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  • Action, Combat
  • Unknown
  • Electronic Arts
  • Teen
  • November 1, 2005


Easy Expert Shooting Medal

Go to the "Backstab" map and play as a sniper. Get to a good location and snipe. Only snipe people who are standing still. Note: This requires patience.

Multi-player: Ranks

Achieve the indicated number of medals, points per hour (PPH), and points to earn the corresponding rank.

Brigadier General: 12 medals, 19, 390 points, 85 PPH
Captain: 8 medals, 8, 430 points, 65 PPH
Chief Warrant Officer: 5 medals, 3, 700 points, 50 PPH
Colonel: 11 medals, 16, 070 points, 80 PPH
Commanding Sergeant Major: 3 medals, 1, 820 points, 40 PPH
Corporal: 0 medals, 70 points, 15 PPH
First Lieutenant: 7 medals, 6, 560 points, 60 PPH
Five Star General: 15 medals, 32, 000 points, 100 PH
Lieutenant Colonel: 10 medals, 13, 150 points, 75 PPH
Lieutenant General: 14 medals, 27, 330 points, 95 PPH
Major: 9 medals, 10, 620 points, 70 PPH
Major General: 13 medals, 23, 150 points, 90 PPH
Master Sergeant: 1 Medal (s), 720 points, 30 PPH
Private: 0 medals, 0 points, 0 PPH
Private First Class: 0 medals, 20 points, 10 PPH
Second Lieutenant: 6 medals, 4, 900 points, 55 PPH
Sergeant: 0 medals, 190 points, 20 PPH
Sergeant First Class: 0 medals, 390 points, 25 PPH
Sergeant Major: 2 medals, 1, 180 points, 35 PPH
Warrant Officer: 4 medals, 2, 650 points, 45 PPH

Suicide Run!

All you have to do is be the special ops person and stick four things of C-4 on the helicopter and fly it until you want to jump out. Then you exit the helicopter and deploy your parachute and let your helicopter hit the ground and it will blow up. The C-4 will give it a little extra "boom". I use it all the time online.

Easy Tank Kills

When playing bridge too far and on the American side be a special ops solider and head to the Chinese side from there head as far as possible to the left of the helicopter stand and then as far back as possible (if you got past the giant oil tanks you went too far). Then head to the helicopter stand. You'll notice there is a hole in a fence. Go through it and you'll find you're behind the wall behind the helicopter stand. Jump over it (but don't get seen) and hide behind the ramp that leads to the helicopter stand. This is where the tanks come into the enemy base. Wait until a tank comes (you may have to wait awhile)and when nobody's looking. Then plant 2-3 sticks of C4 on the tank and hide back behind the ramp. Then when an enemy goes inside the tank BOOM! If you want more of that jump back over the wall and head towards the stairs to the helicopter stand and there should be a ammo re supply nearby. When the coast is clear re-supply and go back to the ramp or tank to start over.


Equipment Upgrades

Pistol (23-Round Clip)  	006
Sub-Machine Gun (45-Round Clip) 	013
Rocket Launcher (Increased Ammo 8) 	019
Pistol (Increased Ammo 45) 	025
Assault Rifle (45-Round Clip) 	032
Machine Gun (150-Round Clip) 	038
Sniper Rifle (9-Round Clip) 	044
Shotgun (12-Round Clip) 	051
Machine Gun (Increased Ammo 1500-3000) 	057
Gernade Launcher (Increased Ammo 5) 	063
Sub-Machine Gun (Increased Ammo 225) 	070
Rocket Launcher (Increased Zoom) 	076
Assault Rifle (Increased Ammo 225) 	082
Blowtorch (Increased Ammo 1,500) 	089
Sniper Rifle (Increased Ammo 15) 	095
C4 Explosive (Increased Ammo 6) 	101
Gernade Launcher (Increased Ammo 90) 	108
Shotgun (Increased Ammo 48) 	114
Forward Observer (Increased Ammo 6) 	120
Sub-Machine Gun (Increased Zoom) 	126
23mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 3,000) 	133
25mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 3,000) 	133
30mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 750) 	133
40mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 3,000) 	133
90mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 150) 	133
105mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 150) 	133
120mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 150) 	133
125mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 150) 	133
Machine Gun (Increased Ammo 300) 	139
Smoke Gernade (Increased Ammo 5) 	145
Assault Rifle (Increased Zoon) 	152
Auto-Injector (Increased Ammo 5) 	158
Sniper Rifle (Increased Zoom) 	164
Antitank Missle (Increased Ammo 75) 	171
70mm Rocket (Increased Ammo 150) 	171
Mine (Increased Ammo 5) 	177
Forward Observer (Extended Target Length) 	183
Stun Gernade (Increased Ammo 5) 	190
Frag Gernade (Increased Ammo 5) 	196
Laster Target Designator (Increased Ammo 2) 	202
Mortar Strike (Increased Ammo 2) 	209
Locking Missle (Increased Ammo 6) 	215
Machine Gun (Armor-Piercing Bullets) 	266
Mortar Strike (Carpet Bomb) 	259
Assault Rifle (Armor-Peiercing Bullets) 	253
Laser Target Designator (Bunker Buster Splash Damage) 	247
Sub-Machine Gun (Armor-Piercing Bullets) 	240
Laser Target Designator (Increased Zoom) 	234
Rocket Launcher (Homing Missle) 	228
Sniper Rifle (Armor-Piercing Bullets) 	221

All Weapons

During game play put in and hold L2 + R2 and press Right(2), Down, Up, Left, Left.

All Weapons

During Gameplay Hold L1 + R1 and press Right, Right, Down, Up, Left, Left.


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