your position).

Hidden Part 1

Area: Horwick Mountains. Mission: Attack the Airbase. Fly over the first mountain, do this pretty quick so as not too take to much damage from the flying MT's. Look down in between the first and second mountain, you will see a landing pad with with lights on it and a door on the side of the second mountain. Fly to it as best you can, but watch your energy. Enter the door, and go through to the elevator. Once you reach the top look about 10 degrees to your left, you will see two boxes in a corner, the part should be in one of those.

Default View

To return to the default view, pause the game, then press Start to resume the game. (when using the fixed camera view or first person)

Hidden Part 5

Area: Colnart Bay City. Mission: Probe Balena's Defenses. You must stick around until the operator says the "I'll let you determine..." phrase. If that doesn't work try to stick around till ya get 50 kills or around 100k Reward.

Hidden Part 4

Area: Rapture. Mission: Destroy Security Detail. Destroy every enemy and then finally destroy the flying MT in the last room, thats were the part can be found.

Hidden Part 3

Area: Eyelet City. Mission: Test New MT Model. You must do this mission REALLY fast. My best suggestion is the missle pack that shoots off 4 missle packs, get to the top of the building and launch em off toward the enemies, hop down and finish off whats left real quick. Fast legs help too. You will know you got it when the radio person says "We have an extra bonus for your efforts." Or something like that.

Hidden Part 2

Area: Scissors Forest. Mission: Escort AC Parts Transport. You just weaken the transport quite a bit, destroy the enemy AC, and while the dialogue box is up quickly destroy the transport and swipe the part. It only took me a few tries.

Enemy Emblems

Destroy an enemy AC during a mission to unlock its emblem in emblem edit mode.

Bonus Missions

Successfully complete the game, save your data, then load the saved data. You can now access three new high-paying missions where you face Stinger in his AC (from Armored Core: Project Phantasma), Phantasma (who Stinger had merged with), and Final Nine-Ball (from Armored Core: Master Of Arena). All three new missions are very tough. However, you can go overweight for all these missions. After defeating all three, you will get some very fast hover legs, and an "Inside" orbit cannon.


Change Background

Highlight an emblem and enter the edit screen. Then, hold L1 + R1 and press Select. This changes the menu background to match the current emblem.

Fixed Camera View

While playing a game, hold Circle + X + Start. The game will pause. Press Start to resume the game with the camera fixed at the pre-location.

First Person View

While playing a game, hold Triangle + Square + Start. The game will pause. Press Start to resume the game with the new camera view.

Limiter Release

To activate the Limiter Release, press L1+L2+R1+R2, then press R3(Overboost).This will put you into Limiter Release mode for around 40 saconds. The only down side is that you get an OB Depletion indicator after the 40 seconds are up, leaving you totally powerless for 50 seconds.


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Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Armored Core 2: Another Age yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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