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  • Fight for NY: Def Jam
  • Fighting, 3D Fighting
  • Electronic Arts
  • Electronic Arts
  • Mature
  • September 21, 2004


Earn Blazin' Under 15 Seconds

To do this, you'll need two players. When the game starts, make the other character continually taunt, while you hit him. You should see your Blazin' meter go up increasingly high, and should get your Blazin' within 15 secs.

Easy Money

If you need quick money in a match,don't ko your opponent just Slaming him into a wall or do crowd double team moves.But watch out for there danger meter. Just remember Money= Power, Respect, and sweet clothes and jewelry

Car Bashing

During a demolition match successfully use the door of the vehicle as a weapon four different times. On the fourth time you should succeed at bashing you opponents head in with the door.

Easy Window Match K.O.

This is the same deal as in the Subway. Get blazin' get them in the danger zone then do your blazin' move to them you'll punch them then toss them out the window.

Bonus Matches

After completing Story Mode, reload your Story and there will be some Bonus Matches. There are 3 Free For All Tournaments, 1 Team Tournament, and a One-on-One match with D-Mob.

Wrestler KO

When your opponent is in the Danger zone, any kind of Strong Grapple attack will get you a KO.

Ego Boost

The more expensive jewelry and clothes you wear the better the crowd will like you and the faster you can get to blazin'.

Easy Subway K.O.

Tired of tossing them on the tracks? Me too. Well there is an easier way. Get a Blazin' and get your opponent in the danger zone then do your blazin' move to them then you'll punch them twice then it will throw them on the tracks bam K.O. NOTE: They must be in DANGER and there must not be anyone else on the tracks

Subway KO

When fighting Trejo in the subway, listen for the train. When it gets close, throw him onto the tracks. If he wobbles on the edge, just punch or kick him off. If timed right, the train will KO him.

Streetfighter KO

When your opponent is in the Danger zone, attack them with a Haymaker (a Strong P) and you can knock them out.

Martial Artist KO

When using a martial artist, get your opponent in the Danger zone. Then run up to a wall, or any object, and press P or K to jump and attack your opponent. If you connect, you can get a KO.

KO Without Blazin'

When the opponent is in the Danger zone, you can KO him by either hitting him with a weapon, grappling them up against a wall, or using the crowd in a double-team.

Unlock Your Girlfriend's Blazin' Move

Early on in Story Mode, you will choose a girlfriend. A few fights later, you will have to choose between her and Carmen Electra. Choose your girl, and you will then control her in a fight against Carmen. If you Blaze her and win the match, you will unlock her Blazin' move. Also, if you lose, you do not get a rematch.


100 Reward Points


Unlock Young Jeezy

At the cheat screen enter da snoman.

Unlock Songs

Password Song/Artist

LOYALTY		Afterhours by Nyne 
MILITAIN		Anything Goes by CNN 
BIGBOI		Bust by Outkast 
CHOPPER		Chopshop by Baxter 
CHOCOCITY	Comp by Comp 
AKIRA		Dragon House by Chiang 
PLATINUMB	Get it Now by Bless 
GHOSTSHELL	Koto by Chiang 
GONBETRUBL	Lil' Bro by Ricbyobyche 
KIRKJONES		Man Up by Sticky Fingaz 
RESPECT		Move by Public Enemy 
POWER		Original Gangster by Ice T 
ULTRAMAG		Poppa Large by Ultramagnetic MCs 
SIEZE		Sieze the day by Bless 
CARTAGENA	Take a look at my life by Fat Joe 
PIMP		Walk with Me by Joe Budden 

500 Reward Points

Enter these Passwords to get 100 Reward Points for each: NEWJACK, THESOURCE, CROOKLYN, DUCKETS, GETSTUFF. Also, to unlock a song by Joe Budden, enter PUMP.

100 Reward Points

Enter the EXTRAS menu and select the CHEATS option, now enter "CROOKLYN" as a code to get 100 reward points


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