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  • Action, Adventure
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • Everyone-10
  • March 16, 2006


Web Site Vault Codes

These codes are normally unlocked by getting a "Gold" rank in a mini-game.

Clue A: 32X83R
Clue B: 68T7E5
Clue C: 5A3D36
Clue D: 7A8J25

Big Blue Fish

In the ice level there is a giant Blue fish and everytime you try to fly over it. It will eat you. Well go the the left and wait for a frozen fish to come out. Melt it with the Flame Thrower. Then watch the blue fish grab on the it, be stuck to it, and go away with it (But it will come back very soon) then use the flame thrower and fly over and go in the elevator.

Sly Mask

After you complete the level where you have to nuke the giant metal-head fish with the other exterminator, go out of the warp gate. Have the camera face the warp gate. Go to the left of the warp gate and jump behind the crates. Have the camera face the exit and smash the picture of Sly Cooper. The message "You have unlocked the Sly Mask! Check in the Secrets menu under Extras to wear it!" will appear.

Jak Mask

Play the the prison level and go to the second cell block that is patrolled by three guards. Sneak behind the guards and follow them moving counter-clockwise. Collect the key that is hidden behind the second pillar. Use it to open the first door you see to the northeast. Smash the picture on the shelf to find the Jak Mask.


Where the big fish place is well you have to go over a bridge to get to it just a little one well if you go under neath the bridges there is three egss to be found then go to the other bridge on the other side and there is a further more three eggs.

How To Get Over Lasers In Barons Palace

First, you hop onto the table, you use your flamethrower to get you on top of the bookshelf And there is a ledge. Then use your flame to get yourself on the light. Finnally, use the flamethrower again to get you through the laser.


This took me some time to do and all the walkthroughs gave no specific hints. When you are in the round room in the distillery full of the rising eco, your first jumps to the the first three ledges need to be spot on else you won't do it. Run across your first ledge, do a double jump to land cleanly on the next ledge. This will drop very quickly so you need to run immediately without pausing and double jump again off the end. Repeat this until you get to the ledge that is a little bit further away. Double jump, use the blow torch to hover to the ledge, quick run and repeat to get to the one slightly below you. That's the only hint you really need. I spent ages trying to get past just that bit because I had been floating with the bug spray which doesn't quite give you enough lift to get past that ledge. So just wanted to share it..!

Battling The Hive Queen Still?

Once you get her life halfway down she gets REALLY mad. She will start jumping to squish you. Right before she lands by you double jump into the air avoiding being hurt or even squashed.

Clank Mask

Find this mask in the Tanker 1 stage. Past the spring pads, there is a wall to climb. Climb it, then turn around; there is another wall. Double-jump over to it, then climb it. Turn around again and smash the picture you see to get the Clank Mask.

Be Human Daxter

It's in the Hotel. After the first slide, you'll run up an incline. Before you leave, turn around to find a ledge. If you don't have the ability to rocket upwards, then get that first. When and if you do, climb the ledge and smash the picture you find. You now have the Human Daxter Mask.

Samus Mask

After you make it past the sawblades in the sawmill stage, there's an area with a stream and a tunnel with a sawblade. Leap off the platform in this area and hove close to the wall. If you look closely, you should spot a small hole in the wall. The Samus Mask is inside.

Ratchet Mask

To get the Ratchet mask, go to the top of the transet system on top of the fan area. At the left of the door, you will see a hole. Fall down it than you will land on a platform. Destroy the picture and then you will get the mask. You will find this under secrets. Go to cheats and keep going down until you see "Ratchet Mask". To put it on, hit the X button.

Play Level/Play Movie

Go to Emerald Isle, where the enterance to City Port is. Don't go inside of the portal yet, instead go behind the portal. There's a bin small enough for you to jump onto. Jump on top of it, go behind it, turn around, there should be a picture. Break it, and you get to play any level by going to the menu and going to secrets.

Ultrasonic Attachment

Despite the confusion of the Ultrasonic attachment with it being a good hovering device, it is. It is like the fire attachment, but gives you a little more boost.

Oracle Reference

Unlock the last dream with 500 Precursor Orbs (The Lord of the Rings II level with Daxter as Gandalf). The fire beast is The Oracle from Jak 2 and 3.

Bonus Videos

Collect the indicated number of Precursor Orbs to unlock the corresponding video.

Behind The Scenes: 1000 Precursor Orbs
Concept Art: 700 Precursor Orbs
E3 2005 Trailer: 600 Precursor Orbs
Game in Construction: 900 Precursor Orbs
Intro Animatic: 800 Precursor Orbs


Collect the indicated number of Precursor Orbs to unlock the corresponding mini-game.

Braveheart: 100 Orbs
Indiana Jones: 300 Orbs
Lord Of The Rings I: 200 Orbs
Lord Of The Rings II: 500 Orbs
Matrix 2: 400 Orbs

Mini-game Bonuses

Get a "Gold" rank on the indicated mini-game to unlock the corresponding bonus. Then, press Start during game play, select the "Secrets" option, then choose "Cheats" to access any unlocked options.

Indiana Jones Hat: Indiana Jones mini-game
Pants: Lord of the Rings II mini-game
Web Site Clue A: Matrix I mini-game
Web Site Clue B: Braveheart mini-game
Web Site Clue C: Lord of the Rings I mini-game
Web Site Clue D: Matrix II mini-game

Connection Bonus

Use a USB link cable to connect to a PlayStation2 with a saved game file from Jak X: Combat Racing. Then, select the "Connect to Jak X: Combat Racing" option in the "Secrets" menu. You will unlock the "Goggles On/Off" option. To unlock the "Jak X: Combat Racing Vehicle On/Off ", your Jak X: Combat Racing saved game must have a 100% completion in normal mode. The Jak X: Combat Racing vehicle option replaces the scooter with a purple one.

Matrix Minigame

Collect one precurser orb


Unlimited Health

Press R2, R2, L1, L1, Square, Circle, Square, Circle.


For this cheat you have to have Jak X and the PSP USB cord. Make sure the USB cord is connected properly. On the menu go to 'Secrets' and the select 'Connect to Jak X: Combat Racing (TM) then on Jak X go to the secrets shop and select 'Scan for Secret Characters' This will unlock goggles in the cheats menu that you can toggle on or off.


Indiana Jones Hat

To get a Indiana Jones hat, you must get a gold medal in the Indiana Jones dream game. You will need to whip 120 snakes or spiders in the dream to get gold.

Best Combat Bug

Get 100% on your game and go to Osmo's shop for the strongest combat bug. Note: You don't have to get all 1000 precursour orbs to get 100%. If you complete all the dream sequences on gold and get all the masks then you should get 100% after about 950 orbs.

New Moves

When you are in the room were your bed is, you can play mini games ( dream games ). And you can collect medals there. When you get your first medals by each of the games ( bronze reward ) you get new moves or more life.

Mini Games

Braveheart: 100 Orbs
Indiana Jones: 300 Orbs
Lord Of The Rings I: 200 Orbs
Lord Of The Rings II: 500 Orbs
Matrix I: 1 Orb
Matrix 2: 400 Orbs

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Daxter yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Weird Glitch

When you are at the brewery, walk up the first 5 stairs. Then shoot either fire or the blue bomb thing (whatever its called). It should go right through the stairs!


We have no guides or FAQs for Daxter yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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