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  • Action, Combat
  • Treyarch
  • Activision
  • Teen
  • November 1, 2006


Wondering How Others Are Snaking

To snake during the game online no matter what place you are at stay in one place and do this to start snaking jump (1) lay down (1) jump (1) lay down (1) jump (1) lay down (1) then crawl for 2-3 steps then hit O, square I am online so you will see me as ace, SGT ace most of my names are ace but I am not the capitalized ACE just to let you know.

Times In Chambios

Okay in chambios when you fall back after the Germans overrun your position and Huxley is taking a long time alright when you turn the corner theres a door on your left hide right there until huxley gets there and you won't get hit,

Saving Ammo And Getting It In Campain

When playing if you are starting to run out of ammo these are some ways to save it and get more.
1:instead of trying to shoot them if there aren't many go up and press R3 (right analog stick)to melee.
2:if you have a gun with a scope and one of your people dies and he has the same gun without a scope switch to your other gun and exchange your gun for the same gun as your other and you will get the ammo and you can use the scope or regular and they will have the same amount of ammo left to reload with.

Full Tommy Ammo

On the first level, after you get your tommy, go over to the jeep by the truck. Fire at the gas container hooked to the back. After about half a clip, the ammo counter should say something like 15/280. Then do the level.

If You Really Need Ammo

Sometimes if you really need ammo you can kill your own men. But most of the time you will fail the mission. It will only sometimes work and you won't fail.


2,000 Frag Grenades

while playing press R1, R1, L2, Circle, Circle, X. A message should appear.

2,000 Smoke Gernades

While playing, press R1, Circle, R2, L2, Square. If you enter it correctly, a message should appear.

All Chapters And Bonus Content

At the chapter select screen hold select and press Right(2), Left(2), Square(2).


We have no unlockables for Call of Duty 3 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Call of Duty 3 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Online Glitch: Ormes

Take a motorcycle and go to the farmhouse in the western-ish part of the map. When you get there go inside the room you can fit the motorcycle in with two other doors in it. Drive into the door that goes into the house. Then get out of the motorcycle and you should be on top of the counter in the corner. This is a good glitch because you have a good view of all the doors and its also fast and works every time.

Online Glitch: Les Ormes 2

While in Online play in the Les Ormes area, get on a bike (preferably the one by the barn) and go to the beginning of the road that has the barn on it. Go down until you get to the end of the wall. Then go up a little more until your motorcycle is right beside the building. Go backwards and make sure you are on the slant where the hill meets the road. Go back and you should see some bushes and the a small indention. Eject out of the cycle and if done correctly it will throw you into a glitched area. You will now be behind the wall. Watch Out! Dont go to far while behind the wall or you will fall OFF the game board but this place is good to hit people and they can't grenade you while you are there! It takes a couple tries to get this so don't give up.

Online Glitch: Les Ormes 1

When in Les Ormes in Online Play, go to the house with the gray roof near the intersection in which you can go inside. Go up the stairs and as soon as you do look to the right a bit. You will see a window and out it a little slanting ledge leading to the roof. Get into the window (jump and then squat while in the air to do this) and stand up while you are outside the window. Jump onto the ledge and the climb up it to get onto the roof where you can hide inside it without being seen and its an awesome sniping spot! (If you fail to get on it the first time try again because it takes a little while to master it.)

Online Glitch: Eder Dam 1

In online play (Preferably TEAM BATTLE) get you and a friend into two jeeps and go into the alley behind the house in the top left corner of the board.go as far as possible with the first jeep and then the second jeep needs to come up right behind you. Tell them to go and while they are pushing you forward go in reverse. Your jeep should begin to rise. When your jeep is standing strait up, eject out and you will be thrown up onto the roof of the house! This is not a common glitch so you will be surprised at how many kills you get.

Online Glitch: Eder Dam 2

In Online play at Eder Dam, go to the bridge end near the Axis base. Get the jeep and get on the left of the bridge. Go to the guard box thing on the Axis end and go a little bit past it like heading to the Allied base. Get out of the jeep and the get back onto the bridge if you fell off. Get on the side of the bridge and go to where the box starts. Jump and ricochet off the jeep onto the roof of the guard house. Now you are in a great sniping place.

Online Glitch: Eder Dam 3

This is by far the stupidest glitch ever but it can be god in a capture the flag battle. In Online play at Eder Dam go to the house at the back left of the map while in a jeep.there is an ally to the right of the house between the house and the wall. Drive into it and get about in the middle almost as far as you can go upward and get out. If done right you should be thrown into the room with no way out. Once in there the only way out is respawning! If you don't get it the first time keep adjusting and remember that if you see the inside but then are thrown out, you are too far left. If you don't see the inside at all then you are too far right. When you are thrown in you are perfect. :)

Online Glitch: Merville 2

In TEAM BATTLE online at Merville (the place with the tank) get into the tank and go left. When you get to the first bridge go left. At the end of the bridge go left again. You should be lined up with a ditch in to road going into a building. Go full speed at the ditch and try your best to get over it and to the other side. Once there turn the tank to look at the two windows at the top of the building. Aim at the window on the left and eject out. You will now be on that roof which is an excellent sniping spot. This make take a little while to accomplish but it is worth it.

Online Glitch: Merville 1

While in TEAM BATTLE at Merville (the place with the tank) get into the tank and go left. When you get to the first bridge on the left take it. Then drive the tank over the sandbags and get it stuck in that little gap. Aim the tank at the broken wall on your right and eject out. It will throw you onto a very small ledge. Go left and jump into the broken window. Now you can lay down and snipe on top of the roof out of the window!

Online Glitch: Argentan 1

In Online play at Argentan, go to the middle where there are two houses/shelters the have camo tops on them. There should be some boxes you can climb up on. You are gonna get onto the shelter on the right. Get onto the boxes and get as far left without falling off as you can. Next SPRINT and the SPRINT JUMP when you readh the end of the crates and you will jump onto the shelted. Now you can lay low and be under the camo tarp.


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