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  • Action, Combat
  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo
  • Teen
  • May 12, 2004


Completion Bonuses

Successfully complete "A New Journey" mode in single player to unlock Arcade mode, first person view, parts index, and The Grand Battle in single player, and Versus mode CPUs.

One Good Robo

Be Prerigrine with the Stun Gun, and then everything else the fastest thing.

How To Beat Rahu 111

To beat Rahu 111, you need to be fast. So you need the Long Thrust feet, Ray 01 body, the Dragon gun, and I think this bomb part is called Falcon B, and and any pod you want. When you start the battle be quick because he may be slow but if he hits you, you'll be down and dead meat. So air dash quickly when it comes to you, and once you're away from it, blast it like heck with the Dragon gun and let the others do the rest. But don't get to confident because the guns doesn't pack much punch as they used to so watch it. One of your partners will die soon so you will have to deal with it. Keep doing this stratagy and you will win with out a doubt. Enjoy the ending and you get to battle in first-person mode while the credits are rolling, and once it's done you will Unlock another story and first-person mode. Enjoy!

Rahu 1 Pieces

In A Grand Battle, go to the Z Head quarters and talk to Oboro, ask to go to Eliza's room. Go inbetween the glass and the wall, go all the way to the left, up, then right. You will be in the glass case, press A and you will find the Rahu pieces.

Get The X Laser

To get the X Laser, and illegal part, go to Bogey's Cafe in A Grand Battle and check the shelves behind the bar. You may have to get all of the gold trophies to attain the weapon.

Get The Wave Laser

In A Grand Battle The Research Lab, Lab 01, press A in the southwest corner to get the Wave Laser.

Rahu III Parts

In the Silver Battle Royal Tournament there is a broken covered wagon. To get inside it go behind it then down. Once inside turn left and press A to activate the data chip hidden on the ground which contains the Rahu III body, gun, and pod parts.

New Modes

To unlock The Grand Battle, Arcade Mode, VS. a computer in Vs mode, parts index, and first person view (only in single player) you have to beat A New Journey.

Rahu 2 Parts

After You get all the Bronze awards you can go to the Theme park. Go there and enter the bronze Handicap chalenge. Once lucy comes go talk to her until she finally gives you the parts. Rahu 2 body, gun and pods. If you look at the rahu 1 hint you will find out how yo get the bomb and legs.

Unlock Chickenheart

Grand Battle - Z Bosses Room - Stand above the pillar on the west, face down and hit A

Crystal Strike

Defeat the fourth CPU in in the Test Center, then keep talking to it until you get the Crystal Strike gun.


In the Z Boss battle, look on the north side of the west pillar.


To get "Can Robo" Can Bomb, Can Pods, Can Boots, and Can Gun, win the Tournament in your house. You can now enter Lucy's room. In there you will see lots of people talking about what they did for the game (similar to "talking" credits). Go through the second door and you will see more people. In the second room there is a robot (not a Custom Robo). Talk to him after he is done talking. The game will save. Go to the nearest parts generator and get ready to laugh at what you just unlocked.

New Stage

Select versus mode then choose three matches. Finish the three matches and a new stage will be unlocked.

Alternate Stage

Select versus mode, then highlight Basic Arena or No Man's Land and press Z to change their appearance.

First Person View

Defeat Rahu 3 at the end of the game to unlock first person view.

Link Bonuses

Use a Game Boy Advance link cable to connect to Custom Robo GX to unlock the Dark Core stage and new Robo parts in the Japanese version of the games.

Alternate Arena Graphics

When on the arena select screen in VS., Hold the Z Button on Basic Arena, or No Man's Land to play in alternate graphics for those stages

Useable CPUs In VS Battle

Beat a new journey in story mode

Ray Warrior

Beat all the cups in the Amusement Park with a gold trophy, then talk to the policeman at the front gate

Ray Legend

Beat all the cups in the Z headquarters with a gold trophy, then talk to Oboro

Parts Index

Beat a new journey in story mode

Grand Battle

Beat a new journey in story mode

First Person Mode

Beat a new journey in story Mode.

Dark Star VS. Stage

Play 50 VS. matches.


We have no cheats or codes for Custom Robo yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Custom Robo yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Custom Robo yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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