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  • Role-Playing, First-Person Action RPG
  • Blizzard Entertainment
  • Blizzard Entertainment
  • Mature
  • June 29, 2001


Cow Level

After you have beaten Baal go back to act one. If you have Wirts leg from tristam put it in the horadric cube. If not go back to tristam and get it. Put a tome of town portal with at least one scroll in it in the horadric cube too. Click transmute and a red portal will open. Go through and prepare for the cow level. Its full of hell bovines and the cow king. Make sure you are in the same act that you beat Baal in.

A Cube Formula

Full rejuvination is really handy because it restores health (and mana) instantly instead of a bit at a time so if ya didn't know . 3 mana + 3 healing + = 1 rejuvination 3 rejuvination is 1 full rej. But even better is: 3 mana + 3 healing + 1 gem = full rejuvination!!!

Full Health (druid Only)

To get full health with a druid just morph into bear or wolf form and when you morph back you will have full hp. You can morph back yourself though you have to wait until it changes you back.

Get A Hellfire Torch

How to get your own torch:
First, you must get 3 sets of keys. You get these keys, (called terror key, hell key, and destruction key), from 3 certain mini-bosses in hell mode. These keys randomly drop off of The countess in act1, The Summoner in act2, and Nihlathak in act5.
Once you have killed these 3 mini-bosses enough times to receive 3 sets of keys, (that means 3 tkeys, 3 hkeys, and 3 dkeys. ), you ready for the next step: Now you must travel to act 5 of hell mode and transmute the keys. Put one set of keys in the Horadric cube and hit transmute. A red portal will appear (much like the cow level), the red portal will either say "The Matron Den", "The Hell Furnace", or "The Forgotten Sands". You must travel through this red portal to get to the uber boss within each portal. In "The Hell Furnace", you will face off against Uber Izual. In "The forgotten sands" you will face off against Uber Durial, and in "The Matron Den" you will face off against Lilith (who looks much like andariel).
Now I suggest that you open all 3 portals in the same game, in different places in Harrogath, because which portals open is completely random, but if you already have 1 portal open, that guarantees that one of the remaining to 2 portals will open with the next transmute.
Now when you kill these 3 uber bosses from the Red portal levels, each boss will drop one "Organ". The organs are: Diablo's horn, Mephisto's brain, and Baal's eye.
The 3 organs equal "An organ set".
Now exit the game, and make a new game in hell mode.
Put all 3 organs in the Horadric cube and hit transmute. Another red portal will open, but this one will be called "Tristam", or "Uber Tristam".
You are about to face the hardest encounter in the game, so get ready. Once you travel through the portal, you will meet hordes upon hordes of skeletons, many of which are completely magic immune. Forget the Skeletons. Your Focus should be one the 3 bosses in Tristam: Uber Mephisto, Uber diablo, and Uber Baal.
Lure each boss in a corner of Tristam and square off with them.
Once 2 bosses are defeated, there will be one left. After you defeat the third boss, it will drop a Large Charm (who's text will be in gold). Identify this charm to receive a Hellfire Torch. The torch will give +3 to a random classes skills, +10-+20 to all attributes, +10-+20 to all resistances, and 10 charges of a level 30 fire hydra. If the "Torch" is not for the class you need it for, you're only choice will to be to trade that torch for another torch for the class you need.
NOTE:You can only have 1 "Torch" at a time.
To figure out a torches "worth" add the number that it gives to attributes to the number that it gives to resistances, then divide by 2.
EX: A torch gives 18 to attributes, and 16 to all resists, add 18 to 16 to get 34, then divide by 2 to get 17.
If that number that you calculate is between 10 and 14, that torch is considered a "low torch" and is not worth much. If the number you calculate is between 15-17, it is a "mid torch" and it has decent worth. If the calculated number is between 18-19, it is considered a "Hi torch" and has great value. If the calculated number is 20, the torch is considered a "Perfect torch" or a "Ptorch" and has extremely high value.

Torches And How To Get Them

A Torch is a item that you put in your inventory, and it gives you 3 skills up for what- ever your class is. And how to get them is the hard part, heres the first compromise, Trade people for them, but you need really good stuff to trade them for. And the second compromise is you need to get the Lord of Destruction Key, the Terror Key, and the Hatred Key, and you put them in your cube and then it forms a portal, and then you have to fight bosses. I dont know what the bosses are because i never did it before but my friend on Battle. Net told me. And so after yo beat the bosses a torch will fall out, a hell fire torch and then you put it in your inventory and then what your class is, is what 3 skills are going up! So its a really good chance. But the problem is you cant get it again. And you cant get TWO TORCHES FOR THE SAME CLASS!! And if you quit out of the game you will never get the opportunity to make another one again! So you better do it in that game and do not quit it! GOOD LUCK!

More Quick Spell Selection Keys

Ya know that you can only do 8 quick spell select keys. And to select them from F1-F8, right. To get more, press Esc, and go into options, then go the control settings. As you scroll down, you'll see the selected keys for the spells you would want to get to quickly. As you scroll down more, you start to see that you can pick up to 16 different spells to select. So, since the F_ keys only go up to F12, I only did up to 12 spells to select. If you want to choose different keys to do up to 16 spells, go ahead.


If you start using a druid invest your skill points summoning and morphing skills. Do not invest too many skill points in elemental skills because in Hell difficulty almost everyone has immunities to elemental attacks and spells. Once your able to use bear invest all the skill points that you can in it (which is twenty) because once their level twenty they can do over one-thousand damage and he will be the best attruibute that you can have in Nightmare and Hell.

Socketing In Items

To put a socket in an item that can be socketed, you put three gems of the same type in the horodric cube and an item that can be socketed. Once there all in, transmute it, then you should have the item in there socketed. You could also repeat this process over and over till it is at its max. You can also do this with items that are already socketed, or/and that is a magical item, like a Unique, but not sure with Set items. Ex:3 chipped gems+1 plate mail=1 socketed plate mail.

XP Increase

Whenever you really really need XP do the following. Go to an act that are good at and type "players 8", it will increase the XP gained from monsters while increasing the strenght of the monster.

Easy Full Rejuvination Potion

To get a full rejuvination potion all you need is 3 normal rejuvination potions, transmute them and you will have a full rejuvination potion. To get a normal rejuvination potion you can find one or get 3 mana potions of any size and 3 health potions of any size,transmute them and you will get 1 normal rejuvination potion. Repeat as many times as you want and you will get the same effect.

Experience Bonus

When playing with version 1.09 hit enter then type "Players 6". That makes the computer think that there is six players and not just one. That makes the characters harder and more experience and more money.

Good Imbuing

One way to get a good imbued sword or anything else is to finish Act 1 and then god to Act 2 without imbuing anything, next go to Fara talk to her then buy a falchion or whatever the thing you think is good to imbue, then go to the waypoint in Lut Gohlein and click Act 2, then go to Rouge Encampment to go back to act 1(or you can go to Warriv to go back west) then go imbue the item u want to imbue. NOTE:Remember that it has to be a regular item, not socketed or magical or anything.

Good Imbuing

One way to get a good imbued sword or anything else is to finish Act 1 and then god to Act 2 without imbuing anything, next go to Fara talk to her then buy a falchion or whatever the thing you think is good to imbue, then go to the waypoint in Lut Gohlein and click Act 2, then go to Rouge Encampment to go back to act 1(or you can go to Warriv to go back west) then go imbue the item u want to imbue. NOTE:Remember that it has to be a regular item, not socketed or magical or anything.

Dueling Hint For Barb

While dueling with a barb, use yells as normal. Go back and talk to akara. Next go out to the dueling spot. Instead of bezerk, the move u should be using to kill most enemys, use whirlwind,it is way easier to hit someone with. now wait for someone to come to u unless ure dueling a foh pali or a zon. On those types you have to be aggressive and charge at them. Put items that give you speed when facing them. When whirlwinding, dont click on them but close to them. If u click on them you will keep whirlwinding them untill you run out of mana. Try to hit your enemy with the tip of your wepon because thats where it does the most damage. Barbs are hard to duel with at first because they have no long range attacks but in my opinion they are the best duelers in the hands of experts.

Dueling Hint For Assassin

When dueling with an assassin, go out of town and hit an enemy 3 times with tiger strike charge-up, then go back to the dueling spot and with dragon wing, (the teleport kick) attack someone. This should do much more damage then a regular dragon wing kick.

Sound Chaos

During the game, multiplayer or single, press enter and type soundchaosdebug. You will hear many voices of characters in the game. Type soundchaosdebug again to turn it off.

Frozen Death

If you are just starting out as a sorc, the you can use this. It only works with the sorceress. When you level up a few times, go to new skill. Go to ice magick, and there will be a shield with a glimmer. Click that and you have ice shield. This manked anything that hits you turn to ice. When you hit it back, it shatters and melts. You must reuse it every once in a while, because it wears off after about 4 minutes. You can use any other spell while this is activated, too. Best in mob battles.

Antidote Potion Recipe

Put a strangling gas potion and a healing potion in the horadric cube. Transmute them to get an antidote potion.

Arrow/Bolt Formula

This horadric cube formula is only really useful if you are travelling with a bow or crossbow, and run out of arrows/bolts and you don't feel like town portaling back to town. 2 quivers of arrows make 1 quiver of bolts. 2 quivers of bolts then equal one quiver of arrows.

3 Gems Of Same Type

Put 3 gems of same type and level of perfection (chipped, flawed, etc) into the horadric cube. Hit transmute and you get a gem of the next level of perfection. Example 3 chipped make 1 flawed.

3 Amulet Ring Formula

In the horadric cube put 3 amulets in. Transmute for 1 ring. This is good if you have 3 bad ones and you don't need the money. The inverse works too. I mean 3 rings equals one amulet. There is a potential for good amulets/rings. The best I've gotten was a plus 1 to all skill levels and 4 percent life steal.

Cloak Em' And Smoke Em'

This is a useful trick with the assasin. When you run into a large group of monsters use cloak of shadows. Then lay as many traps as you can right in the midst of the monsters. Before the cloak of shadow runs out most of the monsters will be dead. Note: This is much better if you of a shadow warrior. The shadow warrior will launch/hrow her own traps too. This will not work with the shadow master because masters can use any skill. The master will probably just run up and start hitting the monsters instead of doing traps.

Assassin Lock Open

If you are an assasin you don't need keys to open locked chests. Just click on the locked chest and it will be open. Some people who don't read the manual don't know this.

Act V Mountain Quest

In act V on the quest fighting the barbarian ancients on Arriat Summit you can't leave without the ancients resetting. In nightmare or hell mode they gain ablities. You can use the reset to your advantage. If they have an ability you don't like to fight against use a town portal. When you come back you can start the battle over and they'll have different abilities.

Imbue Redo

To make sure you get a good imbue take your save file and copy it to another place( folder, disk, cd, etc.) Then have charsi imbue whatever you want. If you don't like the results delete the save in the diablo2 folder and put the other one in. The repeat until you like the item you get.

Early Sockected Hint/cheat

Early in the game find a good socketed weopen with 2 or more sockets. If you put a rune or jewel that does poison damage and a emarald or just 2 emarlads or 2 runes,etc. the poison dameage will increase dramatically. For example 2 chipped emaralds which do 6 poison damage each together do 23 poison damage. This allows you in the first act and early in the second act to kill most normal monsters with great ease

Weird Prismatic Amulet

Put a perfect gem of every type except skull(in some patched versions you need the skull) in the horadric cube. Hit transmute. You will get an amulet with all resists set to random amounts. Ex.

Fire rst 18
Cold rst 12
Light rst  9
Poison rst 4

You will also get a random affect like life steal, extra stats, abilities, etc.

Horadric Socketing Recipe

Put 3 perfect skulls, a Stone of Jordan (a unique ring), and a rare item and the rare item will have one socket after the transmuting.

Horadric Cube Rune Formulas

If you put in 3 runes of the same kind you will get 1 new type of rune. EXP. 3 EL runes+horadric cube= 1 ELD rune, 3 TIR runes+horadric cube+1 TAL rune.


Perfect Xp Offline

Type /players 8 in any version past 1. 09a and it will be like an online game with max players. The monsters will be harder but in turn you get a lot more experience.

Colors In Profile

To put colors in your profile, minimize the game (ALT+TAB) and open up Notepad. Hold ALT and press 00255 on num pad. You should get a y with 2 dots. Copy it and open up profile. Hold control and press v to paste it. Then press c and they should disappear. Press 1-0 (not on num pad). And to get purple, press ;

Dueling Strategy For Sorc

When dueling as a hydra sorc in blood moor, go into one of those small houses. Fill the house with hydras. When an enemy comes in, teleport out for the house so your enemy can meet their toasty demise. note: this doesnt work well when dueling zons.


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