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  • Adventure, Third-Person Graphic Adventure
  • Squaresoft
  • Squaresoft
  • Teen
  • July 1, 2001


Beating Lavos

Your're problably not going to be able to beat Lavos at the end unless you have a level around 56. Make sure throughout the game you managed to keep all your elixers, barriers, and shields. On what charecters to pick is up to you but the best combination I chose was Crono, Magus, and Frog. Equip Crono with the PrismSpecs, Moon Armor, Prism Helmat, and the Rainbow. The rest of the time through the battle you can use Luminair and Dark Matter over and over and have Frog reheal hp and mp. When you get to his secound form, just use confuse once on the left part of lavos. Then use Luminair and Dark matter over and over until the middle one dies. Then have Magus keep useing Dark Matter and have Crono attack with his sword. He should do about 1700 damage each time. BUT BE CAREFUL!!! The right part of lavos will regenerate the other parts and always make sure you defeat the middle part. Out of all the attacks, the attack Grindstone can kill everyone with one hit, even do 750 hp damage to Crono. Use the Barriers and Shields when needed.

Get The Mop (weapon For Crono)

To get the mop all you have to do is use Ayla's charm technique and you'll get it. The mop is weaker than the wooden sword so it's not that important.

Valkery And Moon Armor

To get the Valkery and Moon Armor, complete all that is supposed to be complete of the manor that has the ghosts and reapers in it, including Cyrus's spirit. Now that you have done all of this, go to all of the sealed chests and press the X button. It should ask you if you want to open them, say no. Come back in the future and get the Valkery and Moon Armor, and then go back and get the others.

New Game+

Once you beat the normal game, New Game+ will be available.

Get Better Items

You know those little boxes that you cant seem to open without the pendant? Well once you get the pendant and Epoch walk up to a box in 600 A.D. and open it BUT say no when it asks you if you want to take it. Return to 1000 A.D. and open the same box in this era. It will "power up" and become better then the item in 600. You get the best armor in the game, Marle's ultimate weapon and crono's second best weapon.

Get Items Twice

This may work in other places but I have only tried one. In the sub-quest Cyrus's Ghost were you have to put his ghost to rest. After you defeat the monsters in the place then the repair crew will fix some of it up. Now all the inaccesible chests will now be yours! This all happens is 600 AD. But wait! Go to 1000 AD, visit the new hero's honor building, get the chests and you can still go back to 600 AD and get the same items. There are some pretty good ones too. Some armor and weapons for Chrono.


In-game Reset

While playing a game, hold L1 + R1 + Start + Select to return to the main menu


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Easter eggs

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