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  • Strategy, Action Strategy
  • From Software
  • Agetec
  • Teen
  • October 16, 2000


Paint Jobs

If you like the cool colors the computer AC's have but aren't any good with RGB color editing, here are some basic tips: Always pick general, it's so much easier. If you make the 1st and 4th sections one color and the 2nd 3rd and 5th sections a second, you get a nice mix that usualy turns out good. Using the numbers 145, 100, and 0, in any order, nab some soft pastels, while 150, 50, and 0 are bolder, darker colors. Stink at making your own emblem? See a cool one in the arena? Steal it anytime after you beat the owner by high-lighting their name in the master list (or do you select them first? I don't remember) and pressing start and select (it may take a few tries). And if that line should be a hair to the left, or that curve isn't quite sharp enough, use the triangle button in the editor to copy a single pixle and paste.


First you go to th level where you have to distroy the files in the snowy area a blizzard level. Go to the big crack where the aircraft was distroyd. When you reach it go back to the oposit direction of the aircraft and you'll see a wing. Destroy it and get the optional part. Keep this in mind that when you get the optional part it will up attack and defens of the left arm.

A Fast Way To Beat The Arena Mode

If you have enough money, go ahead and buy the Grenade Launcher for the arm(if you buy this arm, you won't be able to use any of the arm units), two Grenade Launcher for the back units, and the tank leg. Try not hiding, and do a face to face battle, mostly you will win.


Go to the mission "ELIMINATE LEOS KLEIN" so you can get the best generator of the game. When the mission starts you need to go and destroy the mines that are floating so your AP(Armored Points) won't drop down. When you are at the last hall before fighting with the replica of Leos Klein you'll see one door at the right and another one to the left. Sometimes the door at the left opens with different AC's you have. The generator is back in that door, if you can get it to open you just got your self the HOY-BV2500.

Arena Tip

This strategy works up until Werehound (or at least it did for me. First, buy the cheapest tank type legs and a chain gun as a back weapon. You might also want to equip an arm weapon incase you run out of ammo. Go to the place that is a big, open dome. I'm not sure what it's called, but it's easy to recognize. Strafe around your opponent with the R1 or L1 button and blast away with your chain gun until they explode. Again, this works about up until Werehound.


After Defeating a AC in a mission your are able to use their emblem as your own. Some are ok but some are cool looking.

Easy Way To Beat Ares

You should have a lot of money before getting to him.Buy the multi missle's (69,500),a good booster,and any weapons you want(If you want to, buy two packs of multi missle's).Then challenge him at ETAL BASE.When you start, put on the limiter release (R1,L1,and R3)as soon as it says go.Turn to your left.Their should be a large tower fly up to the platform.Turn around and go to the corner pointing inward.Shoot at him with the missle's as he's coming, when he get's their he's AP should be somewhere around in the 3,000's.While he's down below you keep shooting him with the missle's.This strategy should kill him around the neighbor hood of five missle's left.You should be able to kill other AC's by doing the same strategy.Note: Remember, this got me from Rank 43 to Rank 1.

Double Life In Arena Mode

First you must start a COMPLETELY new game with a memory card in slot one with no data on it. Start your new game and have your pilots name be Alexander. Now go into Arena mode and evey time you get hit, the damage you take will be halved! Pretty cool huh! This worked for EVERY single battle I fought except the first 15.

Human Bonus

Get your money below -50,000 and they will restart your game while doing and experiment on you and you will have all your stuff but levels will reset. After 3 of these experiments you get the ability to throw your blade by pushing dash and attack at the same time.

Enemy Emblems

Destroy an enemy AC during a mission to unlock its emblem in emblem edit mode.

Bonus Missions

Successfully complete the game, save your data, then load the saved data. You can now access three new high-paying missions where you face Stinger in his AC (from Armored Core: Project Phantasma), Phantasma (who Stinger had merged with), and Final Nine-Ball (from Armored Core: Master Of Arena). All three new missions are very tough. However, you can go overweight for all these missions. After defeating all three, you will get some very fast hover legs, and an "Inside" orbit cannon.

Easy Way To Beat Phobos -and Leos Klien.

When you reach the phobos mission you will realize that it insanely hard. So this is what I did. Buy the the back unit ZWX-IV/Pursuit. Dont worry about the ammo because you reload several times in the board. You may want to bring a strong arm weopon like a bazooka or the karasawa mk2. Youll reach a door with a large disorder unit in the next room. Open the door and fire a pod. it may take all four depening on the number of hits. Do the same for Leos Klein. The pods will kill him even in his second stage. Good Luck.

Armored Core 2 Robot Design

Keep in mind that I have beaten the game and allowed overweight AC's. I also have found all of the secret parts. Enjoy!

Back Unit L-EWC-GN44-AC
Back Unit R-EWM-5612

Easy Win In Arena

The easiest way to win in arena is to buy those dual mounted rockets that shoot straight up and then down. Go to the Highway and just Launch a hail of missles at the guy when he gets in range. If that does not kill him then just jump down there and kill him he should be injured enough. Oh and by the way look out for the number 9 guy he jumps up there with you sometimes.

Continue From Armored Core 2

Load the saved data from Armored Core 2 in the one player scenario to start out with all previously obtained weapons and money.

Big Disorder Unit

In the level were you go through the railway and come up to the big tank like disorder unit the easy way to beat it is by using the flame gun that greatly increases heat levels. Go right up to the tank and use a shield and just hold down the fire button and roast it. I wish you luck!!

Special Part (Orbiting Canon)

O.K. someone said that there is a orbiting canon in the diagonal green buildings close to the wall this is wrong it is in the middle of the green buildings on a long straight road you cant miss it. Good Luck.

Get Best Laser Sword

In the level where you rescue the research team there is a floating platform that you can ride. Do not get on it, instead walk along the ground until you see a space that looks different from the rest shoot this and fall in you should now be it a large cave, look around and you should find LS-MOONLIGHT the most powerful laser sword in the game but also the heaviest.

A Better Way To Win In Arena

An easy way to win in arena is to by the grenade rifle for your right arm. If your not far enough in the game to bye it bye the flame gun. Also by a grenade launcher and a chain gun for your back unit. If over weight lose the grenade launcher .But bye the tank legs and equip all these parts. Play the abandon highway level. As you sit on the building you will see him come twored you,use the chain gun and shoot him as he comes. After he get by the side of the building fly high in the air and he will probably shoot at you. Try too dodge it and keep doing this till he runs out of ammo.I did this too beat Samsara,Kerehound,Splurge,the prisoner guy, and Mercilless.(he dosent come to the end of the game.

Special Part

In the level you have too destroy all the radars there is a special booster. After you get to the part were you go outside to blow up the radar kill all the enemy units first. Then go all the way too the right were there are 6 little building things. They all have doors on them that are black. Shoot them and they blow up. One of them have a part in them. Then finish the mission.

High Quality Shield

Go to the level where you have to remove the disorder units [ the second one where the subway crashed ]. Before you shoot the green door on the ground, aim up and shoot the one on the ceiling. fly into the vent you shot open. Look around and you will see a shield on the ground. Note: when inside the hole/lair they made.

Fast Recovery Tip

In battle every second counts. So when you boost and hit the ground you stop completely for up to 3 seconds. This could cause up to 2000 AP points in damage in just those 3 seconds. So to recover from a boost right away I have the answer right here. First during battles try not to hold down boost. Try to tap it rather rapidly. This conserves energy immensely. If you have a good booster it can even keep you in the air forever. Anyway, to recover quickly from a fall, start tapping boost rapidly, before you hit the ground, then continue tapping boost until your back up in the air. This is a great way to dodge attacks while combining it with the sidestep buttons. Remember, it doesn't matter how powerful an AC is, it also has to have an experienced pilot who knows how to handle it.

Secret Weapon

The weapon is hidden in the mission against Emeraude to destroy the surface weapons. Right when the mission starts, fly over the surface weapons and look over to the rocks where there is a small hill. Somewhere around there lying down is the karasawa mk-II(the weapon one the AC has on the cover). Press circle to pick it up. This is a laser weapon that is extremely powerful with 50 ammo. I think it is one of the best weapons in the game.

Human Enhancement Plus More!

Someone hinted at this earlier in the cheats but I will clarify and expand. When you start the game, your first mission is the destroy some MT units. Run in and waste your ammo on the ground, then get destroyed. Do this until you have -50,000 credits. Your actual goal is just to get -50,000 within 3 tries... if you fail then you keep your debt and the mission is no longer available. After you have -50,000 it will show a little movie file and you will gain a human enhancement. there are 5 of these: 1) Automatic radar. you don't need one and it shows a grid with a good range. 2) Long-range blade. well pressing x, also press circle to slash the blade across the screen. 3) Enhanced cooling. Cooling is twice as effective. 4) Improved mobility. you can now fire all weapons while walking backwards. earlier, some weapons could not fire like this. 5) Improved boost. halved energy usage when boosting. every time you do this, your character starts from scratch. new name, new credits, everything. everything but your mech that is. so if done correctly, you could potentially earn up to 25,000 extra credits through buying things for your mech (be it upgrades or new weapons). have an overweight AC? want it to work? once you complete all the single-player missions for the first time (that is, once you get the end credits), you can build and USE an overweight AC! There are 34 hidden AC parts in the game. one of these parts is in the last car of the train, and if you take it, you lose the mission. see if you can find the rest! Do you like the emblems you see int he arena? wish they were yours? Once you defeat someone in the arena, (just after you defeat them, no earlier or later), go to the screen that shows your opponent's information. then press triangle for the Spec screen. while on this screen push start and select at the same time. You may have to do this more than once. You will eventually hear a rivot sound and, viola! your enemy's emblem is yours! Want to fight everyone in the arena? Well, some characters will disappear if you fail to get to them before certain missions take place. Also, as you move upwards, new characters will move in at the bottom of the arena. Easy to defeat, extra cash. special hidden AC part: Go to the AC Test mode in the garage. look up at the little octagon at the center of the ceiling. fire at it. it should take about 50 hits with the standard rifle to destroy. Once it's gone, fly up it (you may have to disconnect your override by pressing R2, R3, and L2). you will land in a little room with a radar part! final tip: if you want to earn lots of money, equip your mech with energy weapons while fighting missions (don't have to pay for ammo). Keep buying and selling back parts (a good part to use is the ZWC-LQ/2552 laser cannon). When in the arena mode, use shell weapons, regardless of the ammo cost (you don't have to pay it when in arena mode).

Arena Cheat

I have discovered that if you are able to purchase the double vertical missile (96,000), go to the arena with the crashed spaceship in the middle. Fly to the very top of the ship and just fire down upon your enemies. I have had very little trouble getting the the number one position in arena combat. Alternate weapons are the single vertical missile; the multiple missile (122,000) and the pursuit missile (155,000).

Easier Arena Fights

As soon as you are able, buy the extension part that fires support missiles (doesn't matter which, but upgrade as soon as you can). Buy the back-mounted missile laucher that fires the vertical missiles. Pick any other parts that you want, doesn't really matter, but a fast turn rate in the leg parts will help. Now when you fight in the arena, choose the abandoned highway map. You will begin on top of a building. Just sit up there, making sure to activate your extension missiles, and rain down death on your enemy before he even has a chance to squeeze the trigger. This will not work for all opponents, but it worked for 3/4 of mine. Happy Hunting!!

Beat People Easily in the Arena!!!

Ok in order for you to do this, your going to have to go in the very corner or at least the perimeter of an arena. When you get really near to the corner, just keep shooting your opponent. Try to turn your back on them. As you turn your back on them, try to pivot slowly either to the right or left so while your turning..., well their still attacking you from behind so they don't know that their leaving the area. This works extremely well on enemies who like to attack you from the behind. the only side effect is that your going to have to do this quickly before running out of AP! So far I've done this strategy to most of my enemies and worked out pretty well. Oh yeah, I also beat Ares this way!!!

Easy Way to Win in Arena

If you are having a lot of difficulty in the arena, there is an easy way to beat just about anybody. It helped me get all the way to rank 9. There is a level you can choose in which you start off on top of a tall building, if you just sit there, then the enemy usually flys out of the ring.

Debt of 50000

You have to go in debt of 50000 six times to unlock all the cheats and here they are: 1. Automatic Radar 2. Ability to throw Laserblade 3. Nothing that I know of 4. Shoot back weapons while walking 5. Nothing that I know of 6. Double Energy

Plus Cheats

Intentionally lose the first mission after the Raven test, then die with -50,000 credits or less to activate the "Plus" cheats. The game will restart from the first level with all items gained in the previous game. Your pilot name will vanish from the "Pilot name" slot. The more times this is done, the more cheats you will unlock. Some examples are better radar (grid system that detects incoming missiles), fire projectiles from laser swords (press Circle, then quickly press X), cooling twice as fast, being able to fire rear weapons while in motion, and double available energy.

Overweight Cores

Successfully complete mission mode and allow the credits to complete to be able to have cores that are overweight.


Limiter Release

To activate the Limiter Release, press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2, then press R3 (Overboost). This will put you into Limiter Release mode for around 40 seconds. The only down side is that you get an OB Depletion indicator after the 40 seconds are up, leaving you totally powerless for 50 seconds.

Fixed Camera View

While playing a game, hold Circle + X + Start. The game will pause. Press Start to resume the game with the camera fixed at the pre-location. For the Japanese version of the game, hold Circle + X + Select.

Return to Default View

To return to the default view, pause the game, then press Start to resume the game. For the Japanese version of the game, press Select instead of Start.

Add Defeated AC Emblems

When the victory message appears in the arena, press Select + Start to add the defeated AC's emblem to your list.

Steal Emblems

If you see an emblem in the arena that you want to use, select the appropriate AC and press Triangle to display the spec screen. Then, press Start + Select. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Select "Edit Emblem" to view it.

Temporary Invincibility

While playing a game, press L2 + R2 + R3. If you entered the code correctly, a "Limiter Released" system error message will appear, and you will have infinite energy during this time. After approximately one minute, the "OB Down" system error will appear. It will last as long as the previous error, but you will not have any energy. After "OB Down" is completed, your AC will recharge and return to normal. Make sure you finish off your enemy before you become vulnerable.


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Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Armored Core 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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