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  • Action, Combat
  • Unknown
  • Novalogic
  • Teen


Multiple Kills

Here's 2 tips for multiple kills in the game. the first can be used anywhere. With the snipe rifles, they'll all do it, move into a position where there are multiple enemies in a straight line. Aim and fire, the bullet will travel through all of them, my personal record is 5 at the airfield. Tip 2 is for the oil rig. when u are running around in the bottom of the second rig, you'll find a room full of gas drums and a catwalk around the top of the room. Throw a satchel charge, the throw a delay grenade in nearby, but not on the satchel charge. this wil create a chain reaction of explosions that will destroy all the drums, and kill all the terrorists.

Handgun Sniper

Are You runnin low on ammo for that sniper rifle, or just wanna make a silent kill with the help of the Barret or M40, here's a tip for you. Bring up your sniper scope, aim for the head of the enemy, change to the silenced Socom, or Silenced MP5 and fire. Note, DO NOT move the onscreen crosshairs. The Socom will make a kill out to 100 meters. The MP5, with practice, can make a kill out to 175 meters on 3 rd burst.

How To Crouch And Stand.

When standing press page down and your character will lay down and you can crawl while laying down and also shoot. Laying down is a good sniping position to shoot from mountains and hide on them when sniping. Simply press page down again to stand again.


Cheat Codes

While playing a game, press ~, then enter one of the following casesensitive 
codes at the message window to activate the corresponding cheat function:


Absolute look down		look_dn_abs
Absolute look up		look_up_abs
Absolute turn left		turn_left_abs
Absolute turn right		turn_right_abs
Advance to next waypoint	NextWaypoint
Artillery Strikes 		domi
Aux 1 			5explosives
Back 			alt_move_back
Ban 			Ban
Binoculars 			Binoculars
Blue talk  			talkblue
Bozo mode  			Bozo
Break talker  		VonBT
Center View  		center_view
Change magazine  		magazine
Chat  			talk
Command prompt  		command
Commander's map  		BigMap
Crouch  			Crouch
Cycle weapons  		cycle
Decrease record volume  	VonRVD
Detonator  			6detonator
Display  			VonDisplay
Display last talker  		VonDLT
Drop item  			Drop
Dual CPU mode  		dualcpu
Exit game  			quit
Exit mission  		exit
Infinite ammunition  		kariya
Invincibility  		roy
Fire weapon  		attack_1
First person gun view  		showgun
First person view  		1stPerson
Flip mouse direction  		flipmouse
Fly up  			fly_up
Forward  			alt_move_forward
Friendly tags  		ShowFriendly
Invisibility  			drury
Grenade  			7grenade
Help  			help
HUD color  			hudcolor
HUD Detail  			huddetail
Increase record volume  		VonRVU
Invisible  			corbet
Jump  			move_jump
Kill list  			killlist
Knife  			1knife
Laser designator  		8laser
Load game  			LoadGame
Lock game  			lockgame
Look down  			look_down
Look up  			look_up
Mouse scaling  		mousescale
Move back  			move_back
Move forward  		move_forward
Move view down  		CameraDown
Move view left  		CameraLeft
Move view right   		CameraRight
Move view up  		CameraUp
Mute current talker  		VonMCT
Net delay  			netdelay
Next Flag  			NextFlag
Night vision  		NVG
Pause game  		Pause
Primary weapon  		3primary_weapon
Prone  			Prone
Punt CRC  			PuntCRC
Punt Log  			PuntLog
Punt mode 			Punt
Push to talk  		VonTalk
Realistic night vision  		CoolNVG
Recent messages  		OldMessages
Red talk  			talkred
Reset game  		resetgames
Restart mission  		restart
Save game  			SaveGame
Save Scores  		savescores
Scope  			scope
Scope magnification  		scopemag
Scope Scale  		scopescale
Scope zero decrease  		scopedec
Scope zero increase  		scopeinc
Screen shot  		PrintScreen
Secondary weapon  		4second_weapon
Select last talker  		VonSLT
Select target  		VonSB
Server screen  		server
Set as Slot 0  		setasslot0
Set as Slot 1  		setasslot1
Set as Slot 2  		setasslot2
Set as Slot 3  		setasslot3
Set as Slot 4  		setasslot4
Set as Slot 5  		setasslot5
Set as Slot 6  		setasslot6
Set as Slot 7  		setasslot7
Set as Slot 8  		setasslot8
Set as Slot 9  		setasslot9
Set crosshair color  		CrossHairColor
Sidearm  			2sidearm
Special  			9medic
Stand  			Stand
Strafe  			Slide
Strafe left  			slide_left
Strafe left  			alt_slide_left
Strafe right  			slide_right
Strafe right  			alt_slide_right
Team chat  			stalk
Toss Slot  			0tossslot
Tracers  			tracers
Turn left  			turn_left
Turn right  			turn_right
Unmute selected player  		VonUSP
Verbose mode  		Verbose
View goals  			MissionGoals
Walk  			NoRun
Zoom in  			zoomin
Zoom in  			CameraZoomIn
Zoom out 			zoomout
Zoom out  			CameraZoomOut
Unknown  			Gimme
Unknown  			sky
Unknown  			lbsize
Unknown  			gamma
Unknown  			saturation
Unknown  			LastGame
Unknown  			fly_down
Unknown  			toggle_item
Unknown  			briefing
Unknown  			escape
Unknown  			AudioMacros


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