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  • Strategy, Action Strategy
  • Pyros Studios
  • Eidos Interactive
  • Teen
  • September 20, 2001


Nice Tip

The Diver can take two other men in his backpack. When his boat is in the water, pick it up using the hand. If you let two commandos step into the boat st the right moment, they'll go with the boat, into the backpack of the diver/spy. Now you can swim as a diver to the other side of the water, which is much less suspicious then when you use your boat. But when you die, the men you carry with you will die too! So be careful!

Finding Bonus Levels

All Youhave to do to find all the bonus levels is to write in "gonzoandjon" then use ctrl "v" and then use the "home" key to flip through all the rooms without running around trying to find them. Then you have to look though all the cupboards and decks etc, this takes no time at all then you will find all the bonus books giving you all the bonus levels. Happy Hunting!!!!!


Invisible Commando

During game after selecting a commando type "gonzoandjon" then press "CTRL+V" if code entered correctly a little v will appear in bottom right corner to confirm.

Teleport Commando Under Mouse Curser

During game type "gonzoandjon" then press "SHIFT+X"

Mission Skip

During game type "gonzoandjon" then press "CTRL+SHIFT+N"

More Cheats

During the game, type 1982gonzo. In some versions, type gonzo1982. Then press the following key combinations simultaneously:

Code - Result 

SHIFT+V Trace user 
SHIFT+X Teleports selected commandos 
CTRL+I Invincibility 
CTRL+SHIFT+N Finishes mission 
CTRL+SHIFT+X Destroy everything 
Shift+F1/F2/F3/F4 Video mode 

Use GONZOANDJOHN as your player's name. 
Then you can use the cheats: 

Code               Result 

[Shift] + X        Teleport 
[Ctrl] + V         Invisibility 
[Ctrl] + (-)       Show Framerate 
[Ctrl][Shift] + N  Win Mission 
[Ctrl][Shift] + X  Kill All Enemies

Cheat Codes!!!

During gameplay, select a commando and enter "gonzoandjon"(without the quotes) then you can press the following:

ctrl+v = invisibility
ctrl+shift+n = win mission
shift+x = teleport commando to area were curser is
A little v at the lower left side of your monitor will confirm that your commandos are now invisible. Also, just a reminder, just because your commandos are "invisible" doesnt mean they cant die. so dont blow something up or step on a land mine or they are toast!

Level Passwords

Level	Normal	Hard	Very hard
3  	YSM51 	DFY3B 	3DYNG 
4  	B7D8F 	K9D3H 	9BG3S 
6  	AZLM1 	16G3L 	E2J7H 
7  	JAHSG 	WL3CZ 	ZX78Y 
8  	UN63A 	LPQ6T 	TRIB4 
9  	VAZ2P 	SRCM8 	TRD78 
10  	9TT5W 	PAEN8 	1LPQD 


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Easter eggs

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