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Defeating RelicKeeper

When the flame appears, equip your water scroll and hit the flame (oh and the flame will change its shape and size so be careful) once its had enough damage, its core will appear on its face, so hit it with lumina (the triangle button) and make sure to stock up on cheese and any other healing items before you go into battle!

Topo's Dance

Each time you you complete one of topo's dance's the speed will start to get really fast and if you pause for a second, you will lose and topo will make fun of you!

Bubbles' Vambee Challenge

After you appraised the UglyBelt, go to the church at 2:00a.m. to kill the Vambee Soldiers.

Beat Kojiro

Use all the scrolls you have got against Kojiro if you want to beat him easier.

Counter Attack

Press R1 (guard). Make sure you are facing your enemy and your power gauge is full. When guarding an attack, press Square or Triangle quickly.

Defeating Skullpion

Hold R1 until the special is all the way up while having the Earth Scroll on. Do this while the bucket or rock is hanging over him, and when he is shooting out of his mouth (dodge his shots before you do anything).

Plant Regeneration

Use the Water Scroll on the plant enemies. Most of the plants in the game will grow into a larger size if watered.

Alternate Way To Get Lumina Sword

When you are on the top of Spiral Tower, there is a barrier blocking the Lumina Sword. The only way to get it is by stepping on a panal that opens it. Pick up an enemy, then stand on the panel with him in your hands. Have another enemy hurt you. You will drop him, and for a short time he will be laying on the panal, giving you a good chance to get the Lumina Sword and run.

Secret Action Figures

Use the following steps to unlock all the secret action figure toys.

Fillet: Rescue all 35 palace members.

Mom Minku: Catch all 13 Minkus.

Kojiro: Visit Farmer Lacter (in Chapter 6) and he will give it to you.

Jon and Leno: Random availability.

DLumina 1: Successfully complete the game once, then reload from the Fin save.

DLumina 2: Successfully complete the game, then reload from the latest Fin 
save; appears randomly.

DLumina 3: Successfully complete the game, then reload from the latest Fin 
save; appears randomly.

Obtaining Secret Foods

Use the following steps to get the secret foods.

Orange: Save Tim from being turned into a Vambee.  The Mother of Tim, the 
Grocer, will give you a free Orange.

Riceball: Make sure you have Cook A., Bailiff Jerkey, and Chef Julienne. Talk to 
Cook A. Now you are able to buy Riceballs from the Grocery Store.

Neatball: Talk to Cook B when you have saved Butcher Chops. Now you can buy 
Neatballs from the Grocery Store.

Minku Locations

Grillin Village:
Near the tree to the left of Twinpeak Mountain entrance and Steamwood 

Grillin Village:
On the cliff above the Gondola Lift, near the ventilation shaft. Requires I-Brace.

Somnolent Forest:
Through the hidden path in the trees above the wooden sign that points to 
Steamwood Forest and Meandering Forest.

Somnolent Forest:
In a small clearing above the stream that passes through the forest between the 
2 wooden bridges (Requires the Water scroll).

Somnolent Forest:
At the foot of the Wind Scroll Statue (requires the Fire Scroll).

Steamwood Forest:
Near the Wind Crest on a gliff above the Earth Crest (requires Mend-Earth Scroll).

Twinpeak Mountain:
On a high ledge to the ledge of the area where you have the climbing compotition 
with Rootrick (requires Free Jon).

Twinpeak Mountain:
On a small ledge across the river from the area with the three poles and south of 
the area of the climbing compotition (requires Water Scroll). 

Hell's Valley:
In the same pit where the Crest Skullpion was fought. Only after Chapter 2.

Underground Lake:
On a small ledge along the perimeter, where the plant Misteria is found (requires 
the Mine Key).

Upper Binchotite Mine:
Down the left side tunnel from the entry point, with the Dead Ant.

Upper Binchotite Mine: 
Below the inactive fan, just after the Windy Tunnel.

Mother Minku

After collecting all 13 Minkus, visit Shephard Beefalo in the palace. He will tell you that he has heard of a Mother Minku roaming the world. Go to the first area of Meandering Forest to encounter the Mother Minku. She is a tough opponent.

Find Missed Items And Secrets

After sucsessfully beating the game, allow the credits to end. Press X when the Square Soft logo appears and save the game. Load this saved game file to return and collect missed items and find secrets that were previously missed.

Hidden Introduction Segment

Remain at the opening screen. The game will show the story of how Musashi got there. Immediately after that, a secret segment will appear. These 2 introductions (both normal and secret) are short and last about 5 seconds.

Hidden Second Ending

To view a secret second ending, collect all the action figures, includes the special ones. When you have them, complete the game, and wait until after the credits and Squaresoft logo. Hand drawn pictures of all the characters in the game will appear.

Easy Money

There are 500 Drans located in the Steamwood near the location where you rescued Acrobat Sausages. Take the Drans, then exit Steamwood. Return to aquire the Drans again, then repeat.


We have no cheats or codes for Brave Fencer Musashi yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Brave Fencer Musashi yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

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