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  • Role-Playing, First-Person RPG
  • Level 5
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • Teen
  • May 29, 2001


How To Beat The Ice Queen

First, buy 15-35 fire gems from Joker, then lock on to her and throw them one by one. After you've used about 25 of them you will have defeated her. Sometimes it takes more, sometimes it will take less. Either way, it is really easy.

Back Floor Keys

Divine Beast Cave: Tram Oil (lubricates the tram)
Wise Owl Forest: Sun Dew (speeds up plant growth) 
Shipwreck: Flapping Fish (lures the "master") 
Sun and Moon Temple: Secret Path Key (opens secret door)
Moon Sea: Bravery Launch (gives courage to jump)
Gallery of Time: Flapping Duster (raises magic carpet)
Demon Shaft: Crystal Eyeball (completes the eyes)

Gems For Duels

If you hit everything in the small white bar in the duel, (each time it will say "cool") the at the end you will get a gem.

The Fastet Way To Get A Chronicle Sword

Buy a Wise Owl Sword from Mr.Moustache and then build it up to the really good Lamb Sword. After that turn it into the Atlamilllia sword. Then Chronicle sword. Its easy because there is only one build-up option.

Sword Of Zeus

You get this sword with the Sun Sword, which you get in Maska Lacka at Toto's house after you complete his home. Build it up into the Big Bang. After that it builds up into the Sword Of Zeus.

How To Beat Boss 5: Kings Curse.

You need: ungunga. When I did this toan was nearly dead and I didnt have anymore revival powders you could probably substitute toan with ungunga for attacking. First switch to ungunga and run towards the boss. Make it swing at you so it turns into a cloud. Then use ungungas charge attack to turn it into a sarcophagas. Then attack and repeat.

How To Beat Boss 2: (The Baboon Guy)

You need: tasero (forest dude I named him tasero) toan. Run up to the monkey and hit him a couple times with the sword while side stepping his moves. It wont do any damage I think. When he sits down exhausted switch to tasero and whack him once or twice and repeat.

How To Beat Boss 4: Ice Witch Something.

You need: ruby and selphie (look back to first how to beat to see who selphie is). First make sure ruby has her first ring on or a ring with fire. Second be sure to run behind a pillar as soon as you start the battle. Warning: the anti-freeze amulets don't do crap against her so don't try. First have selphie hit the witch 10-15 times with the sling shot in between the witches freeze blasts. The witch will lose her ice sheild and then the serious damage comes. Switch to ruby and wait for the witches shot to connect with the pillar. As soon as that happens move out and fire one full charged shot and one quick shot. Then move behind the pillar as fast as you can. If you do it right you can barely dodge the ice blast and do about 80 damage. Repeat till dead.

How To Beat Boss 1: Dran

You need: Toan, Selphie (Cat girl. I named her selphie), dran's feather in active item slot. If you do this right you wont need recovery items. First switch to selphie and go to the outside edge. Aim at dran and fire one shot. After it connects switch to toan and use drans feather to run up to him as soon as hes landing. Give him a good whaking with your chosen weapon. Then run to the outside edge and switch to selphie again. Repeat till victory.

Sun Gem

Bring the 'foundation' (I forgot where to find it) to Jibudu in Muska Rakka. Then he will give you an 'ancient dolly'. Take the dolly to Marnia in Yellow Drops and then you will receive the sun gem! It has special powers: +3 all creatures, +10 attack power and +10 all elements. This is very usefull if you are planning to build-up very quickly.

Play As Your Father

First beat the whole game. After you have beaten the whole game, start a new file and you will see that you are your father and not Toan.


We have no cheats or codes for Dark Cloud yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Dark Cloud yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Dark Cloud yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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Trophy List

A New Champion Defeat Minotaur Joe. Silver
A Rare Catch Catch a Baron Garayan fish. Gold
Break the Curse Defeat the King's Curse. Silver
Calculating Kindness View a town’s Georama Analysis after completing one of its residents’ requests. Bronze
Call for Backup Use Stand-in Powder to change to an ally when current character is exhausted. Bronze
Call it a hunch Successfully force open a treasure chest by guessing its trap. Bronze
Comfort Food Boost a character's defense by eating their favorite food. Silver
Dungeon Master Collect all of the other trophies. Platinum
Even Stronger Build up a weapon into a new weapon. Silver
For the birds Arrange 10 trees in Norune Village. Bronze
Forest Keeper Defeat Master Utan. Silver
Heads up Kill an enemy with a thrown item. Bronze
Hoarder Check an item in at a Check-in Counter. Bronze
Home Sweet Home Completely assemble Renee & Toan's house. Silver
Hometown Hero Learn Windmill Slash from Dran. Silver
Ice Queen Defeat La Saia. Silver
Let's go home Defeat the Dark Genie. Gold
Solar Power Attach the Sun to a weapon. Silver
Specialized Weapon Max any attribute for a weapon without an attachment. Gold
Status Breaker Status Break a weapon to create a SynthSphere. Bronze
Sticky Fingers Steal an enemy's item using a weapon equipped with the Steal ability. Silver
Strength in Numbers Acquire all six allies. Gold
Teach a man to fish... Acquire a Fishing Rod. Bronze
The Big One Catch a fish that's over 100 cm in length. Silver
The God of Beasts Defeat Dran. Silver
Tycoon Accumulate 65,535G. Gold
Weapon Collector Upgrade a weapon 10 times. Silver
What's this?! Use the Changing Potion to turn the stray cat into Xiao. Silver

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