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Is It Important Which Evidence Is Submitted?

On another day, you can go back and get what you missed the first time. Pick items you think will provide clues to the murders. It does not seem to matter which ones you send in today.

When Will The Photo Shoot End?

Have you been inside the dressing room? When you exit the dressing room, talk to Logan again to begin the shoot. Select each of the six background sets as often as you like. Logan will not tell you to leave, but you can go at any time after you finish all of them. When you have completed all of them, simply leave via your map.

Can I Establish Any Motives Or Alibis At Logan's Studio?

Did you open the book on the table and look at it? Besides interesting history on Enlil, something is written at the top of the page in red. The message is signed by someone with the initials S.H. Look at your suspect list. Sandi Hills has a motive. While talking to Logan, he states he was at the gallery exhibition all night. But this is not enough to establish an alibi. He advises that all three girls used the same gynecologist. This establishes a motive for their doctor. Submit a motive for Dr. Alphonse Reo, who is now on the suspect list.

What Questions Should I Ask Logan?

Be nice and cooperative. Act friendly. If you accuse him of something, he will reply negatively. Be careful how you ask about the gallery exhibition. Logan will respond positively if you ask about his work and his "lovely" wife. You can safely ask him about Audrey, Andre, Dermot, and Sandi Hills. It is also a good idea to learn everything you can about the cult and the murdered girls.

When Can I Go Into The Dressing Room?

Talk with Logan Collins first. After your conversation with Logan, you can enter the dressing room.

What Evidence Can I Find At Logan's Studio?

If you cannot travel to the photo shoot yet, go to your apartment. Check your phone messages. Then travel to Logan's. Search all tables, drawers, and trash cans, if you can get away with it. You will find scissors in the drawer. The trash can beside the door with the red light contains three slides. A tube of lipstick can be found in the room as well. Find it on the fire hydrant.

Can Any Motives Or Alibis Be Established At Candi's?

Did you listen to Candi's phone messages? The threatening message from Andre establishes a motive for him. You can click on other parts of the phone to move it out of the way. The photograph could establish a motive for Bruno. Did you open the briefcase? Two motives could be gleaned from the papers inside the briefcase. Eddie was paying Candi a lot of money, and Dermot is the executor of her will. Those are two good motives. The person who reported Candi's murder to the police is now in your suspect list. Polly Entwistle's records need to be reviewed, especially her Credit Report. Read the autopsy report for the other two murdered girls. Note when they died. Polly was out of town when Mimi Farrell was killed. This establishes an alibi for her.

Opening Candi's Briefcase

Have you looked at the telephone table? The table is not really a table at all -- it is a chest. Open the chest and look at what is inside. On the right is a notice of a cult meeting. A certain number repeats itself over and over, especially in sets of 3. The number 333 opens the briefcase.

What Evidence Should I Find At Candi's Apartment?

Did you examine her body? You can zoom in on Candi's shoe. Where is her other shoe? Look at the foot of the bed. Send her high heel to the lab. A romance novel lies on the floor next to the bed. Now concentrate on the tables. Beside the bed sits her telephone table. Send the glass to the lab. The telephone table is actually a chest which can be opened. Send the wad of bills to the lab. There is another table on the right side of the room. Find a charm inside a small jewelry box. Did you look on the bottom shelf of that table? There is a box behind the briefcase. Send its contents to the lab.

How Do I Handle Questioning The Bartender?

Be nice, but inquisitive at the same time. Pretend to be interested in him. Do not question him like a police woman. Remember that you are under cover! Tell him you'll try anything once. Then ask him his theory about the murders. Ask him who he thinks the killer could be. Be sure and ask about Enlil, Candi, Logan's wife, and Logan. Tell him your opinion about Logan being a successful photographer. His response establishes a motive for Logan.

What Should Be Done At The Art Gallery?

Look around at all of the art. Click on all of the people to overhear their conversations. Wander to the right side. Talk to the bartender.

What Is The VCR Minus Code?

Did you look in your mailbox? Perhaps there is a show you would like to tape. The Magazine lists a program to be shown on Thursday. In the advertisement is a VCR Minus Code. Click on the VCR and enter in 4321. Your VCR will record that program for you.

Sunday, April 1st: Getting Started

Find out everything you can about the victims and suspects. Click on the computer to upload the suspect records. Look at all of the records in your PDA. From the desk, pick up your ID, keys and the invitation to the Opening. Look at each of the interview tapes. Once you have examined everything you can at the Police Station, select the Map icon (top right of the screen) to see if new locations are available. Click on any flashing buildings to travel there.


The judge will only approve surveillance for those with approved motives.

Later in the game, Victor will pop in to tell you it is time.

You cannot choose your suspects for surveillance until Victor tells you to.

Do not exit your PDA until you have done what Victor instructed.

Select them carefully.  Choose only 3 to be "staked out".

Choose Finish before exiting your PDA.

Once results have been uploaded to your PDA you can read them.

A little later, Victor will ask if you would like to change any of them.  Do it immediately.

Motive And Alibis

It is important to try to establish a motive for each suspect as early as possible in the game.

You can access the Motive and Alibis entry screen directly by pressing the M & A button at the top of the video screen or while within the PDA.  Press the Help button for more information while viewing the screen.

Timing is important.  The moment you see, hear, or read something that gives a suspect a motive (or alibi), go to the M & A screen and try to submit it.


When you are viewing something the lab could analyze, a "Bubbling Beaker" will appear.  Right click to send the item to the lab.

Remember that you can only send 6 items to the lab per day.

A rule of thumb should be to pick up everything you can.  Before the day is over, review your submissions and delete any that might not result in good, solid evidence.  (Deleted items will be returned to their original location.)

The lab results will appear in your PDA the next day.


Before you begin any conversation, save your game so you can restore if something goes wrong. You are under cover, so proceed carefully. Avoid questions like "Where were you on the night of the murder?". Do not talk like a cop. You can get plenty of information by acting naive and coy. Play the part.


Telephone numbers are added to your PDA phone as you physically see them while investigating.

You will hear an audible beep when a number is added to your list.

Once numbers are listed there, you can dial them from within your PDA or use other telephones to do so.

You may find voice code numbers which let you listen to on-line phone messages left for that person.

Dial the phone number, their extension, and then, when the recorded message is playing, their "V Code".


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