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  • Action, Adventure
  • Rare
  • Nintendo
  • Everyone
  • November 20, 2000


Long Beak Bomb

If you want to get to a certain place faster when flying this is for you. When using beak bomb, tilt the stick forward. Hold it til' you get there.


First you go to the code room in Mayhem Temple then go and stand on the mound in the middle of the room and you will automaticaly go into first person mode and then you shoot eggs at the appropiate letters. Here are some of the codes. cheatokcabyenoh this allows you to regain your life after baddies or bosses hit you and you get hurt. cheatokingsnest (you may have to put it inbackwards) This code gives you infinite eggs and feathers. cheatosuperbanjo (you may have to put it in backwards) This code allows Banjo and Kazooie. cheatofeathers This code allows you to have double the amount of gold and red feathers.

Big Banjo

You have to have the Honeyback cheat to do this. Turn into a snowball at the Icy side of Hailfire Peaks. Than burn yourself on the fire outside of Humba Wumba's wigwam. Roll inside before you grow to big. As your health fills up you will grow bigger. Than when you are big, Jump into the pool and Banjo will be big. You don't stay big, but its fun.

Take No Damage From Falling With Kazooie

This is cool. First, you need to split up, then use the leg spring(which you get in grunty's industries)that kazooie has. Use Z+A to do it,when you are going down keep holding z and a and kazooie will come down nice and easy without taking any damage from the fall. HINT: this works great when going down the elevator shaft with kazooie in grunty's industries.

Hidden Room

To find a hidden room you must go to Master Jiggy Wiggy's temple. In his temple there will be a red drape hanging on the wall behind Master Jiggy-Wiggy. You can walk through it and it will be a back door from Master Jiggy-Wiggy's temple. Through that door are three signs that you can read.

Locker Combination In Cloud CooCooLand

The combination for the locker is "1984"

Jump On Air With Banjo

Split apart from kazooie and jump in the air and do the back pack swing. When the back pack swing finishes you can jump again but in the air!

Glide More With Kazooie

To glide more with Kazooie you have to learn to glide. After that split from Banjo and become Kazooie. When you are Kazooie do a backflip (Z+A) then glide by holding Z and then keep pressing B and you will do the wing attack while holding Z and you can get farther to a place then you could before.

Secret Room

Go to Jolly Roger's Lagoon and then go into Jolly's place and then turn to your left. You will see a small window in the wall with a box under it. Get on the box and then shoot the barrels with a grenade egg and they will blow up making the wall blow up and making a hole in the ground. Leave Jolly's place and when you exit go to your right and turn the corner and you will notice the wall has been blown down. Go in there and you can go into the hole.

Run On Water

To run on water, go to Jolly Roger's Lagoon. Tthen go to the house with the jetski in it and break open the box with the shoes in it. Get the shoes and then go outside. You can run on the water!

How To Tell A Jinjo From A Bad Jinjo

To tell a good jinjo from a bad one, shoot an egg at it. If it goes through it it is a good one. If it hits it is a bad guy.

Character Parade

To get the character parade you have to collect all 90 Jiggies in the game. Then go to file select, then go to the cinema and you can watch the character parade.

3 Armed Pig

Go to Jolly Roger's Lagoon and then go to the 2 pigs that want you to stop the water from being polluted. Look carefully at the one with the beach ball and then it has 3 arms!

Play As A Jinjo In Multiplayer

Go to Heggy's House and there will be a Mystery Yellow Egg there and there is a stone slab on the ground with a crack in it and you can break it with the bill drill move and there are split pads under it. Split apart and then be Kazooie and go up the stairs and hatch the Egg and Heggy will say "now you can be a jinjo in the multiplayer options" or something like that.


When you get to Grantty the honeyback will help you. It will bring your honeycombs back.

Dragon Kazooie

First go to glitter gulch mine and go to where you opened up bars to get to a waterfall. go there and jump in the water push the Z button under water the you should be kazooie blast the boulder open then go through the tunnel (make shure you have the ice key found in jinjo village in the sandy area)and you should end up in hail fire peaks where there is a big safe then open in and there is the mega glowbo! take him to the place in front of witchy world and go into wumbas wigwam and throw it in. Then jump in and..... Kazooie will be a DRAGON!!!! (Use B to breathe fire!)

Kazooie Speed

You will notice when kazooie splits up he runs faser so when you jump and do the extra wing flap she will go farther!

Jet Force Gemini Posters

Look inside Bottle's House, and his little sister's and brother's rooms to find pictures of the stars of Jet Force Gemini on the walls.

Ice Key

The Ice Key from Banjo-Kazooie is hidden inside another Game Pak. You will have to learn the Grip Grab move to get it. Go to Jinjo Village, go behind the Green Jinjo's House, and find the sandy spot. You will see a crack in the wall. Go up on the platform near there to reach it and climb your way across to a hole. Be careful, because there are plants that will bite you. When you reach the cave, you will see the Game Pak.


Unlimited Eggs And Feathers

Go to the Temple near Wumba's Wigwam in the Mayahem Temple level and enter: CHEATONESTKING.

Jiggywiggy's Signposts

Go to the code chamber in Mayahem Temple. Then shoot eggs at the letters that match this code: CHEATOGETJIGGY. It will reveal every Jiggy's location.

Banjo Moves Faster

Go to the Temple by Wumba's Wigwam in the Mayahem Temple Level and enter: CHEATOSUPERBANJO.

Misc. Codes

First, go to the code chamber in Mayahem Temple. Throw eggs at the letters to 
enter the following codes. By entering these passwords, you do not need to 
collect the required number Cheato pages to unlock these cheats. If you entered 
the code correctly you`ll here a noise  and the cheat well be described onscreen.


Banjo moves faster:		CHETOSUPERBANJO
Double Feather Capacity:	CHEATOSREHTAEF
Enemies Move Faster:		CHEATOSUPERBADDY

Swim Faster

Press A + B to swim faster in water.


We have no unlockables for Banjo-Tooie yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

Mystery Yellow Egg

The yellow egg is at Heggy Hen's, up the stairs in a nest. You can sit on it with Kazooie and it will crack open and you will get a code from Heggy.

Mystery Blue Egg

Go back to Spiral Mountain and use the Flight Pad to fly up to a waterfall with a hole in it. Jump all the way through the rushing current to find the Game Pak. Use the Grip Grab skill to break open the bars.

Mystery Pink Egg

To find the location of the mysterious Pink Egg from Banjo-Kazooie, go back to Spiral Mountain. Just above the tree stumps where the speed shoes are located is a hole. In the hole are metal bars enclosing in a Banjo-Kazooie Game Pak. To destroy the metal bars, you will have to learn about Grenade Eggs. Use them to blow up the bars. Go up to Gruntilda's Lair to find a Flight Pad so you can fly to the hole and break open the Game Pak to find the Pink Egg.


We have no glitches for Banjo-Tooie yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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Created by: Icy Guy. Read the full guide...

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