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  • Role-Playing, First-Person RPG
  • Level 5
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • Teen
  • May 29, 2001


Get An Amazing Weapon

Step 1: Build Pike's house.
Step 2: Finish his place now.
Step 3: Build Gaffers Buggy.
Step 4 is very important! Check Gaffers items. If he has bombs, that's good, if not you must start over to do this.
step 4: on your attachments go to the bottom. In the gaffers items scroll over ice gem and press x and right at the same time and go back to the gem and repeat. Do it until you get a broken dagger attachment. Then put it on a weapon and check its stats.

How To Beat Boss 5: Kings Curse.

You need: ungunga. When I did this toan was nearly dead and I didnt have anymore revival powders you could probably substitute toan with ungunga for attacking. First switch to ungunga and run towards the boss. Make it swing at you so it turns into a cloud. Then use ungungas charge attack to turn it into a sarcophagas. Then attack and repeat.

How To Beat Boss 4: Ice Witch Something.

You need: ruby and selphie (look back to first how to beat to see who selphie is). First make sure ruby has her first ring on or a ring with fire. Second be sure to run behind a pillar as soon as you start the battle. Warning: the anti-freeze amulets don't do crap against her so don't try. First have selphie hit the witch 10-15 times with the sling shot in between the witches freeze blasts. The witch will lose her ice sheild and then the serious damage comes. Switch to ruby and wait for the witches shot to connect with the pillar. As soon as that happens move out and fire one full charged shot and one quick shot. Then move behind the pillar as fast as you can. If you do it right you can barely dodge the ice blast and do about 80 damage. Repeat till dead.

How To Beat Boss 2: (The Baboon Guy)

You need: tasero (forest dude I named him tasero) toan. Run up to the monkey and hit him a couple times with the sword while side stepping his moves. It wont do any damage I think. When he sits down exhausted switch to tasero and whack him once or twice and repeat.

How To Beat Boss 1: Dran

You need: Toan, Selphie (Cat girl. I named her selphie), dran's feather in active item slot. If you do this right you wont need recovery items. First switch to selphie and go to the outside edge. Aim at dran and fire one shot. After it connects switch to toan and use drans feather to run up to him as soon as hes landing. Give him a good whaking with your chosen weapon. Then run to the outside edge and switch to selphie again. Repeat till victory.

Odd Gaffer

If you have odd gaffers store ready but you don't have pike wait until you do. If you don't gaffer will hurt his back and only sell recovery items.

Sun Gem

Bring the 'foundation' (I forgot where to find it) to Jibudu in Muska Rakka. Then he will give you an 'ancient dolly'. Take the dolly to Marnia in Yellow Drops and then you will receive the sun gem! It has special powers: +3 all creatures, +10 attack power and +10 all elements. This is very usefull if you are planning to build-up very quickly.

Ange Gear

First, get a bandit slingshot(you can usually get it in the first dungeon), and build it up to the double impact(its the bottom build-up option, and dont worry about the top one because it is harder, and if you can't get a bandit slingshot, you get a double impact from muska racka when you put everyone where they want to go). Next build it up to the Divine Beast Title. Then you build it up to the Angel Shooter which is really good since the attack is really high and it has heal as a special ability. Finally build it up to the Ange Gear(be prepared to use a lot of peridots, because you have to get the attack up to 152).

Angel Shooter

First of all get a bandit slingshot, then build it up to the double impact. After that, build it up to the really good divine beast title. Finally build it up to the angel shooter which has heal as a special ability.

Hidden Pocket

Go into the Mayor's house in Norune and check to the left of it. There will be another very small part of the closet, it contains a pocket. (Note: be sure you finish Divine Beast Cave first or it won't be there.)

How To Beat The Ice Queen

First, buy 15-35 fire gems from Joker, then lock on to her and throw them one by one. After you've used about 25 of them you will have defeated her. Sometimes it takes more, sometimes it will take less. Either way, it is really easy.

The Fastet Way To Get A Chronicle Sword

Buy a Wise Owl Sword from Mr.Moustache and then build it up to the really good Lamb Sword. After that turn it into the Atlamilllia sword. Then Chronicle sword. Its easy because there is only one build-up option.

Gems For Duels

If you hit everything in the small white bar in the duel, (each time it will say "cool") the at the end you will get a gem.

Fishing For Beginners

Go to floor 14 of Wise Owl Forest with a weapon that has steal, you will find all Earth Diggers. Steal as many minons as you can from them. then go to peanut pond. If you have a lot of minons, keep your eye out for medium-sized (not large) fish. There is a one third chance that you will catch a Tarton (30 to 65 Fishing Points.)

More ABS. Then Usual- Unlimited ABS.

When you go to a backfloor and come back more enemies will be there. If you go back to the backfloor more enemies will be there. Keep on going back and forth than continue to do that to have unlimited ABS. {You'll keep on getting ABS. each time.}

Easy Money

This is a way to get more money quicker - unless you think 600 gilda is a small amount. Anyway, get a weapon that has the steal ability and go to the moon sea crater no. 9. find moon diggers and steal potatoe cakes from them. Then sell the potatoe cakes for 225 gilda each!!! If you've stolen many potatoe cakes, you can get more money!!

Upgrade Weapon Without Losing Abs.!!

If you have just found a power-up powder and your abs. are almost full anyway, and you want to use you're power-up powder to upgrade you're weapon without losing the abs. you have already, just follow the following steps. First of all go to the items menu. Second of all, drag the power- up powder across to your weapon symbol. 3-click x just like you're repairing you're weapon. 4- It will ask you something about if the things that you custimized your weapon with are correct. 5- click x and it will upgrade your weapon. Now go to the weapons menu and look at the abs. points of the weapon you upgraded- the abs. points will still be there!

Back Floor Keys

Divine Beast Cave: Tram Oil (lubricates the tram)
Wise Owl Forest: Sun Dew (speeds up plant growth) 
Shipwreck: Flapping Fish (lures the "master") 
Sun and Moon Temple: Secret Path Key (opens secret door)
Moon Sea: Bravery Launch (gives courage to jump)
Gallery of Time: Flapping Duster (raises magic carpet)
Demon Shaft: Crystal Eyeball (completes the eyes)

Get Tusikage Sword Without Fishing Points!!

To get this sword that is normally about 1200 fishing points just find a small sword and build it up once and then you have the sword without wasting your fishing points

Short-cut To Dark Genie

When you get to the Dark Genie, there is a really long set of CGM's before you get to fight him. Now, you're probably not going to beat him the first time, and then you're going to have to go through all that long crap again. Here's how to bypass all that: When you go to fight him the 1st time, make sure you have 1 Escape Powder with you. When you face-off with him the first time, before you throw any "punches" or anything else, use that 1 Escape Powder, and go back out in the courtyard with the Fairy King. Now, SAVE!! From now on when you re-enter, you will immediately face off with the Dark Genie. (And remember to bring a butt-load of Premium Chicken and Revival Powder.) ENJOY!!

Play As Your Father

First beat the whole game. After you have beaten the whole game, start a new file and you will see that you are your father and not Toan.

Don't Forget To Change Attributes

This is especially helpful in the upper echelon of the demon shaft. Change your attribute on your weapon when fighting different creatures. This takes less off your hit points and deals more damage to each creature.

Max Time Limit Showing On Game

Once you hit 99:59:59 the clock stops. Don't worry though, you can still save and play the game.

Baron Garayan Helps In Dungeons

Once you finally catch this fish it will help you in the dungeons. When you finally find a big box you can select whether or not to open it. The Baron Garayan will show you the right path to take so you don't get poisioned or anything.

Sword Of Zeus

You get this sword with the Sun Sword, which you get in Maska Lacka at Toto's house after you complete his home. Build it up into the Big Bang. After that it builds up into the Sword Of Zeus.

The Best Machine Gun, The Star Breaker

You have to buy the beginning gun, called the Jackal, to get this extremely powerful gun, that's probably why it's 3000 big ones, unless you get lucky and just find one. Build it up to the next gun (I fogot its name, sorry), then after that one is the Star Breaker. Don't forget to use Gems to save time when building up.

How To Get One Of The Best Slingshots, Divine Beast Title

When you find a Bandit Slingshot, that's the one you need. Build it up into a Double Impact, then build that one up into the Divine Beast Title. It doesn't take very long to get this powerful slingshot, especially if you use Gems.

How To Get The Sword 7th Heaven

This sword is one of the best swords in the game. You can start building up with two different swords. You can start with the Serpent Sword or the Tsukicage or how ever you spell it, which you can buy from the fishing sign for 1100 Fp. The Serpent Sword builds up into the Evilcise which then builds up into the Dark Cloud, which finally builds up into the 7th Heaven. Or with the Tsukicage, which builds up into another katana sword that I can't remember the name of, sorry, then builds up into the very same Dark Cloud from the other sword, which finally builds up into the 7th Heaven. Don't forget to use gems, they make the building up process a lot faster.

The Chronicle Sword

Note: This is not a hint on how to get the Chronicle 2 sword. If you get the dagger Sandblaster, keep it and build it up into the Maneater. After you do that build up that dagger into the Atlamillia Sword, then build that sword up into the Chronicle Sword. If your having trouble building them up, select the blue Build Up button and selct the ????. Then press L1 or R1 to see which things you need to work on to build it up, they'll be indicated by the color red. The best way to build up the weapons is to use Gems for the things the weapons need for building up every time you upgrade it.

The Carrots Are Not Useless

If you get a hold of a carrot, don't sell it. You can use it as bait even though it seems like none of the fish will eat it. Go to Matataki Village, then go to the fishing spot that doesn't have the waterfall (It's the one called "peanut pond"). Go fishing and put the carrot on for bait, and cast it into the water. There's only one fish that will go for it called the Umadakara, a brown, strange looking fish. The points range from as low as 60 Fp all the way up to 300 Fp, but the high pointers are very rare. If none of the fish in the pond bite just quit fishing and then go back to fishing, there will be a brand new pond of fish to try the bait on.

The Best Way To Catch A Baron Garayan

First you have to get bait. Go to Queens, buy a Gooey Peach and a Poisonous Apple. Next go to Muska Racka or Lacka (there's a typo there in the game), go to Brooke's house and buy a Potato Cake then off to the Oasis to fish. First find a big fish by quit fishing and fishing again until there's a big fish in the pond, put the Gooey Peach on and throw it at the big fish. If the fish goes for it then its nothing but a lame 30 pointer, not impressive if you ask me. But if the fish doesn't go for it then put the Poisonous Apple on and throw it at it. If the fish goes for it then its Marden Garayan only worth around 100 to 300 Fp, that's pretty good, but it gets better. If the fish doesn't go for neither the Peach nor Apple then your in luck. Put the Potato Cake on and throw it at it, you gotta be careful though because other fish will go for it too. If and when you catch the Baron Garayan, you'll be shocked to find that the fish has a mustache, a bow tie, and curly hair, pretty wierd aint it. This fish awards you points ranging from 600 to 1500 Fp, extremely helpful points. The ones I caught were like this: 125 cm=645,Fp. 146 cm=723 Fp,189 cm=1460 Fp. Pretty cool huh. The only problem is having the patience to find one, but there there so good hunting.

Gain More Fishing Points

First off, go to Queens and buy some poisonous apples (cost 120 )from Lana's store. Next, go to the town called Musk Lacka to do some fishing at the Oasis. Walk up to the fishing sing and press x, select a poisonous apple for bait. Only one fish called Mardan Garayan will bite the bait. If fish doesn't bite the bait the frist time keep trying because the FP is way over 100. Now to gain even more FP go to Brooke's house in Musk Lacka and buy a potato cake (cost 450). Start fishing with the potato cake at the Oasis.The fish you are trying to catch is a Baron Garayan worth way over 600 FP. It's very hard to catch,and likes only potato cakes. The fish size varies from middle to very,very big,it takes alote of fishing, but it's worth the FP. The Baron Garayan I caught was 177cm, way over 1,000 FP.

Chronicle 2

To get the Chronicle 2 sword (Toan's most powerful weapon), complete all 100 levels of the Demon Shaft. Once you beat the boss on the 100th level the Chronicle 2 will appear

Refill Your Life & Thirst Meters While In Dungeons

When you see a waterfall or a little pond in the Dungeon, don't be afraid to walk in the water, it'll refill your life & thirst meters.

Higer Abs. Points

Where you ask? The Shipwreck on Layer 14. First off, go to Queens and buy a fresh fish ( cost 180 ) & an ice block ( cost 20 ) from Ruty's store. Next, return to the Shipwreck select Layer 14. Find the ( ? ) which will lead you to a Black Floor. When you find the ( ? ) select the fresh fish from your item list. A young General will appear from out of the water. Trust the young General and off to the Black Floor you go. There you can get 24 Abs. points per monster, & a chance to get rare items such as gems & attachments. You can keep going back and forth without leaving the Shipwreck to gain more Abs. points. But if you want the rare items you have to return back to Queens and get a fresh fish. Repeat as many times as you want.


The following is a list of Gems (weapon attachments that take one space but do 
multiple things) and what each does:

Garnet: +10 Animal, +10 Rock, +10 Fire, +5 Attack 
Pearl: +10 Undead, +10 Thunder, +10 Endurance 
Ruby: +10 Mimic, +10 Fire, +10 Speed 
Sapphire: +10 Flying, +10 Wind, +10 Magic 
Amethyst: +10 Mage, +10 Dino, +10 Ice 
Opal: +10 Mage, +10 Steel, +10 Endurance 
Peridot: +10 Plant, +10 Animal, +10 Holy, +5 Attack 
Aquamarine: +10 Sea, +10 Flying, +10 Ice 
Topaz: +10 Undead, +10 Flying, +10 Speed, +5 Attack 
Turquoise: +10 Rock, +10 Mimic, +10 Ice 
Emerald: +10 Dino, +10 Plant, +10 Magic 
Diamond: + 5 vs. All Creatures, Extra +5 vs. Steel 

Ultimate Weapons

Use the Build-Up command instead of Status Break to get the best weapons in the game. Status Breaking will only take away 40% of your weapon's power. Use the Status Break only when getting special abilities for your main weapon.

Get Across A Town Faster

If you want to get to a place in walking mode faster, enter edit mode. Move the pointer to your destination and exit edit mode.

Demon Shaft Dungeon

Successfully complete the game and save to unlock the Demon Shaft. The Demon Shaft will be selectable under the "Go To Other Areas" map. The Demon Shaft is an extremely hard dungeon, with 100 floors.


We have no cheats or codes for Dark Cloud yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Dark Cloud yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

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