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  • Racing, Demolition / Combat Racing
  • Criterion Games
  • Electronic Arts
  • Everyone-10
  • September 13, 2005


Easy Takedown

When you have hit the cars in Road Rage about five times then use this method. Use the boost that you have and hit them hard in the bumper and they will be taken down.

Another Easy Takedown

First catch up to your opponent so that your front bumper is lined up with their back bumper (make sure you aren't touching them) then real hard thrust yourself into their bumper it'll knock them into a spin and take them out.

Unlock A Cop Racer

Earn a Gold in all Pursuit events.

Crash: More Money

During crash mode keep retrying an event and you will still get all the money from the event. This will help you get mony quicker. This hint works best with high gold costing events.

Compact Series Bonuses

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding car:

Assassin Compact: Get 15 Takedowns.
Compact Collector: Win the Gold medal at the Silver Lake Eliminator (type varies
in each game).
Compact Cop: Win the bronze medal or higher at the Silver Lake or Airport T1 and
T2 Pursuit.
Dominator Compact: Get 10,000 Burnout Points.
Gangster Legend: Win the gold medal at the Palma Bay Legend Face-Off.
Legend Compact: Win the gold medal at the Interstate Loop Legend Face-Off.
Tuned Compact: Win five gold medals.

Quick Start

When the countdown says 3, 2, 1, press Square(2), then X when it says "1".

Mirror Mode

Unlock all Legend Face-Off cars.


Unlock Everything

Enter BURNOUT as your profile name.


Gangster Boss

Earn Gold in all Race Events

Assassin Muscle

Assassin Muscle is awarded at 30 take downs.

Cop Racer

Earn Gold in all Pursuit Events

Fire Truck

Earn Gold on all Crash Events

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