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  • Action, Adventure
  • Take2
  • Rockstar Games
  • Teen
  • June 1, 2006


English Class Words


Adults Get Busted!!!

To get adults in trouble, Jimmy must go up to an adult and try to grab him a couple of times (of course, stay as far away from authority as possible and DO NOT HIT THE ADULT). Next, have that adult chase you in front of a cop. Once you do that, stand still so he can throw you down to ground. Then, you will escape from him by pressing triangle a lot. As soon as you escape, a the cop will go after the adult. Watch as the adult gets busted. Take a photo if you like.

Soda Steal

To steal sodas, Jimmy must find someone buying a soda from the soda machine. As soon as they put the money in, hit them or throw them out of the way. Next, press triangle to take the soda (NOTE: it will say 'Take Drink' when you are next to the soda machine).

Bi-curious Jimmy

Jimmy is bisexual. Don't believe me; just have Jimmy go up to the following guys below, talk to them, give a bouquet and kiss them (by holding L1 and pressing X). You can kiss either Trent (Bully Clique), Cornelius (Nerds), Gord (Preps), Peanut (Greasers), or Kirby (Jocks). NOTE: you do have to have their respect in order to kiss them.

Where Jimmy Can't Be Busted

There are various places around the game where Jimmy can't be Busted by any Authority Figures ---------

Inside the Boy's Dorm
On the stone ramps and pillars by steps outside Boy's Dorm
On the stone ramps and pillars by steps outside Girl's Dorm
On the TOP of the couch & chairs inside the Girl's Dorm
On the roof of the Autoshop
On the TOP part of the counter in the Library 
On the TOP part of the counter in the School Office
On the stone ramps and pillars by steps in back of the School
Past the Nerd’s Gate South-East of the Library
On the TOP of the high stone wall South of Harrington House
On the TOP of all stone pillars in front of Harrington House 
Inside Harrington House
On the roof of the East Gym 
On TOP of all stone pillars at the football field
On TOP of all stone pillars at the Observatory
Inside the Jock's save house
On any rooftop in Bullworth Town
On the fence across from the movie theater
On TOP of the two SMALL tree planters in front of the In & Out Motel
On the roof of the gas station
On the roof of Town Hall
On the roof of Bullworth Police Station
On TOP of fence rail on the path OVER the river
On the NW raised stone platform by the pavilion and near the Prep's gym
On TOP of any dock pillar down at the docks in Bullworth Vale
On the large rock at the East beach at Bullworth Vale
On the large rock just East of Bullworth Vale Park
On the round tables in Bullworth Vale Park
On the round tables by the fast-food joint
On TOP of the wall behind the retirement home
On TOP of the raised stone platform near street in West Bullworth Vale
Inside the Prep's Gym
Inside the Prep's Beach save house
On the Pirate Island
On any rooftop in New Coventry
On TOP of stone wall down the street from Greaser's save house
Inside the BMX Bike Park building
Inside the Greaser's Poolhall save house
On TOP of any junk car in Blue Skies Industrial Area
Inside the Spencer Warehouse in Blue Skies
On TOP of the bushes outside Happy Volts Asylum
On TOP of the Ping-Pong table at the Rec Room inside Happy Volts Asylum
On TOP of the Morgue tables at Block “C” inside Happy Volts Asylum
On the roof of the small shed in the cul-de-sac South of the Tennentments
Also, areas where it is possible to be busted, by Cop, Citizen, or Prefect, but is not likely, if you are vigilant -------- Inside the Save Warehouse in Blue Skies
On the back balcony at Bullworth School
Inside the Freakshow House

Other places you can avoid being busted, but Authority Figures will throw and hit you with bricks and sap your health ------
Anywhere in the water near the shore On top of any car -- Must first knock out occupant
Now, if you enter your weapons cheats on your 2nd controller (Hold L1 -UP-DOWN-UP-DOWN & Hold L1 -UP-UP-UP-UP), Jimmy will be able to jump up on any of the these places and fire away to his heart's content.

Extra Knee Drop Damage

When someone is on the ground, target them, press triangle to get down there, then instantly press circle repeatedly. You can see that before he attacks, you already slightly damaged him.

Cursing In English Class

To curse in English class you have to be on level 2 and spell shit - then watch what he says.

English Class

The following is a list of the letters you are given in each English Class and the minimum number of words required within the time limit to pass the class:

English Class 1: The letters are "ELMOLW" and you need 7 words to pass the class. Here are words that can be created from those letters: Ell, Elm, Low, Mel, Mew, Mol, Mow, Ole, Owe, Owl, Lowe, Meow, Mewl, Mole, Moll, Well, Mellow.

English Class 2: The letters are "THFSGI" and you need 14 words to pass. Here are words that can be created from those letters: Fig, Fit, His, Hit, Its, Sit, Figs, Fish, Fist, Fits, Gift, Gist, Hits, Sift, Sigh, This, Fight, Gifts, Shift, Sight, Fights.

English Class 3: The letters are "ELISSM" and you need 15 words to pass. Here are words that can be created from those letters: Elm, Ism, Lei, Lie, Mil, Elms, Isle, Isms, Leis, Less, Lies, Lime, Mess, Mile, Mils, Miss, Semi, Sims, Slim, Isles, Limes, Miles, Seism, Semis, Slime, Slims, Smile, Slimes, Smiles.

English Class 4: The letters are "RAOCYN" and you need 19 words to pass. Here are words that can be created from those letters: Any, Arc, Can, Car, Cay, Con, Coy, Cry, Nay, Nor, Oar, Ran, Ray, Roc, Yon, Corn, Cory, Cyan, Narc, Racy, Roan, Yarn, Acorn, Corny, Crony, Rayon, Crayon.

English Class 5: The letters are "DGRAGE" and you need 22 words to pass. Here are words that can be created from those letters: Age, Are, Dag, Ear, Egg, Era, Erg, Gad, Gag, Rag, Red, Aged, Dare, Dear, Drag, Dreg, Egad, Gage, Gear, Grad, Rage, Read, Agger, Grade, Raged, Dagger, Ragged.

Gold Suit

Buy all the clothing.

Orderly Uniform

Successfully complete "Finding Johnny Vincent" in Chapter 5.

Marble Prank

If you want to do a good prank, put marbles all over the front of the door inside the boys' dorm and then pull the fire alarm and watch everyone slip on the marbles. Or if you want to prevent getting beat up, instead of putting the marbles in front of the exit to the dorm, throw the marbles all over in front of your room door in the hall from the door to all the way across the hall, you might slip while going to the fire alarm and back to your room but you still have to pull the fire alarm and come back to your room and watch the kids slip in front of your room door.

Easy Marbles

If you want Marbles there are 3 Places to go to find em':
1. Behind the vines that go to the second floor balcony of the school.
2. In front of the abandoned bus where the hobo lives.
3. In back of the comic shop.

360 Twist

When your on a tree with your super slingshot go into scope mode to be able to see every angle so you can shoot people that you won't be able to shoot in first person view.

360 Twist

When your on a tree with your super slingshot go into scope mode to be able to see every angle so you can shoot people that you won't be able to shoot in first person view.

Super Slingshot

During gameplay on Controller two press and hold L1 and up, up.

Fighting Russel

Make sure you kiss a girl and get the health bonus before you do Help Gary. Gary is going to make you fight a few of the bully guys so it's going to knock your health down. You should equip your sling shot and go onto scope mode and aiming for one of the guys heads. As soon as the red arrows pop up above their heads, shoot one of the guys in the head and he will instantly be knocked out. The others guys will chase you. Once you beat those guys you will have to find your way through the basement to fight Russel. You might want to kiss another girl before you enter the basement because once you go in you can't come out until you fight Russel.

Big Payoff

Spray tags on the billboards, on the tops of the buildings, in the 'Tagging' mission, in order to receive a huge reward. I'm talking over $100.

Gang Appreciation

If you have low or under 50% Popularity with a certain gang, dress like them, the Guys in white shirts are bullies, if you have low popularity with them dress like a punk or a street rat. Same with jocks, dress like a football player or another sport team. For Greasers, all you need is a leather jacket like them. This works for all except the Preppies. This is available after Chapter #1 when you can buy clothes in town. By dressing with the gangs, they won't fight you. Note: This will not help with getting chicks from other gangs.

Pirate Is A Student

When you swim to island where you beat up the pirate, look closely at the pirate. Believe it or not, he is a student. But who? It's Vance of the Greaser clique! He's still in the Halloween spirit. Don't believe me, take his yearbook picture after you beat him up.

Spaz Attack

After you have knocked someone out shoot them with the bottle rocket launcher and they will have a spaz attack.

A Hint For Easy Swirly's

First, get a guy angry at you and quickly run to the bathroom. (He'll start chasing after you.) Then when you get to the bathroom with the guy, go up to him and press triangle to grab him. Then bring him to the toilet, and give him a swirly. That's a hint for easy swirly's. You can do that to any guy as long as you want.

Cat Fight

If you want Jimmy Hopkins witness a cat fight, here's what you do. First, you make-out with one girl. Next, you have her follow Jimmy to another girl and make-out with the second girl. Once you have done that, sit back and watch the cat fight. (Note: you can only witness this on school grounds, and the girls must like you.)

Floating Marbles

To do this, you must knock out someone (it does not matter who) and then get out your marbles. Last, you just through the bag onto the person's gut. Note: The bag will not open at first. It takes awhile.

Easy Radio Transistors

The radio transistors are always near the orange and white warning cones with the blinking orange light on the top.

Found Tombstones

If you didn't get all of the tombstones on "Halloween" don't worry there in the warehouse that the mission "Preppies Vandalized" took place.

Go-cart Next To Bike Stop

When you pass all go-cart races in the carnival pass all street races and get go-cart next to bike stop.

Angry Mascot

On the mission "Nice Outfit" you have to get the mascot mad at you. Here's an easy way to get the mascot mad at you throw marbles at him, and when he slips the meter will instantly fill.

Taking The Fire Extinguisher Outside

If you try to go outside with a fire extinguisher it won't let you here's a trick so you can take it outside. run full speed towards the door. When you reach the door QUICKLEY hit triangle and your outside with a fire extinguisher.

Unlimited Extinguisher Ammo

Get a fire extinguisher. Hold R1 and whola! You got unlimited ammo for extinguisher.

UFO Abduction

After you give the hobo the last radio transistor he will get abducted by a UFO!

Go-Kart Racing

In Go-Kart Races (3,4,and 5) at the carnival, there is a shortcut. When you come to the turn where you have to power slide, instead go across the small strip of land to gain more time.

Free Soda And Soda Hat

First go to the yum yum market. Go to soda's and buy 100. It's easier than going to a soda machine because you don't have to wait for jimmy to drink the soda. After you do that something should pop-up and say secret unlock "free soda". Now that you have free soda go out of the store and go back in because there is only 100 in stock. Now you have free soda's so get 500 soda's and you get the two-can hat. It is a hat with 1 can on the right and 1 can on the left and a tube going into jimmy's mouth. It's pretty cool.

Easy Money

Go to the basketball court anytime after 4:00 p.m. to play the "Penalty Shot" mini-game. Bet the maximum of $20.00. Go up to the line, then press Circle to jump. Press X to throw while in mid-jump for easy knockdowns.

Easy Faculty Taunts

Go to the Principle's office and taunt the secretary. When she starts to chase you, just run around the desk and continue taunting her (while locked on with L1) for as long as desired. If she grabs you, just tap Triangle (10), or if she is not already irritated, you can just keep apologizing, which also helps your stats. This works for almost all staff -- just run and taunt.

Easy Yearbook Photos

To get a lot of photos in the Yearbook, go to either dormitory, pull the fire alarm, stand by and press Up, then start snapping them as they run by.

Saving Others From Beatings

To save someone from a beating, grab the attacker (s) by pressing Triangle and throw them far away from the victim -- so they will focus on you, and you will not accidentally hit the victim.

Pirate Hat

Beat up the pirate on the island near the beach house.

Prison Uniform

Successfully complete all the detention mini-games.

Pumpkinhead Mask

Destroy all 27 pumpkins around the school and inside the main building during the "Halloween" event.

Red Ninja Costume

Successfully complete the Big Prank task during Halloween at Bullworth Academy.

School Mascot Costume

Successfully complete "Nice Outfit" in Chapter 4.

Tiny Swimsuit

Find the preppie with a blue mission on the beach at the beach house and beat his swimming time.

Wrestling Uniform

Successfully complete Gym 1.

Class Completion Bonuses

Chemistry 1: Firecrackers available from chemistry set 
Chemistry 2: Stink Bombs available from chemistry set 
Chemistry 3: Itching Powder available from chemistry set 
Chemistry 4: Items produced doubled from chemistry set 
Chemistry 5: Chemistry set available all the time 

English 1: Apology improved 
English 2: Better taunts 
English 3: Ability to apologize to prefects improved 
English 4: Ability to taunt bullies more effectively and from a distance 
English 5: Ability to apologize to police 

Art 1: Able to exchange gift for a kiss from a girl 
Art 2: 50% health bonus from kissing girls 
Art 3: 75% health bonus from kissing girls 
Art 4: 100% health bonus from kissing girls 
Art 5: Ability to kiss girls without giving gifts 

Gym 1: Headbutt and 3-hit knee groin combo unlocked 
Gym 2: Accuracy for slingshot improved 
Gym 3: Kneedrop unlocked 
Gym 4: Accuracy for slingshot improved 
Gym 5: Accuracy for slingshot improved 

Fast Food Costume

Successfully complete the Burger Joint errand in Bullworth Vale.

Firefighter's Helmet

Pull the fire alarm twenty times.

Gnome Costume

Smash all the garden gnomes.

Green Ninja Costume

Hit targets with projectiles 1,000 times.

Grotto Master Costume

Collect all G&G cards.

Jimmy's Skeleton Halloween Costume

Successfully complete the "The Candidate" mission to unlock the "Halloween" mission.

Black Ninja Costume

Completely fill your yearbook.

Black Skate Shoes

Walk at least 50 km.

Bmx Champion Costume

Successfully complete a bike race.

Boxing Costume

Successfully complete the Boxing Challenge or Prep Challenge in Chapter 2.

Crash Helmet

Finish in first place in the Kart Race at the Carnival.

Dunce Hat

Turn on all the showers in the boy's locker room in the gym.

Edna Mask

Destroy nineteen tombstones during Halloween.


Unlock All Weapons

During the gameplay hold L1 and press Up(4)

Infinite Ammo

While playing, hold L1 and press Up, Down, Up, Down on controller two.

All Clothes

While playing, press L1, L1, R1, L1, L1, L1, R1, R1 on controller two

Extra 100 Dollars

While playing, hold L1 and press Triangle, Square, Circle, and X on controller two.

All Hobo Fighting Moves

While playing, hold L1 and press Up, Left, Down, Right, Triangle, Square, X, Circle on controller two.

Full Health

While playing, hold L1 and press R2(3) on controller two.

All Gym Grapple Moves

While playing, hold L1 and press Up, Left, Down, Right, Triangle, Square, X, X on controller two.


Get Skateboard

Pass the save Bucky Misson to get the skateboard in inventory.

Rubberband Ball

When you collect all 75 rubberbands, you will have the rubberband ball in your weapon wheel!

Getting Colored Photos

To get colored photos, you have to complete 4 photography classes and you can take colored pictures instead of getting black and white photos.

Incognito Suit

To unlock the incognito suit you have to do the errand for the cop.

School Race

When you complete all bicycle races the school race will open.

Unlock Crash Helment

Complete the 1st carnival go-cart race.

Stink Bombs

Complete chemistry 2.

Black Cowboy Hat

Give a homeless guy some spare change in bullworth.

Bike Helmet

To unlock a Bike Helmet, Do the Bike Challenge 1 and win the race, you then unlock the bike helmet which if you ware it, you can steal a moped from someone and legally ride it without worrying about getting busted for not having one.

Unlock Photography Class

Complete the mission Hattrick vs Galloway.

Get The Slingshot

Complete "The Setup" mission.

Unlock Go-cart

First you must be able to go out of the school. Go to the carnival and go to the go-cart races. After you win 5 races (don't have to be in a row) you unlock go-cart street races. Go around and do the street races. After you've done street race 1,2,and 3 you unlock the go-cart. There is on bad thing though and it is you can only get it at the garage at the school. And it's not in the garage it next to it. It also explains that after you unlock it. This is a fast and sweet go-cart. (It changes it's color everytime you get a new one)

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Bully yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Bully yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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