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  • C&C: Red Alert 2
  • Strategy, Action Strategy
  • Westwood Studios
  • Electronic Arts
  • Teen


Beat The Allied Storyline

This is an awesome cheat, all you have to do is make a Chrono Commando by building a spy and an engineer put them next to your battle lab when the spy is behind the engineer, next use waypoint when both units are selected and target the battle lab when damaged a little then press waypoint again to release them and your Chrono Commando is ready. Use him wisely and you can beat the allied the storyline easily.

Unit Upgrade For Red Alert 2 1.006

This works for allies only ! as soon as you have your battlelab make some engineers and spy´s. Now comes the tricky part, shoot up your own warfactory till it has some damage, select spy and engineer (make sure that the spy is behind your engineer)then press waypoint then press between the units and your warfactory then press on the warfactory and again press waypoint ! all your tanks are upgraded !! do the same thing with your barracks for unit upgrade !! Suc6

Chrono Ivan

On the Soviet level where you need to use Yuri on the president, after you capture the allied barracks and battle lab. Make a spy and send him into the battle lab in the base where the president is. Presto, Chrono Ivan! Chron Ivan is Crazy Ivan except he can teleport like the Chrono Soldier.

Get Buildings Built A Lot Faster

When you are building stuff, move the cursor to the black on the map if there is some, since there really isn't any graffics to display, it will go twice as fast!

Sell Your Enemy's Base

If you play allies build 1 or 2 choppers load them full with engineers try to sneak them into your enemies base and get the engineers in his buildings and sell it ! if you just started the game your opponent probably will give up ! its a great sneaky strategy ! if you play with russia you can do the same thing but put your engineer in a flacktank.

Extra Cash On Missions

So far as i know this only works on the unpatched version. When the mission is loading, soviet or allied, type "dollarday" as slowly as you can and still get it all typed before it's loaded, and you will start out with up to 10050 cash. On some missions where you can't build armored units, you won't get any extra cash. :)

Use Cow To Spy

Play with russia or other (not allied) use youri to mindcontrol a cow, now you can use the cow to spy on enemy bases without getting shot !

Trojan Bus

If you are soviet Use a Yuri and take over a school bus. Load some guys into it. Drive it onto an enemy base. Your enemies will not fire upon the bus.

Free Paratroopers

If you want to get Paratroopers while you are a Soviet, you have to do these:#1: You have to play The Alamo scrmish level #2 At the bottom of the map theirs an airport suronded by barbed-wire fences. Send an enginer down their and capture it #3 In a little while you can deploy paratroopers even if your not the Americans.

Power [ IFV]

IFV combinations:

IFV standard   = rocketlauncher
IFV + Engineer = repaircar
IFV + GI       = M60
IFV + Flaktrooper = flak turret
IFV + Seal = turret with mp5 gun
IFV + Sniper = extreme sniper
IFV + Shocktrooper = telsa tank
IFV + Crazy Ivan = driving atombomb
IFV + Yuri = mind control
IFV + Desolator = beeming turret
IFV + ChronoTrooper = chrono tank
IFV + Terrorist = Driving atombomb 

Free Bus

In a mission or regular game use a Yuri to mind- control a bus. It can be filled with any infantry units. You could bring them into an enemys base and the allied fighters will not fire on the bus!

Earning A Yuri Prime

In order to earn a Yuri Prime, you need to be the Soviets, and you need to be playing against more than one Nation (I always go with 3, that's including you). You need to be fighting an Allied Nation and a Soviet Nation. Train 2 Engineers and send them into the Allied base. First, take the 1st Engineer and take over the Allied Barracks, you will earn their infantry, but you will not have the Spy. To get the Spy, send the 2nd Engineer into the Allied Battle Lab. As quickly as you can, train a spy. As soon as the spy has been trained, sell the Allied Barracks and Battle Lab. Disguise the Spy as a Soviet Conscript. Send the Spy into the Soviet Battle Lab and you will get Yuri Prime. He is so powerful, you can only have one at a time. But, if you have some Cloning Vats, then you can have two of them.

Earning A Chrono Commando

Go into a skirmish. Play as one of the Allied Nations. You need to be playing against another Allied Nation. As soon as you earn a Spy, train him. Disguise him as an enemy G.I and send him into their Battle Lab. You will get Chrono Commando. These guys carry the same guns as the Navy SEALS, carry C4 like Tanya, and can teleport from place to place like the Chrono Legionare.

Super Tesler

Build a tesler and then put as many tesler troopers around it as you can afford. The more you have the larger range and power it has. Therefore if you have 20-30 it will be almost invincible!!

Earning A PSI Commando

You need to play as the Allies (America, Great Britain, Korea, France, or Germany). Build a spy and disguise him as an enemy trooper. Next, order him to infiltrate your opponents Battle Lab. All you have to do is send him into the Battle Lab. The PSI Commando is like Yuri of the Soviets. He has mind control powers and carries C4 like Tanya.

Free Military (Soviet Side)

You need to play as any of soviet side to enable this cheat to work. After constructed a "clone building", then just simply constructed a wall surrounding the barrack. Finally, train as many military unit as you want for free. The military units will come out from the clone and cost you nothing. Build as many barrack as you like to speed up the training but make sure the selected barrack is surrounded with wall. If you are really business-oriented, you may re-sell the military units back to the clone to make some money. This only work for version 1.04 and earlier.

Faster Building

Hint: The more weapons factories you build; the faster you vehichles will build. This also works for everything else in which you can build from.

Invincible Demolition Trucks

Build five or six Demolition Trucks and have a fully charged Iron Curtain ready. Drive the Demolition Trucks into an enemy base and engage the Iron Curtain on them before enemy weapons can hit them. The Demolition Trucks will not explode until they reach the target.

Trojan Bus

When playing as the Soviets, use a Yuri to mind control a school bus. Load five infantry units into the bus and drive it inside an enemy base. The Allies will not fire on the bus.


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Easter eggs

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