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Unlocking Songs

Like previous versions of DDR, songs may be unlocked by clearing other songs. The first two songs are previews of DDRMAX songs and are available with only their BASIC steps.

1.) Nori Nori Nori (clear 05 songs)
2.) The Centre Of The Heart (clear 10 songs)
3.) Abyss (clear 15 songs)
4.) Sana Molette Ne Ente (clear 20 songs)
5.) Mr T. ~Take Me Higher~ (clear 25 songs)
6.) On The Jazz (clear 30 songs)
7.) I Was THe One (clear 35 songs)
8.) Absolute (clear 40 songs)
9.) The Cube (clear 45 songs)
10.) Look To The Sky (clear 50 songs)
11.) DXY! (clear 55 songs)
12.) Radical Faith (clear 60 songs)
13.) Electro-Tuned ~The SubS Mix~ (clear 65 songs)
14.) Do It Right (clear 75 songs)
15.) Dive ~More Deep & Deeper Style~ (clear 80 songs)
16.) Healing VIsion ~Angelic Mix~ (claer 90 songs)

Unlocking Characters

When you first start the game, you are limited to a selection of only 12 characters (for both male and female combined). By clearing songs, you can unlock a total of 4 more characters.

1.) Unlock Naoki Maeda (main music producer) - Clear 70 songs
2.) Unlock N.M.R. (pseudonym of Naoki Maeda -NMR=Naoki Maeda Revolution) - 
Clear 70 songs
3.) Unlock U1 (music producer) - Clear 100 songs
4.) Unlock 2MB (previously U1, known for remixes) - Clear 100 songs
Naoki Maeda and U1 are available as male characters, while N.M.R. and 2MB are available for the female characters.


Song Selection Sorting

Pressing Start during the song selection screen will sort the songs in different categories.

Pressing Start once will sort the music in Alphabetical Order.
Pressing Start twice will sort the music in BPM Order, from slowest to fastest.
Pressing Start three times will sort the music in Player's Best, from most played to least.
Pressing Start four times will go back to normal order.

Code To Unlock Last 5 Gallery Items

When you only have 5 gallery items, there is only one way to unlock them. Go to the Gallery menu:

Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, X (will cancel menu), O (will go back to menu)
When O is pressed, you should hear a COIN sound, telling you that the code was input correctly.


We have no unlockables for Dance Dance Revolution: 5th Mix yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Dance Dance Revolution: 5th Mix yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Training Glitch

In most versions of DDR home versions, there is a glitch in Training Mode.

-To access the glitch, go to training mode.  When in the Training Mode menu, switch the 
DDR game with another one of a different mix.

-Pick any song.
When the song starts, it will have the steps of the song you picked, but the music will be from a song of the CD you put in.


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