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  • Action, Adventure
  • Capcom
  • Capcom
  • Mature
  • October 17, 2001


Uber Stinger Jump

First of all, to do this jump, you must have Stinger from Alastor set (level doesn't matter). When your at any edge of a drop zone (area where you can fall), do stinger straight at it and you will jump farther than normal. Helps you get up onto the top part of the broken bridge piece and claim a precious blue orb that you couldnt get any other way except flying. Note: Stinger jump distance can vary at different drop zones so experiment with it.

All Star Group Photo

To unlock All Star Group Photo you must get S Rank on all missions.

Mundus Battles

In the final battle with Mundus, if you're in the sky, then keep using Devil Trigger. When you're outside the castle, on the ground, that's the time to pull out Ebony and Ivory. Hit the floating rocks, which give you Devil Trigger "symbols". When you're in the waterways of the castle, just fire away at Mundus with the grenade launcher and stay out of his reach. Then the game is (pretty much) yours.

Bird Beater

The beast way to beat The Griffin is with air raid and the granade launcher. Use air raid to weaken him then use the launcher to beat him up even more while your air raid charges up. Keep on doing this and he's done believe me I've beat that mission all ready.

Easy Mode

Start a new game. Successfully beat the first mission and DO NOT save, and you will be presented with the easy mode screen. Note* once you activate this mode it cannot be turned off.

Easier Way To Beat Phantom

When you fight phantom, he may seem tough but he is really a pushover. All you gotta watch out for is when he jumps towards you and his fireballs. When he jumps towards you, just jump backwards, and to dodge his fireballs, all you do is a rolling dodge. But the really easy way to beat him is to run up to him and right when he is gonna hit you with his arms, jump on his back and whoop out ebony and ivory and start blasting at his back. You can also use alastor's air raid to take him out even quicker!

Easy Way To Beat Nelo Angelo

An easy way to beat nelo angelo is to keep on slashing and slashing him with alastor until he blocks and when he does that, thats when u jump over his back and start slicing him up. This is very helpful when fighting him because he might be hard to beat to you beginners so this should help you very much. Trust me on this because I have beatin the game already!

Easier Way To Get Rich Quick With Red Orbs

After you defeat phantom for the very first time, go back into that room and you will begin a secret mission called "Phantom Babies". The objective to complete this mission is to kill 100 baby phantoms within the time limit. All you gotta do is to purposely fail and kill all the orbs that you get from killing the baby phantoms. You exit out the room and enter again. You keep on doing this until you get the wanted number of red orbs. Its really easy so go for it!!!

Triple Time Boss

During the game you encounter 5 different bosses, (Phantom, Griffon, Nightmare, Neo Angelo, and Mundus)After your defeat a boss, your will have to beat him 3 more times, So, your have to beat the phantom, Griffon, Nightmare, Neo Angelo, and Mundus 3 different times.

Slaying The Dragon

When you get to the mission where you have to slay the dragon, get out your Alastor sword. Once the dragon shoots a fireball at you hit the fireball with your sword and it will hit the dragon. This will allow you to move farther.

Defeating The Lion

The easiest way to defeat the lions is with Ebony and ivory and alastor. Use ebony and ivory in the devil trigger state and it will open them up quicker than any other weapon. Then you can hack away at the ball inside.

Grenade Launcher

After fighting the phantom spider for the second time(On the rooftop) Continue on and go down the hole. Look for a dead man on the floor and check him. He is holding the grenade Launcher.


When you get in the room where you take the rusty key from the painting with the ghost on it break the table to the left and the shot gun will be there

Easy Way To Fight Phantom

An easy way to fight phantom is to equip your alastor and use the devil trigger, then slash and slash quickly at his face to defeat him quickly.

Very Cool Combo!!!

When you are battling the puppets slash at them with the swords until they fly up in the air. The keep shooting them in the air with the pistols. This is a very cool combo!!

Second Time Start With All Weapons

One you beat the game the first time start a new game under that file and when you start the game you will have all the weapens.

Nightmare Beta Laser Gun

To get the Nightmare beta gun go to the door on the right that you have to use the light sheild to open, it is the red door. Go through all the obsticals in there and at the end id the nightmare beta laser gun!!!

Easy Way To Get All Stylish Rank

Once you get the Nightmare Beta laser gun , just keep on shooting them until your little rank that is near the health meter. Doing this more helps you get your overall rank at the end of each level.

Sparda's Sword

After defeating Vergil for the last time you will get his amulet, it will combine with yours and will transform your normal sword into the legendary Sparda sword which is very powerful and can expand into a long staff like thing with two parts of the blade at the end!

Unlimited Red Souls

Here's how to keep filling your Red Soul meter with unlimited souls. In level 4, right before you go to use the Pride of Lion stone, save your game at the top of the stairs by the entrance to the Cathedral. When you run down the stairs, that big ugly spider will come down after you again. Kick his butt and he will give you at least 500 souls. Now save your game. Hit select, and choose to return to the title screen. Now, load your game. You will start at the top of the stairs again, and every time you run down, the spider will come after you. Every time. Just keep kicking his butt and saving. It will cost you saves, but by doing this you can infinitely fill your Red Soul meter, and buy all the stuff you need. ENJOY!!

Hidden Blue Orb Fragment

In mission 3 you will come across a room with a ladder that you can't climb because the trap door at the top is shut. Also, in that room there is an odd looking object, on what looks like a very short drawbridge, that when you examine, it says there are three holes for something to go in. You will notice, on each side of the bridge there is some type of sewage drain going through the wall. You can only view the one one the right, however if you jump into the one on the left side, you will find the hidden blue orb. This, if you have been correctly portraying Dante's role, will be the fourth piece to make your first blue orb. This extends your healt bar by double! NOTE: This extra life is extremely helpful in facing the next boss. Without this fragment, you would not find another fragment until the next level after the boss, probably causing you some frustration.

All-star Group Photo

Successfully complete the game with an "S" rank on all missions to unlock the all- star group photo.

Always Full Devil Triger

Once you beat Dante must die mode with his father, then you get the next mode called super dante mode. Its really cool cause it never diminishes.

Play As His Father

If you complete hard mode and open dante must die! mode, you have the option to play as the legendary dark night sparda (dantes father).


Press the select button if you do not wish to view the cut-scenes and get ready to play.

100 Red Orbs

Right when you enter the castle and begin Mission 1, go up to the statue of the knight on a horse. Jump up onto the back of the horse and from there jump up to stand on the tip of the lance. If you do so, you will receive 100 Red Orbs and get a cool view of the ceiling.

Levitating Enemies

This is my favorite attack to do on enemies, especially puppets. Equip "Ebony" and "Ivory", (Dante's pistols) and hit an enemy with the verticle strike with your sword, this will send the enemy into the air, while the enemy is in the air, pull out "Ebony" and "Ivory" and shoot away. The shots will hold the enemy in the air until they blow up. This is not only cool, but helpful, while in the air, the enemies can't attack you.

Super Dante Mode

Successfully complete Dante Must Die mode to unlock Super Dante mode. In this mode, you can transform into a devil, and use magic indefinitely.

Dante Must Die Mode

Successfully complete Legendary Dark Night mode to unlock Dante Must Die mode.

Legendary Dark Night Mode

Successfully complete Hard mode to unlock Legendary Dark Night mode.

Hard Mode

Successfully complete the game once to unlock Hard mode.


Easy Mode

Successfully complete missions 1, 2, or 3 while using at least one continue. At the start of the next mission, there will be an option to change the game to easy mode. Note: Once easy mode is activated you cannot return to normal mode.


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Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Devil May Cry yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Devil May Cry yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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