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  • Strategy, 3D Turn-Based Strategy
  • Unknown
  • Squaresoft
  • Teen


Rainbow Shell

Once you get the chance to switch worlds, go to "Another World", and enter the first hut on the right. Talk to the woman at the bar, and she'll tell you about her dream for wanting to write poems. After, go back to "Home World", and talk to the same woman. You tell her about another her that didn't want to achieve the poem goal, and she'll give you "Book Of Poems". Go back to "Another World" and give the "Book Of Poems" to the same woman, she gives it back to you, and even gives you a, RAINBOW SHELL!

Boxer Bros

When you're first in Viper Manor, look at the size of the box that sprouts legs. If the box is little, pick the little one and vicy vercy.

How To Get Poshual

Go to the cooking type-place at the beggening of the game and go up to the second floor, then go to the bed and youll find a bone, then go to the feild where poshual and the little girl are playing, give the bone to poshual and heshe will join you.

Secret Elemental Code

The secret elemental code will show you the special ending of Chrono Cross. Using it will cause the 2 dimensions to merge into one. When you beat the Aquator in Terra Tower six lights will light up on the floor in a special order , thats when you should find out what the secret code is. But for the people who don`t have time to figure it out on their own, I will tell you. Before your fight with the TimeDevourer (final boss) equip the Chrono Cross to Serge. When you start the battle everytime you use an element little colored circles will apear at the top of your screen. So for example every time you use a red element a red circle will apear. You should line up 6 the circles in this order : YELLOW RED GREEN BLUE BLACK WHITE. Simply use elements to put the circles at the top. After all the circles are set up in the right order imediatly activate the Chrono Cross. This will automatically end your fight with the final boss and show you the special ending. Its easier said than done though, because when the time devourer uses an element it will also put the color of the element he uses at the top. Thank you for your time.

Get Sprigg

In order to get the dragon Sprigg, take the Big Egg that you got from Fossil Valley and put the egg on the incubator (go to Fort Dragonia, go down the elevator in the dark tower). Sprigg will hatch.

Get Viper's Venom (Weapon)

First you must have Viper in your party and you must be in home world. With Viper in your party head to Viper's mansion. Go to the room where the two snake statues breath out smoke. Once you try to get to the treasure chest the snake statues will start breathing the smoke which I think deals 10hp of damage. Then Viper will mention that there is a way to deactivate the trap. He will tell you that there is a note or letter that should tell you how to deactivate the trap. Head to the chair that takes you to the top floor and go into Viper's room(the room that Viper and Lynx came out of). Walk over to the statue of the man and hit the action button,his head should twist. That should open a secret room. Walk over to the drawer and search around it. When you find the letter it will tell you that the switch is in one of the candles in the room where the soldier is standing in one place. Once you hit the switch the statues will not be able to breath smoke anymore,therefore allowing you to open the treasure chest. Then and only then will you recieve Viper's Vinom.

Hydra Humour for Kid

Press Start on the world map and change to "Home World" from Opassa Beach. Go to Hydra Swamp (dwarves place) to find a Hydra Humour.

New Game+ feature

Successfully complete the game, then load the saved game. This will give you a "New Game+" feature. This game allows access to your old level, elements, and summons.

Infinite money, Dragoon's Glory's, Viper's LvL 7 Tech Skill

After Serge is reborn, visit Termina (Home World) with Viper in your party. Talk to the barmaid, go into the back room, and examine the flag on the back wall. Viper will talk briefly about the flag and then take his LvL 7 Tech Skill, "FlagBearer" and a Dragoon's Glory. Exit the room and re-enter. Examine the back wall with Viper still in your party. Even though there is no flag, Viper will say the same thing that he said before and will take another "FlagBearer" and Dragoon's Glory. Repeat this as many times as needed. Each Dragoon's Glory can be sold for 4,000 gold. The stats for Dragoons's Glory is Atk. +3, Hit% +3%, Mgc. +2. You can also disassemble them for 1 Denadorite, 2 Scale, 2 Fur, and 2 Fang.

Always Win at Roulette

The following trick allows you to win the roulette game every time in the casino on the Zelbess. When the pointer begins to spin and the red tip is in between the west and the south points of the roulette wheel, pause the game. Then, repeatedly press Circle and resume the game. It will land on north every time, giving you double the money you wagered.

Feed All 100 Dragons

Note: A controller with a turbo feature is needed for this trick. When you meet the man who feeds dragons in a barn, you can earn prizes depending on how many dragons you feed for him. To feed all 100, set the turbo feature on X and use the D-pad to move back and forth.

Feel Elements

Use a Feel element and then use an element that is opposite of the color of the Feel element to inflict more damage to an opponent. For example, use Feel Yellow and then use a Green Element.


The field effect in the upper right corner has to be all one color to use a summon. For example, to cast a Blue Summon like Frog, the field effect has to be solid blue.

Get Mojo

In the "Home World", get the shark tooth from the fisherman. Then in "Present World", show the shark tooth to the scarecrow (Mojo) and he will join your party.

Get Guile

In Termina, talk to the statue polishing man, then go to Korcha (boat man). Talk to him and he will tell you to get a person to help you to get to Viper Manor. Go to the bar and Guile will be the man next to the locked door. Ask him, or you can get Pierre or Nikki.

Get Kid

After you talk to Lenna, go to Cape Howl. When you are leaving, Karsh will walk up to you and Kid will appear.

Get Glenn and Macha

Say "No" to save Kid when she is poisoned and get Glenn and Macha (Korcha mother). Glenn and Serge have an attack together called "X strike".

Get Lenna

Say "No" after Cape Howl when Kid asks to join you. Go back and ask.

Give Bellflower to Glenn

Go to the moutntain after Cape Howl and walk around where there is a brown monster. Avoid it and walk to the purple flowers. Get them, and when you get to Termina, go to where Glenn's brother and father are buried. He will be there with General Viper's daughter. He will walk up and ask you to give them for free.



When you get in the 2nd cd press L1, L2, R, r2 and Triangle.

In-Game Reset

During Gameplay hold L1, R1, L2, R2, Select, Start.


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Easter eggs

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