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  • Action, Comic Action
  • Naughty Dog
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • Everyone
  • November 4, 1998


Hold Fruit Bazooka On The Other Side

Keep pressing L2 and Crash might change the holding side of the bazooka. NOTE: This won't always work.

Area 51 Gems

When you unlock the secret area and when you have area 51 unlocked first you need to destroy all boxes and you will earn first gem then be the first one in the finish and you will earn the another gem.

Almost Triple Jump

When you beat dingodile you will note you have the double jump power, but you can jump higher than double jump (You should only walk normally and press circle and while pressing circle you should press fast double jump and you will jump higger ).

Coco┬┤s Acrobacy

If you press square and up at the same time at one speed ramp you will do a backflip (try combing many arrows after square and I'm sure you will have some great tricks).

Spin The Wizard Easily

ON the levels gee wiz, and double header there will be a wizard who shoot balls of magic to you. IT follows you everywhere then it disappears. To avoid this, spin the balls of magic and it disappears.


If you go to level 3 on the first section and collect all of the boxes, you will receive an awesome gem at the end! Good luck ;).

Target Gun

While game playing, hold down L1 and click triangle, circle, x, square. To put gun away, press L1. To take it out, press L1.

Fireworks Show

If you collect 30 gold relics, go talk to Coco at the LOAD/SAVE screen.

Fake Crash Again!!!

If you set 100% completion on Crash3, go to the first water ski level and go through the level and you will find fake crash on the shore dancing (To see him you must get 100 percent, no less, or this strange glitch will not work).

Future Frenzy Gems

In Future Frenzy, to get both of the gems, first get 20 relics. After that the secret Future Frezy will be open to you. Do the secret Future Frenzy. After you've come to the end of the secret part of the level, you will get a gem and have 46 boxes. Then you will be transported TO THE MIDDLE PART of the normal Future Frenzy. Go backwards, right back to the beginning and get the boxes as you go along. Then go forwards again and do the level normally. Be sure to get the rest of the boxes as well to get the second gem.

Rings Of Power Hint

In Level 30: Rings Of Power, press the square button while you are going through a ring to get a HUGE turbo boost. But don't do it in all of them because then you'll miss some of the rings and you'll have to go backwards to go through it.

Unlimited Lives!

In the level Hang 'Em High, (ZONE 2: Dingodile) go for the relic race option once you've completed the level. At the beginning of the relic race, after you take out the sword guy, there will be a genie on a flying carpet near 4 boxes. If you destroy the genie and the 4 boxes in the same spin attack, you get a life. Keep repeating the process until you get as many lives as you want! Since you don't lose a life ina relic race if you die, you'll keep getting lives again and again! (NOTE*:- You must take out all the boxes and the genie in the same tonado spin or you won't get a life. I suggest beating N.Trophy (BLUE HEAD) first to get the Death Spin Tornado Ability (Your tornado spin lasts longer, a lot longer) to make getting the genie and the boxes in the same spin easier)

Get A Silver Gem

You must colect all the boxes in a level to get a silver gem. NOTE: Don't forget to get the boxes in the bonus levels because they also count.

Double Dinos

In the dinomite level, ride the dinosaur until you get to the two nitros. Get off the dinosaur then run back to the patch of grass then go back to where you left the dinosaur, the 2nd dinosaur wil be up ahead.

Fruit From China

In the stages where you have to ride Pura the tiger on the Great Wall, when you come near a wooden structure jump up and hit the basket hanging from it. This should give you some wumpa fruit.

10 Extra Lives

Go to the ice stage of the game on the 2nd level and jump on the little polar bear sitting out side of the warp room jump on him about 15 times and then you get the lives.

5 Secret Levels

Once you start the game beat every single boss and then go to the middle of the circle. There will be a space pode. Once you see it jump on it as quickly as possible.WARNING you must have at least 5 relics to get to play the 1st secret level then you need 5 more relics to play the 2nd secret level and so on and so forth.

Extra Fruits

You can get extra Wumpa fruits if you jump on the monkeys from some levels. This monkeys appear throwing something at you.

High Speed Start

In the levels Hog Ride, Road Crash, Orange Asphalt or Area 51; at the beggining, press and hold the X button at the seccond red light. If done correctly, Crash's motorcycle will give off a lot of smoke and will wheelie when the race starts.

Secret Stage #2

On Level 11: take the yellow jem platform to the alternative path; you'll eventually enter an area that looks similar to the dinosaur chase scene- where you're running toward the "camera" except there will be no dinosaur chasing you. You'll encounter a series of pterodactytl creatures who fly up in the air as you pass. If you jump into the clutches of the second pterodactyl, it will carry you to the top secret level! Level 32, "EGGIPUS REX"

Secret Stage

In Level 14: Road crash, watch for a road sign on the left side of the road that dispays an alien head symbol rather then a left curve sign, smash into and it you will warp to the secret level!!! Have Fun!

Bonus Level

At some level, there will be a platform with this sign ? at the center, jump on and it will proceed to the bonus level.

An Easier Way To Beat Dingodile

There is a much easier way to beat dingodile. Instead of just wait for him to blow away the crystals so you can spin him, you can jump over the crystals before he even starts shooting. To do this, you must do you your normal high jump except spin at the top rf the jump to go bit higher and make it over the crystals to spin him. Just make sure you can get out of the area so don't get blown up!

Hot Cold Hidden Level

When playing level 14, ride thourh the lane don't worry about being in first just be looking at all the signs when you see a sign with an alien on it run into the sign it will automatically transport you to the level Hot Cold.

Secret Warp Room

If you get 5 relics of any kind the platfom will be up. Jump on it.

The Secret World

If you beat the first world and have goten all gems, Crystals and gold relics, the circle in the middle of the warp room will turn into a platform leading to five secret levels. Note: relics have to be at least gold on all of the levels or it wont work.

Road Crash Level Hint

In the road crash level take out the alien sign and it will take you to a secret level called hot coco.

Hot Cold Hidden Level

Go to Level 14 and ride about half way through the level to find an alien crossing sign on the left hand side. Run into the sign to be transported to level 31.


Spyro The Dragon Demo

When you get to the one screen when you turn on the game ( The welcome menu... I guess) push Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right then Square. At the bottom of the screen it will say spyro the dragon demo select it and press X.


We have no unlockables for Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

Eggipus Rex Hidden Level

Go to Level 11 and take the yellow gem ride. Then proceed until reaching the area where the huge dinosaur chases Crash. Allow the second pterodactyl to capture Crash to reach level 32.


We have no glitches for Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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