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  • Simulation, World Building Sim
  • Impressions Games
  • Sierra
  • Everyone
  • April 4, 1998


Demolition Money

Use this cheat when you get the option of going into the Senate. Click the Emperor icon in the Senate. Give yourself a wage of 500 denarii (Caesar's wage). After a few months, when you accumulate about 3000 denarii, go to the same screen and press the "Give to city" button. Click the "all" button in the dialog. Then press the "give" button. Notice that you have no savings at all. Press the "Give to city" button again. DO NOT PRESS THE "ALL" BUTTON AGAIN. Just press the "give" button again, and your savings go into negative digits. Keep repeating this and you'll have a fortune. And don't be afraid to turn off the Senate screen. You can turn it off, and return to it later to give yourself more money.

Make The Soldiers In Your Fort Die

While playing the game make a fort and wait until soldiers come in it when there are the desired soldiers in the fort destroy the fort and they will die.

Hints For Becoming A Good Player

Never try to make a building without a prefecture or engineers post next to it.Once you have been promoted to the rank of an Ceaser don't try to complete the game with cheat codes.If you do so you will not be given the option by which you can become god(mercury,venus etc...).In this level do not make a barrack immediately otherwise you will be attacked by the enemy.Don't choose a peaceful area because sometimes you may be attacked by the enemy and in that case you will not be able to defend your city because you won't have any military buildings to defend yourself.In an peaceful area you will not be able to increase your prosperity to more than 50.


Be A God

You have to type "iwanttobecomeagod"when you are promoted to Ceaser! Then you will win and become a god!

Cheat Codes

Press the Right Mouse Button on a well while having less than 5,000 denari. 
Press [Alt] + K, then enter one of the following codes to activate the 
corresponding cheat function:


More money		[Alt] + C
Instant victory	[Alt] + V

Cheat Mode

To enable the cheat mode while playing the game press [ctrl]+K. Here are 2 codes that can be used once the Cheat Mode has been enabled: 1.More Money-[alt]+C Note only use if you have less than 5,000. 2.Instant Victory-[ctrl]+V Note using this is kinda stupid theres no fun involved!


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Easter eggs

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