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  • Racing, Demolition / Combat Racing
  • Unknown
  • Xicat
  • Mature


Text Adventure Mini-game Commands

Use the following commands when playing the minigame activated by 
the "adventure" code:

Result			Command

Collect indicated item  		get [item name]
Move in indicated direction  	go [direction]
Attack indicated zombie  		kill [zombie name]
Examine indicated target  	look [item or person name]
Describe surroundings and exits 	look
More detailed look  		look again
List inventory  		inventory
Quit minigame  		quit


Extremely Easy Money

In your career mode, Start off the race by pausing the game. Next type in the "hereComesTrouble" cheat mode. Next, type in "addPowerUp nuclear bomb". Once you have that, type in "addPowerUp time bonus". Then press the up arrow key to copy the text and press enter to re enable or multiply it. Keep doing this to get the most time possible. When you have loads of time in your arse, unpause the game with the Ai still inactive and set a nuclear bomb right in the middle of the whole mess (note). Watch your opponents suffer as you walk away with the biggest time bonus possible. Leading to lots of cash! NOTE:The "wasteAll" command will also work for this , but I find it much more satisfying to watch my opponents get blown halfway across the level.

Cheat Codes

While playing a game, press ~ and type "hereComesTrouble" to enable cheat 
mode. Then, press ~ and enter one of the following codes to activate the 
corresponding cheat function:


Level select  			openLevelsGuv
Invincibility  			invincible
Additional $10,000  			cash
All cars can be bought  			enablebuy
Destroy all cars  			WasteAll
Star on the last lap  			lastlap
All checkpoints but last, checked  		lastcheckpoint
Text adventure minigame  		adventure
AI disabled  			ai off
AI enabled  				ai on
Pedestrians disabled  			peds off
Pedestrians enabled  			peds on
Display version number  			version
Car select  				setCar [car name]
Set indicated car under CPU control  		makeai [car name]
Damage indicated car  			breakCar [car name]
Increase damage to indicated value  		damage_multiplier [number]
Get indicated powerup [Note]  		addPowerUp [name]
Unknown  				SetAnimation
Unknown  				Cheatcodes:
Unknown  				bendCar
Unknown  				splitCar
Unknown  				wasted
Unknown  				almost_wasted
Unknown  				setlevel
Unknown  				renderPaths
Unknown  				vel
Unknown  				carsuspension
Unknown  				setCarSlipMutt
Unknown  				setCarEnginMutt
Unknown  				incCarCenterX
Unknown  				incCarCenterY
Unknown  				incCarCenterZ
Unknown  				setCarAPO
Unknown  				endlevel
Unknown  				openlevels
Unknown  				endMission
Unknown  				setshitter
Unknown  				powerups
Unknown  				b_render_cars
Unknown  				b_path_followers
Unknown  				b_mission_update
Unknown  				b_drones
Unknown  				b_nuke
Unknown  				b_special_volumes
Unknown  				nextlevel
Unknown  				difficulty
Unknown  				revs
Unknown  				fonttest
Unknown  				sfxinfo
Unknown  				campos
Unknown  				debug
Unknown  				setCockpit
Unknown  				SetTestVal1
Unknown  				SetTestVal
Unknown  				SetTestVal3
Unknown  				rendernames
Unknown  				hardshadows
Unknown  				RenderLights
Unknown  				missioncheatah
Unknown  				net_debug
Unknown  				obj_detail
Unknown  				renderPedColData
Unknown  				b_particles
Unknown  				b_hud
Unknown  				b_radar
Unknown  				b_sound
Unknown  				b_physics
Unknown  				b_tex_anim
Unknown  				b_level_script
Unknown  				b_replay
Unknown  				b_task_manager
Unknown  				b_sky
Unknown  				b_track
Unknown  				b_anim_props
Unknown  				b_water
Unknown  				test_cars
Unknown  				b_clampdt
Unknown  				speedTest
Unknown  				reloadBridges
Unknown  				crash
Unknown  				fp_getnetinfo
Unknown  				skyfog
Unknown  				skyfogcolour
Unknown  				skyfogrange
Unknown  				trackfog
Unknown  				trackfogdist
Unknown  				trackfogoffset
Unknown  				trackfogcolour
Unknown  				foginfo
Unknown  				netLookAhead
Unknown  				chat
Unknown  				netSetLag
Unknown  				throttlemessages
Unknown  				throttlemsgcount
Unknown  				throttlebytecount

Note: To view the names of the powerups, view the "powerupstrings_internal.txt" 
file, in the "Assets" folder.

Disable Time Limit

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "options.txt" file in the "assets" folder. Find the "USE_TIMER" entry and change the "1" to "0".


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