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  • Action, Adventure
  • Global Star Software
  • Take2 Interactive Software
  • Everyone
  • August 2, 2007



On Test Your Strength, there is and easy way to get a bell without wearing out your arm. Shake the remote up and down until there are only two bars left then move your arm in a circular motion and hit it on green.

How To Get Super Games, Clothing

In the Shoot out the stars game, shoot one shot at the cowboy hat hanging to the right of your star, you will get a safari hat. In the Lucky Ducks game, a present will float along behind a duck- shoot it. I don't remember what you get. In the football pass game (not super) there is an army hat laying on the ground to the left, throw the football at it and you get the hat. To get the super games you must get the three large prizes in the unsuper games to unlock the super game on that side of the alley you are in. so just continue trading your prizes up till you get the large in all three unsuper games.

Easy 3 Clown KO!

To get easily get 3 clowns knocked down in kapow. Swing your arm around and around in a windmill motion (do this at medium speed). And if done right you should end up hitting 3 clowns. (and yes, on the last shot even though the 1st clown is not there you should be able to hit the one on the bottom left.) Good clown killing to all!

Antenna Pickup

If you want to pick up some alien antennas it easy, just go to Claw Alley, and click the machine then all you need to do is get the alien antenna. They will be pink, it will have two eyes, and it fits on your head. P.S. Sometimes it's tricky.

Hidden Scuba Tank And Sombrarro

First go to the dunk tank game in lucky pass. If you look at the ground there will be a scuba tank and if you look higher there will be a sombrero hanging on a board. When the green circle moves over one of the items throw the ball and if you hit it you will get the item.


On the screen where you can either select single or multi-player modes, click the button that says 'Games' after under "Carnival".


We have no cheats or codes for Carnival Games yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Secret Unlocks

When you start playing Carnival Games and the screen that asks you to select a place to go for ex. : Claw Alley, Fortune Way, Love Lane, etc. You can pick claw alley and if you see a space ship in the sky click on it, and you will unlock something, if you pick Love lane and a monkey appears above the 'Meter o' Love' game click on it, if you go to Lucky Pass and a bird is above the 'Push a Prize' game click on it, and if you pick to go to Fortune Way, and there is a Monkey in a barrel by 'the Great Swami' game click on it to unlock a prize as well.

Butterfly Wings

Go to Love Lane and play the Love-O-Meter. Get the top of the meter and you'll earn Butterfly Wings.

Claw Game

In the Claw game, the unlockable is the pink set of eyes located just behind prize chute on the left side.

Hidden Jesters Hat

Go to balloon darts. There are 3 green balloons on the screen. Hit all 3 green balloon and you will unlock the Jesters Hat.

Unlock Places

If you want to unlock places, it's simple, All you need to do is get 2,3,or four prizes (by bigger or smaller prizes) and there should be two prizes blinking, click it, and you should have a bigger prize (if you have one prize each they go away) and if you keep playing it a long time you should have two large prizes, click the last blinking prizes, you should have a HUGE prize, if you get the huge prize you should unlock a new place. (if you play the new game you do not get tickets) P.S. There are two new games in each place.

A Cowboy Hat

In Rodent Row there is a game called shoot for the stars when you play it there will be a cowboy hat hanging on the wall next to your target. Shoot it with your gun and you will unlock it.

Hidden Army Helmet

To get the army helmet go to the game pigskin pass. When you start playing and you see your curser look at the ground and there will be an army helmet, throw the football at it and you'll get get a army helmet, if you hit it.

Special Collection Plate

In the game Collection Plate, land the coin in the sparkling plates to receive a prize.

Hat Shot

In Shoot for the Stars, shoot the cowboy hat to the right of the target. This will unlock a prize.

Unlock Different Objects

In each section (i.e. Love Lane, or Fast Pass) there should be a moving object, like a monkey or flying saucer... click on it to unlock something.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Carnival Games yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Carnival Games yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no guides or FAQs for Carnival Games yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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