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  • Offroad Fury 2: ATV
  • Racing, Rally / Off-Road Racing
  • Rainbow Studios
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • Everyone
  • November 13, 2002


Fiying High

Keep driving without making any turns and once you hit the spot first you will a gun shot and you start flying away making you jump off your atv.

The Exploding Mountain

In either Prospect Springs or Arlington stream, keep going in any direction. Soon you will get to a large hill. Ride up the hill and keep going on the flat surface. It will shoot you off at about 120 mph and you will crash into the center. (It is everywhere, not just in one place. ).

Burnin' Rubber

Okay, go to San Jacinto Islies and in the crater around the middle and drive in it and your tires will leave a trail of fire!

Fly 2

Drive out away from the tack and just keep driving straight until you go too far and the game makes you fly off your ATV and fly all the way across the track.


You can see a Dolphin on amture freestly. Go to the track that is San Jacinto Isles and go to a island that has curve sides you will see a Dolphin doing backflips, twist flips and it swims under water fast. THAT'S ALL FOLK'S.

Launch Into Preload

Before you hit a ramp, press the Analog-stick Down then Analog-stick Up at the tip of the ramp to launch your ATV into a preload. This is very useful when attempting tricks.

Slide Perpendicular To Ground

From a standstill on ice, pull a wheelie untill you are on the verge of falling. Release the controls completely, and you will be sliding perpendicular to the ground.

Drive In Stunt Position

Enable the "Disable wrecks" code, then do a stunt. Keep holding the stunt buttons when you land and you can drive while still in the stunt form.

Easy Win

Start with a Red Ravage Talon and edit the engine stats all the way up except for perhaps two. Take traction down by 1 or 2, and on suspension go up by 2. When you get enough profile points, buy the ATV that resembles a Yamaha Banshee or the Trinity Racing ATV and set it up the same as your Ravage.

Easy Points

Enable the "Disable wrecks" code, then enter freestyle mode. If you flip the ATV, you can keep doing stunts until it flips back over. You can get up to twelve combos before you stop getting points, unless the back tires are moving you on the ground. It is possible to get up to 30 combos and 200,000 points from one flip over.


At the track that looks like the Amazon, go to one of the tracks that leads into a river. Once there, you will see an alligator and some piranha. Staying on the bank, drive down the narrow but deep river and an anaconda can be seen swimming around.


On the St. Croix Sound level, travel to the second island across from a volcano. There should be a very narrow, shallow creek/river somewhere on that island, barely big enough to fit your ATV in. Follow it and you will see a monkey jumping around in a tree.

Go Underground

Enable the "Disable wrecks" code. Go to one of the pro freestyle stadiums. Then, go to a slanted area that is at an angle into the ground. If you hold it for a while, you will start to go underground. You will then appear on the outside of the stadium and can explore.


On the level with the train, enable the "Disable wrecks" code. Hit the front of the train and you can fly.

Avoid Drowning

When the water is just barely above your head, pop a wheelie until you almost fall off and try to keep your head above water.


On the St. Croix Sound level in free ride mode, go to the volcano. Look around the base of the volcano for some fish in the water. Go to the island with the trees, just to the right of the fish. Go to the end of the island and you will see a big shark.

Drive Fast And Catch Big Air

In any track, drive straight until reaching a huge hill. Go up the hill, and there will be a big flat field. Keep driving straight until you hear a shotgun. You will be thrown off very far.

Big Air

In Prospect Springs there will be an area with a cement truck where they are building homes. Note: There is another place with a cement truck near a single home being built; this will not work here. Go to the place where they a building a few homes. There will be a ramp before the cement truck. Jump the ramp and land on the cement truck (spinning part). You fly very high in the air. This will allow you to do many tricksl but landing is a problem.

The Holeshot

Off the start lean forward,keep leaning forward for about 2 seconds after start and continue the race normally. This will give you the holeshot (lead off the start) 90% of the time.

4 Free ATV's

To unlock 4 Talon ATV's goto the training course and complete it, then you get 4 Talon ATV's which the colors are blue, green, red, and yellow, they all have the same stats.

G Ride Gear

If you have ATV Offroad Fury 1 on you memory card, start a profile on part 2 and you will get G Ride gear and quad.


Unlock Everytying

To unlock everything a the cheat menu type in "IGIVEUP"

Unlock Everything

Go to Protists, then go to Cheat codes and put in IGIVEUP and it'll say Unlocked Everything!

Very Fast And Aggressive A.I.


Switch Aspect Ratio


Action Replay Camera


Points For Wheelies

Points for doing wheelies: GETONUP

Desert Air

Keep going stright into the desert and you hear something. If you keep going you will fly in the air at about 130 miles per hour. This works better if you sumittid FLYPAPER as a code.

Unlocking A Secret Area

When you complete the game with all gold trophies in Championship mode and purchasing all of the ATVs, Rider Equipment, Tracks, and Games, you will unlock a new level that has simularities to Hawaii. It is called San Jacinto Isles. This area, when acquired, will be available in all Ameture modes and all pro moeds except for freestyle. The cheatcode IGIVEUP (unlock everything) will not do this! And believe me, I've tried!

1000 Extra Profile Points

Enter this into the code box: "GIMMEPTS"

Unlock Everything

Enter IGIVEUP to unlock everything.

Disable Wrecks

At the main menu, select the "Profile Editor" option, then choose "Unlock Items", and "Cheat Codes". Enter "FLYPAPER" as a code. If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear. Note: Repeat this code to disable its effect.


Enter showroom as a code.

All Tracks


All Mini Games Unlocked


All Championship Events


All Equipment


Aggressive AI Enable Or Disable ( Your Choice )


Unlock San Jacinto Isles


Never Wreck Again

Enter FLYPAPER and you will not wreck no matter how hard you land.


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Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for ATV Offroad Fury 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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