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  • Action, Adventure
  • Take2
  • Take2 Interactive Software
  • Mature
  • September 1, 2008


A Great Shotgun

I found an awesome semi-automatic shotgun when I was level 25, its called "ZPRIV3 Painful Sweeper".

An Easy Way To Kill The Guardians

There is a certain mission where you have to get on an elevator to go to an underground mine to get an artifact and there are a few flying ghost guardian things. The best way to kill them is to shoot them with a corrosive weapon (preferably a smg) to get there shield down. Then a few bullets can kill them easy.

Easy Way To Get Money

In New Haven there is a claptrap injured by the bouty board. Fix him and he will open a gate that has a weapon crate. Inside the second weapon crate is up the stairs as you come through the front gate of new heaven jump on the washing machine and jump on the roof it is behind the dish the third is on the left side as you come through the gate search the area for stairs follow the path that leads to the rail jump over it and you will find the third crate around the corner. Once you fine all three crates collect all weapons from the and exit it will save then go back into the game then sell them at the shop it is preferred you are a high level for high level guns.

Rider Sniper Rifle

In New Haven, when you reach the quest 'Another piece of the puzzle'. Don't do any objectives on the mission or it wont work. Just South of Dr. Ned, there is a little blue house that can only be opened when you get to this certain mission. The floor will go down (its an elevator. ) When you reach the bottom, there will be four to five psychos. Kill them and then go to the red gun crate. The rider gun will be there. Note: It doesn't have a scope, but it carries 20 rounds.

Killing Sledge

An easy way to kill Sledge is to:first open one of the 2 doors, then run to the inner door and open it (a video will come out)then as fast as you can get out , then from outside open the doors and from outside start shooting Sledge (the doors will close fast so hurry shooting him.)


After you face Bonehead you can keep going back there beating over and over again for his rare weapon and same for the rest of the bosses.

Early Erdian Weapon

One character must be a Siren. Go back to Fyrestone in the Arid Badlands; and after you kill the Mothrakk a Eridian weapon will fall out but you have to search everywhere as the trash plot can be huge. When the Mothrakk is low on points shoot warning shots to get it to come towards you, then kill it on the approach.
Berserker: Eridian Cannon
Soldier: Thunder Storm
Siren: Ball Blaster or Wave Blaster

The Secret Box In Old Haven

The first thing you want to do is get to the way back of old haven (East I think). Clear the open area and if you haven't done the mission with the clap trap in the cage now is a good time. The box under the stairs is nothing. Go up the stairs and take a right but don't go off the edge slide to the left back to your wall till you get to the end then turn around.

Insta-car Death

When you hit a barrel when your in your car, you usually get wouded until you kill an enemy.

Easy Krom Kill

All you have to do is clear out the first three or four level rock platforms. After that, make sure you have a strong sniper rifle and hide behind a building to the right. This is also a glitch because krom can't shoot you but you can still take him down. Once him chair thingy blows up, go up there and put a hole in his hillbilly head!

An Easy Way Through Eridian Promotory

The Eridian promotory is probably the most annoying level in the game due to all of the enemies. An easy way to get through this level is to take cover whenever possible. As long as your not spotted the eridians and the lancers will just kill each other off, usually leaving one or two lances left. This makes your job a lot easier but be careful because the sera guardians will almost always spot you and warn the other gaurdians to attck you.

Easy Way To Kill A Sledge

(You need to have a super strong gun and you need to be a soldier. You also need to open the doors quickly and you need to put out the turret and then throw out all your grenades, then get back inside quickly. And keep on doing that till he dies.

Revolver Barrel

In the dahl headlands after you beat skagzilla you will have to search for revolver parts. The barrel was a little difficult to find but if you look at the cliff you will see a blown up vehicle and its in the cockpit. Also if you shoot skags in the mouth when open it does the most damage.

Easy Kill

When you kill whit a car you don't get that much of experience. So weaken the enemy, the get out of the car and kill him yourself.


We have no cheats or codes for Borderlands yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Borderlands yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

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Level Achievements

Ding! Newbie (5) Earn level 5
Ding! Novice (10) Earn level 10
Ding! Expert (20) Earn level 20
Ding! Hardcore (30) Earn level 30
Ding! Sleepless (40) Earn level 40
Ding! Champion (50) Earn level 50

Mission Achievements

Paid in Fyrestone (5) Complete 5 missions in the Arid Badlands
Made in Fyrestone (15) Complete all missions in the Arid Badlands
Paid in New Haven (10) Complete 5 missions in the Rust Commons
Made in New Haven (20) Complete all missions in the Rust Commons
There's No "I" In "Team" (30) Complete 15 missions in co-op

More Achievements

My Brother is an Italian Plumber (15) Kill an enemy by stomping on its head
Speedy McSpeederton (10) Race around the Ludicrous Speedway in under 31 seconds
You call this archaeology? (20) Apply an elemental artifact
Get A Little Blood on the Tires (20) Kill 25 enemies by ramming them with any vehicle
Rootinest, Tootinest, Shootinest (10) Kill 5 Rakk in under 10 seconds
Pandora-dog Millionaire (50) Earn $1,000,000
Fence (25) Sell 50 guns to a shop
Can't We Get BEYOND Thunderdome? (25) Win an arena match
Duel-icious (15) Win a duel against another player
Group LF Healer (25) Rescue a groupmate from death in a co-op game
And They'll Tell Two Friends (10) Play in a co-op game with either an employee of Gearbox or someone who has this achievement
United We Stand (35) Defeated the Rakk Hive, the Vault Boss, Sledge, Krom, or Flynt in a co-op game
Wanted: Flynt (30) Killed Flynt
Wanted: Krom (20) Killed Krom
Wanted: Sledge (10) Killed Sledge
Destroyed the Destroyer (50) Killed the Vault boss
Destroyed the Hive (40) Killed the Rakk Hive
12 Days of Pandora (30) Mastered the technology of Pandora

Discovery Achievements

Discovered Skag Gully (5) Discover Skag Gully
Discovered Sledge's Safe House (5) Discover Sledge's Safe House
Discovered Headstone Mine (5) Discover Headstone Mine
Discovered Trash Coast (5) Discover Trash Coast
Discovered The Scrapyard(10) Discover The Scrapyard
Discovered Krom's Canyon (10) Discover Krom's Canyon
Discovered Crimson Lance Enclave (15) Discover Crimson Lance Enclave
Discovered Eridian Promontory (15) Discover Eridian Promontory

Weapon/skill Achievements

Weapon Aficionado (20) Reach proficiency level 10 with any weapon type
Duelinator (35) Win a duel without taking damage
Facemelter (25) Kill 25 enemies with corrosive weapons
1.21 Gigawatts (25) Kill 25 enemies with shock weapons
Pyro (25) Kill 25 enemies with incendiary weapons
Master Exploder (15) Kill 25 enemies with explosive weapons
There are some who call me...Tim (25) Equip a class mod for your character
Fully Loaded (10) Rescue enough Claptraps to earn 42 inventory slots
Truly Outrageous (15) Kill an enemy with the Siren's action skill
Careful, He Bites (15) Kill 15 enemies with the Hunter's action skill
Reckless Abandon (15) Kill 15 enemies with the Berserker's action skill
Down in Front! (15) Kill 15 enemies with the Soldier's action skill

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