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  • C&C: Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge and Yuri's Revenge: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2
  • Action, Combat
  • Westwood Studios
  • Electronic Arts
  • Teen
  • September 26, 2001


Get A Chrono Ivan

Go to a skirmish game. Use the allied team. Play against the soviet team. Use 2 spies to infultrate their baraxks and their battle lab. Then check your barracks list.

Easy Ammo

Whenever you see cargo vehicles, destroy them and you might get some ammo. These can be found everywhere in career mode only!

Desolator Usage

Having problems with a constant flow of enemy infantry to your base? Playing as Iraq you can easily remedy this. Build two or three desolators and deploy them where the enemy's infantry keeps coming from. They won't make it across before they melt into nuclear waste!

Build Faster

First build two Barrack and when you train any solider, the speed of the training time will get faster then the normal training try on War Fartery or you want to buildings to build faster, try to build as many Construction yard as you can and look how fast can it get.

Use Of Battle Fortess

If you got a Battle Fortess in your side, put 2 chrono legionaire, 2 Guardian GI and sniper or navy seal or Tanya inside it. You will have a tank that can't be defaulted. If you got yuri clone, go and mind contral a Battle Fortess and put 5 yuri clones or yuri prime in it and your Battle Fortess will be like a Master Mind and it mind contral faster then Master Mind.

Invinsible Tanks

If you are the Allied Team, before attacking with your tanks (I use Prism Tanks) built one IFV and place an engineer in it. When fighting pull back one of the damaged tanks and repair the tank with the repairing IFV. Or just take over a machine shop nad the tanks will be fixed automaticly. The machine shop works for any country including Yuri and the Soviets.

Yuris Collection Agency

Once you have a floating disk, here is an easy way to get money. Just make the floating disk attack an enemy, refinery or slave miner and you will start getting money.

2 Yuri Primes

Everybody will probably already know this one but just in case, if you want to get a yuri wait until you have a cloning vat this way you will get two. If you have already bought a yuri prime just send him in a grinder.


This only works if you have a yuri prime. In a skirmish game, with allies, send yuri prime to one of your allies construction yard, hold ctrl for a forced attack then click on their construction yard after you have done this undeploy it and re-deploy it, it is now yours.

Enhanched Tesla Coil

If you have a tesla coil it is very wise to put a tesla trooper near the building, the tesla trooper will "shoot" at the tesla coil, he won't destroy he will give it a power up making the tesla coil much powerful.

Collect The Crates Faster

In skrimish and muti-player games if crates are turned on, be allies and build a chrono legionaire and than just go around collecting the crates faster than any unit.

Have A Psychic Dominator & A Nuclear Missile

You need to be in a skirmish. Play in a Team Alliance, and have one of your allies be a Soviet Nation. You have to be Yuri. Get an Engineer and wait for your Soviet ally to build a Nuclear Misslie. Force your Engineer to take over their Nuke (CTRL + Click on building). When you take over the Nuke, you will be able to fire a Psychic Dominator and a Nuclear Missile. You can do the same thing for the Iron Curtain. If you have an Allied Nation for an ally, then you can do the same for the Weather Machine and the Chrono Sphere.

Easy Promotions

To get your units promoted to 3 take some men into a building then let them shoot some enemies. Than take them out and thay will be promoted to three.

Allied Advantage

In Multiplayer or scirmish mode, use spies to infiltrate all enemy battle labs. This is to train new units like the physic commando (he can use the mind control and plant C-4 on buildings). Later, if you capture the base completely (meaning all buildings) you will get the Yuri Prime.


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