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  • Deus Ex
  • Role-Playing, First-Person RPG
  • Unknown
  • Eidos Interactive
  • Mature
  • March 26, 2002



Remember the R3 button? (press the right analog down) You may have forgotten about it. It is best to use this BEFORE or IN BETWEEN a gun battle (when no one is aiming a gun at you or sees your location by eye). If you just empty your clip during a fight you will hesitate WHILE PEOPLE FIRE AT YOU unless you change your weapon.

Assault Rifle

This weapon employs two types of ammo, regualr automatic rounds for taking out troops and 20mm HE rounds wich explode upon impact, these can take out almost anything, bots, spiders even tri weld points.

Throwing Knives

Basicly a combat knife that you can throw, found at UNATCO.


Chop, slice and hack your way through most troops, more powerful than a combat knife.

Dragons Tooth

A more powerful version of the sword which MiB's can be seen wielding as well as the triads in Hong Kong. Usful for cutting through ordinary troops.

EMP Grenade

Capable of taking out any bot., and some cameras, they can also do damage to you if your attacked by them due to your nano augmentations.


Explosive fun, chuck it or attach it to a wall either way no bot, troop or door will get in your way. Unless of course they are invincible i.e the door to the armory or Jock.


Does exactly what is says on the tin, causes lot's of damage but if you manage to set your self on fire or be up against someone who has one of these babies then you better make sure you have a fire extingisher avaliable so you can put yourself out quickly before you lose tons of health.

Plasma Rifle

Ah the big daddy of weapons, this causes a world of hurt to almost any opponent, but because of it's size it leaves you very vunrible as you become very slow. Be careful when you first get this weapon as you don't find plentiful ammo until a little later in the game.


Light anti tank weapon, just fire and watch the fireworks, it's a disposible weapon though so don't go and waste it's one use. Very good for taking out bots.


I haven't had much exprience with this weapon but it's basicly a rocket launcer, just not a disposible one like the L.A.W.


You can only carry one of these and although they can kill, if your far enough away it is possible to stun . The limitaion on only being able to carry one is a bit of a nuscience, but what can you do?

Roit Prod

Stuns enimies for a little bit allowing you to either move on or pursue ways to render them dead/unconcious.

Pepper Spray

Has a similar effect to a gas grenade, renders the enimie unable to do much for serveral seconds.

Combat Knife

Stab away, just be carful though because unless your very skilled in mele weapons or have the right aug your not going to take out troops in one go.

Crow Bar

Hack away, just be carful though because unless your very skilled in mele weapons or have the right aug your not going to take out troops in one go.


Knocks your opponent unconcious, for the more caring agent.

Sawed Off Shotgun

Not the best weapon to have, it's slow to reload and does little damage at any other range then close, best suited for taking out NSF troops, this weapon has very little use later on in the game.

Assault Shotgun

Much better than the sawed off shot gun, it's highly useful and when loaded with sabot shells even MJ12 cammandos can be taken out with two blasts. Probaly the best close quaters anti personal weapon in the game.

Gas Grenade

A wide spread 'pepper gun' effect, usful for imbolising a room full of troops for easy sniping.

Scrambler Grenade

These mess up enimie bots so they turn to your side, if you leave the area however the effect is reveresed.


Not the best weapon to even try to be stealthy with, it's loud, slow and with very few redeeming features to make it worth while carrying at all. It takes 10mm ammo which is fairly common throught the game so your never likely to run out. A few weapon modifications though and this is a fairly good weapon, but don't bother as you get a standard UNATCO stealh pistol very early on.

Stealth Pistol

Exactly the same as the regular pistol, except equiped with a slincer to make it the perfect tools for secrative missions. However if you are to add the scope to it (avliable from an agent outside HQ) it becomes and even deadlier weapon, although it can take two head shots to kill some troops, giving your position away.

Mini Crossbow

Common eairlier on in the game, the mini crossbow can be loaded with three kinds of one knocks your opponents unconcious (after a while), the other is regular darts for those with the killer instinct, the other can be used to set people on fire or to add light to a dark room.

Sniper Rifle

Very deadly, but very loud. This rifle is the best weapon for picking off single targets at long range, but I find it's also useful for storming head on into troops as it is a very effictive weapon, taking down many enimies with a single round.


Cheat Mode

Enter the Goals/Notes/Images screen. Press L2, R2, L1, R1, Start(3) to display another tab on this screen with the following options:

Full Health 
Full Energy 
Full Ammo 
Full Mods 
All Skills 
Full Credits 

Quick Start

Press X as soon as "Go" appears during the pre- race countdown.


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Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Deus Ex: The Conspiracy yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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