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  • Fighting, 3D Fighting
  • Unknown
  • Capcom
  • Teen
  • September 1, 2002


Sagat: 100 Hit Combo Knockout

In order to do this, you must have the extra option and have your gauge meter on infinite. Now go to groove select and pick Sagat and begin the fight. Now get your opponent to the corner and keep doing tiger shots and it will be a 100 hit combo knockout(it could be over a 100 hits to knock them out completely).

Sagat: Defeating S. Akuma

When facing S.Akuma, wait to S.Akuma to us one of his moves. (it works best if you have C or N Groove). When he does an attack, press B to roll and do one of his Tiger super combos (Tiger Destroyer and Tiger Uppercut worked for me). Keep doing that and S.Akuma will be defeated.

Victory Quotes

Hold Start + FP after winning a stage to make your character say an opponent specific quote. Hold Start + FK to make the character talk with a team member.

Kim: Extra Attack

Unlock the "Extra options" and change the Groove Gauge to "Infinite". Choose Kim as one of your fighters. When in battle, use his Phoenix Kick super move. When you hit the opponent, he or she cannot maintain themselves in the air after the hit. At the correct moment, you can hit them again with the same attack. If timed correctly, you can do a 3-hit combo/knockout with Kim's Phoenix Kick.

Yun: Extra Attack

You can add an extra attack to his 3-hit super upper punch attack. When you use the move, after you launch your opponent in the air with the upper punch, wait for about half a second and execute his push and stomp attack. You will immediately launch your opponent to the other side of the screen, and the attack calculator on the side will mark it as a 4-hit combo.

Getting A Finest KO

Beat up your opponent until his/her life is low enough to finish them off with a special KO. Stand near your opponent and wait for them to taunt you. Then, do the special move and you will get a finest KO. You also have to either beat the mini-Boss, or receive 1500 GPS before you finish the final round in Osaka to get to Ultimate Rugal.

Easy Boss Challenge Mode

Choose a good fighter such as Ken or Ryu. When you are facing the last Boss, if you are losing by one round and there is not a lot of power remaining, press Start on controller two and repeat until you win. Use Haomaru the samurai. He looks weak and slow, but his slash and jump slash has a wide range and also does big damage. If you jump around with Airguard equipped and slash at the correct time, you will not have a problem defeating any Boss.

Easy Survival Mode

After unlocking the Extra Options, go to "Option Mode" at the main menu. Go to "Extra Options", select "Player One Life Gauge Type" and change it to "No Damage". Then, go to "Groove Gauge Type" and change it to "Infinite". After this, start survival mode and defeat all 46 characters without taking damage and your Groove Bar will always be full.

Infinite Combo

If you have Ex 1 or Ex 2 groove with infinite groove points, you can create a endless chain of level 2 super combos. If Ex 1 or Ex 2 groove is like the C groove, you can use almost any level 2 super combo if you have unlimited super combo gauge. If you start with a level 2 super combo, you can keep hitting your opponent until you want to stop. You just have to keep hitting the buttons for the super combo. You can finish by doing any level 3 super combo. This works well for Ken's Shoryu Reppa or just about any level 2 super combo, then finish with a level three or one combo. This is useful for eliminating Bosses such as Ultimate Rugal or Shin Akuma.

Blanka: Defeating M. Bison

Using the S Groove and Blanka, hold C-Stick Down to do a Electric Shield Move. M. Bison will try to jump and attack at you. Instead of landing the hit, he will double back on his jump and return to where he jumped from. Upon his landing, he will be vulnerable for a moment. Try to hit him with the forward roll while his defenses are down. To do a forward roll, press C-stick Forward. This attack will damage him and give you enough time to return to your Electric Shield before he attacks again. Repeat until M. Bison is defeated.

Street Fighter 2 Music

Set up a match with Ryu versus Sagat in training mode. At times music from Street Fighter 2 will play.

Character Interactions Before Fight

Pair these characters together to have an interaction with each other before the fight:

Ryu and Ken 
Terry and Ken
Ryu and Kyo
Yun and Chun-li
Maki and Yamazaki
Terry and Yamazaki
Iori and Kyo
Iori and Bison
Bison and Geese
Rock and Geese
Rock and Terry
Riadan and Zangeif
Zangeif and Eagle
Geese and Terry
Mai and Joe
Joe and Dan
Ryo and Yuri
Yuri and Skura
Kim and Chang
Hibiki and Haohmaru
Chun-li and Yamazaki 

Boss Challenge Mode

Boss challenge mode becomes available under the following two conditions. Both hidden Bosses (Ultimate Rugal, Shin Akuma) must already be defeated and unlocked. Hold X + Y and press Start while highlighting arcade mode.

One On Three Tag Team Mode

Highlighter any fighter at the character selection screen and press a button. Allow time to run out and the game will start in one on three tag team mode. Note: Do not select one on one battle mode.

Extra Options

Clear Boss challenge mode with no continues. The "Extra Option" becomes available in the game.

Extra Color Edit Mode Options

Press Start while editing the colors for your character to display more options on the left side of the screen.

Infinite Custom Groove

Defeat all characters straight in survival mode. The custom groove option settings will become infinite.

Easy Points

Set the levels on the easiest level and increase the damage. Fight the first person. He or she is very easy. Do good damage and make sure you end the first round with the Super Combo. Play the second round. Beat them up, then press Start on controller two to enter a versus fight. The points you have accumulated just before the second player joins will be the same when you return to fight the first person again. You will also have to defeat them twice. You can keep repeating this process until you have accumulated the desired amount of points.

Groove Edit Mode

Score 1000 point or more in Ratio Tournament

Extra Options Menu

Beat boss mode on any difficulty with any character. You'll get a message saying "Extra Options Menu Now Availible", after you do this. Go to options and you'll see "Extra Option" which can let you customize the game like having to take no damage, have infinite gauge and more.

Play As Ultimate Rugal

Play through arcade mode with a SNK fighter. Once you have 1000 points or more, you will fight Ultimate Rugal after the final battle. Defeat him to unlock him as a playable character.

Play As Shin Akuma

Play through arcade mode with a Capcom fighter. Once you have 1000 points or more, you will fight Shin Akuma after the final battle. Defeat him to unlock him as a playable character.


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