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  • Fighting, 3D Fighting
  • Activision
  • Activision
  • Teen
  • March 12, 2002


Secret Course

Play on the course Chinese Temple and use the code no walls. When you start the fight directly behind the players where the wall is gone there is a big platform. Knock your opponent onto the platform. Your player will automaticly jump onto the platform. For this to work your opponent can not fall off the platform or else the fight will be called a ring out.

Fast, Easy, Simple Win

Play as Yugo the wolf and play with knockdown battle and no walls and at the beginning of the fight move the controlor stick towards your opponent and press X at the same time. Your opponent should fly out of the ring if you do this correctly.

Secret Stage

Go to stage 7 Aquarium, and enable the code "no walls". Knock someone into the big pit the other player will join them.

Unlock Uranus The Chimera Quick

Eliminate all walls then select survival and use long or shenlong and use forward throw until level 17 then lose at level 17.

Unlock Uranus The Chimera

Complete survival mode. NOTE: You Only Have To Complete up to level 16. Once you have beaten that level you can be defeated.

Unlock Through VS Mode

Not only can you finish an arcade multiple times to gain characters and stages, but you can gain new characters by playin in VS mode a couple times. Through that you can get: - Ganesha the Elephant, The Indian Palace Stage and Movie Player - Cronos the Pheonix, The Evil Laboratory and Com Battle Mode

Unlock Uranus

To unlock Uranus, beat arcade mode with every characters.

Easy Win With Uriko

Beat arcade 15 or 16 times with different characters each time to get the cheats: Beast mode (15 times) and Hyper Beast form(16 times). When you get the cheat select the title cheats then put the cheat beast mode or hyper beast on. That way you will always be a beast. Then go to any fighting mode like arcade or training and select Uriko. At the beginning of the battle go all the way to the left and do your special(the one when she runs to the wall and bounces on to the opponent). If there are close to you hold left to go high during your special and if they are far away hold right to go farther. The beast move will usually do more than half damage. Do her other beast move and keep tapping X rappidly for the whole move then to go faster you can rotate the control stick(the one you use to move with )or in a direction quick like you do with X. don't do her bouncing special or she will commit suicide or a 50/50 chance of knocking them out of the ring.

Quick Win

Unlock "No Walls mode" and play as Wong or Shenlong. Set the game on "One round". When the "Ready?" message appears, run to your opponent and push them as far as you can. Then, press Y (Throw), and he will toss them off and you will get a "Ring out" win.

Beast Drive

Every character has the same button combination for Beast Drives. To perform a Beast Drive, you must enter in the following button combination while in Beast form. Note: "Beast" is the Beast button (X is default). First Beast Drive: Press Down, Down/Forward, Forward, Down, Down/Forward, Forward, Beast. Second Beast Drive: Press Down, Down/Back, Back, Down, Down/Back, Back, Beast Press Punch + Kick + Beast to perform your Beast Drive. Instead of performing your beast drive by pressing Down, Down/Right, Right (or the opposite) you can simply rotate the C-stick twice in the direction you wish (each character has two different ones) and it will perform the Beast Drive. For the attacks that transfer electricity through your arm, leg, or body, rotate the C- stick and press Punch, Kick, or Beast. The Beast button does perform an attack -- you must be in Beast for this to work.

Different Bosses

Fighting as the following characters will change the end Boss.

Jenny fights Gado as the Boss.
Stun fights Uranus as the Boss.
Cronos fights Uranus as the Boss.
Busuzima fights Stun as the Boss.
Bakuryu fights Yugo as the Boss.
Alice fights Long as the Boss.
Kohryu fights Uranus as the Boss.

Alternate Costumes

Press Y at the character selection screen.

Skip Credits In Arcade Mode

First you have to beat the game at least once, Then when you beat the game again press L and Start togetherand it will skip it.

Unlock Cheat Menu/All Cheats/Characters

Beating the game in Arcade mode a certain number of times will unlock a character or cheat.

1st Time - Unlock Ganesha / Indian Palace Stage - Unlock Movie Player 
2nd Time - Unlock Cronos / Evil Laboratory - Unlock Com Battle Mode 
3rd Time - Unlock Cheat Kids Mode 
4th Time - Get Big Head in Kids Mode 
5th Time - Get Super Buff in Kids Mode 
6th Time - Unlock Cheat "Eliminate All Walls" 
7th Time - Unlock Cheat "Weaken All Walls" 
8th time - Unlock Cheat "Break Walls only in Final Round" 
9th time - Unlock Cheat "Slow Down the Action" 
10th time - Unlock Cheat "Speed Up Things" 
11th time - Unlock Cheat "No Blocking Mode" 
12th time - Unlock Cheat "MAX Difficulty" 
13th Time - Unlock Cheat "Knock Down Battle Mode" 
14th Time - Unlock Cheat "Human Mode" 
15th Time - Unlock Cheat "Beast Mode" 
16th Time - Unlock Cheat "Hyper Mode" 

Unlock Kohryu

Play Arcade mode and do not lose or continue for Four rounds. On the Fifth round you will fight Kohryu. Beat him, finish Arcade mode and this character will now be unlocked.


EZ And Quick Beast Drive

Press A, B, and X at the same time [may not work first time try doing it many times].

Hyper Beast Form

Press the Z or A + X + Y buttons for Hyper Beast Form. You can transform into Hyper Beast Form at any time during the battle. However, if your Beast Gauge is not flashing, this transformation will cost you health. The more your Beast Gauge is full when you transform, the less life you will lose. The following are the benefits of Hyper Beast Form: Time stops. You can shift to another move from any part of a move. Within the time limit, you can perform Beast Drives without reverting to human form. Your life gauge recovers at a faster rate than in beast form. When time runs out and you revert back to human form, the Beast Gauge empties.


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