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  • Action, Adventure
  • Bandai
  • Bandai
  • Teen
  • June 14, 2000


All The Attacks

This is all the attacks:

Fire #1- Fire tower
Fire #2- Prominence beam
Fire #3- Spit fire
Fire #4- Red inferno
Fire #5- Magma bomb
Fire #6- Heat laser
Fire #7- Infinity burn
Fire #8- Meltdown
Battle #1- Tremar
Battle #2- Muscle charge
Battle #3- War cry
Battle #4- Sonic jab
Battle #5- Dynamite kick
Battle #6- Counter
Battle #7- Megaton punch
Battle #8- Buster dive
Air #1- Thunder justice
Air #2- Spinning shot
Air #3- Electric cloud
Air #4- Megalo spark
Air #5- Static elect
Air #6- Wind cutter
Air #7- Confused storm
Air #8- Hurricane
Earth #1- Poison powder
Earth #2- Bug 
Earth #3- Mass morph
Earth #4- Insect Plaque
Earth #5- Charm perfume
Earth #6- Poison claw
Earth #7- Danger sting
Earth #8- Green trap
Ice #1- Giga freeze
Ice #2- Ice statue
Ice #3- Winter blast
Ice #4- Ice needle
Ice #5- Water Blit
Ice #6- Aqua magic
Ice #7- Aurora freeze
Ice #8- Tear drop
Mech #1- Power crane
Mech #2- All range beam
Mech #3- Metal sprinter
Mech #4- Pulse laser
Mech #5- Delete program
Mech #6- DG dimension
Mech #7- Full potential
Mech #8- Reverse prog.
Filth #1- Odor spray
Filth #2- Poop speed toss
Filth #3- Big poop toss
Filth #4- Big RND toss
Filth #5- Poop RND toss
Filth #6- RND speed toss
Filth #7- Horizontal kick
Filth #8- Ult. poop hell 

Get Etemon

Beat Etemon and he will join the city, but got kicked out, so he is at the Digimon Bridge, and will be selling a Golden Banana for 50,000.

Defeating Birdramon

When fighting Birdramon, make sure your digimon is smart enough to know "distance." If your digimon knows this, and you can't land a hit because you have a ground digimon, then when she fires her big flame, use your distance, and then use your strongest attack like megaton punch or dynamic kick. This is how I defeated her. Also, even if you don't have distance, be sure to have lots of hp and mp. This is going to be a long battle.

Easier Way To Get An Ultimate Digimon

Train your Digimon until it is a Champion with stats around 4000+ HP, 4000+ MP, 300+ Offense, 300+ Defense, 300+ Speed, and 300+ Brains. Then go out and visit different areas of the Digital Island until you see that the Digimon is happy. (the Digimon is happy/excited when the smilie face on the happyness meter is opening and closing its mouth) Battle the wild Digimon in the area your Digimon is happy in and after a few battles your Digimon with digivolve into an Ultimate. I got a Gigadramon and a MetalGreymon this way.

Thunder Justice

You can get Thunder justice another way. if you have a virus digimon and go to Grey lords mansion explore around and find three soulmon. These enemys have thunder justice you can learn it from them but if your digimon is not a air type do not fight them.

To Get ShogunGekomon

First you wait until early morning. Then go to Gear Savanna. (The Rock Tunnel Way) Then you go to the left way(Gear Savanna)and dodge the ShimaUnimon and go Strait. Pass all the Psychemon and ShimaUnimon and go up. Pass the Akatorimon(If you got Elecmon already)and go right. Pass all the wild digimon and go to Gecko Swamp. Then to your left you may find a rude Otamamon. Defeat him and some Geckomon will take you to ShogunGekomon where you can trade in your worthless cards for points to get rare items.

Get Metal Etemon

To get him just give either, monzaemon, monochromon, greymon, seadramon or kabuterimon a metal banana.

Get Ninjamon As Your Digimon!

To get Ninjamon, when you have Palmon as your rookie, put OFF to 150, Speed to 100, DEF to 100, Brains to 100, HP to 1000, and MP to 1000 and try to keep weight around 10 and don't make too many care mistakes or you may get Vegimon.

How To Get Bakemon To Your City.

When you enter the cemetery youíll see lots of soulmons wearing hats. Bakemon is the ghostly digimon without a hat. Talk to him and heíll ask you some Questions. If youíre digimon isnít a bakemon then you wonít be able to understand what he says. Answer: yes, yes, no anyway and he will be recruited to the city.

Get Gigadramon

Use Giga Hand (Item), If your Digimon's HP become 8000+, MP 8000+, Attack 700+, Defence 700+, Speed 600+, Brain 800+.

Special Fusion (Digital Card Battle)

Go To Fusion Shop at the Wisman Tower

New Cards		Card1		Card2

Puppetmon		Monzaemon		WaruMonzaemon
Mtl Seadramon	MegaSeadramon	WaruSeadramon
Paildramon		Stingmon		ExVeemon
Sylphimon		Aquilamon		RealGatomon
Omnimon Water	WereGarurumon	R-Mtl Greymon
Omnimon Fire	Mtl Garurumon	Wargreymon
Shakkoumon	Angemon		Ankylomon
Imperialdramon	Omnimon Fire	Paildramon
Magnadramon	Magna Angemon	Angewomon
VenomMyotismon	LadyDevimon	Myotismon
GranKuwagamon	H-Kabuterimon	Megadramon
Digitamamon	H-Kabuterimon	Brachiomon
Infermon		Sylphimon		Shakkoumon
Seraphimon		Jijimon		Magna Angemon
Vikemon		Shakkoumon	Zudomon
Valkrymon		Sylphimon		Garudamon
Wargreymon		WaruMonzaemon	Zudomon
Rosemon		Myotismon		Lilimon
Diaboromon		Inffermmon		Digitamamon
Mtl Etemon		Andromon		Etemon
Mtl Garurumon	Piemon		Valkrymon


To get Phiniximon, use a rainbow horn from shogongecowmon. Give it to any digimon and then get it's hp to 4000 mp 3000 atack 500 defence 400 speed 300 and brains 300.

King Of Sunkenmon

The real point of King of Sunkenmon is when you have a Sunkenmon he turns it back to what you had right before it turned into Sunkenmon, but be careful it will stay the same age as your Sunkenmon was when King of Sunkenmon turned him back.

Auto Pilot

Be sure to always have an auto pilot with you at all times because it can save you from some glitches in the game.

Beetle Land

To get to beetle land (a secret place) you need the rod that you can get from shogungekomon for 300 merits. Then go to the bottom part of Dragoneye lake in the morning or the evening and you'll fing a big shadow that swims in the patern. Throw the bait(anykind of bait) at were he turns everytime he goes through the lake. If you place it right he should be easy to get him to bite. Then catch him like any other fish which won't be easy like the other fish. When you catch him he turns out to be Seadramon. You can ask for three things; an item, a water technique( he'll teach you every water teqnique your digimon can learn if you ask him enough times), and you can ask him to be your friend. If you do he will give you a flut you can use to call him and he'll take you to beetle land. You can recruit Kuwagamon and Kabutarimon which will each upgrade green gym so your stats will get higher. You can also participate in a tournament and if you win you get an item that allows you to digivolve your digimon into HerculesKabutarimon (your digimon has to be a bug type to enter).

Get Kunemon

After you beat Kunemon go to Kunemon's bed with an in training when it needs to sleep. Put it to sleep and when it wakes up it might become Kunemon. It may take more than one try.

Learn Thunder Justice

With Monzaemon AS YOUR DIGIMON, beat WarMonzaemon. If your DIGIMON does not learn it restart that battle.

Dimensional Key Chain

After you beat metiormon in the speady time zone get out and Tyranomon will join the city. Mastertyranomon will start gaurding the speedy time zone. Go back to where you beat metiormon after a few days. There should be a nanimon. Talk to it and it will run away and drop the dimensional key chain. It allows you to hold 20 items.

Get Betamon

Get your dimons HP and MP up to 1000 and it's weight should be close to 30.

Get Megaseadramon

Feed your digimon coral ring.

Get Metalgreymon

Feed your digimon metal parts

Most Powerful Card

The most powerful card is Level Mega.

Strongest Card

The strongest card is Omegamon. The back of Omegamon have two large cannon.



In order to find Omegamon and to get him in the city. Please follow these rules:

1. Your digimon must have expirenced the Ultimate Level before facing him. 
2. Your digimon must have only 3-4 characters in his/her name. 
3. Your digimon must have these status. 

HP: 9999 
MP: 9999 
Def: 1000-2000 
Speed: 1000-2000 
Brain: 1000-2000 
Off: 1000-2000 
Virius: [ zero ] 
Happy Bar: [ 50/50 ] 
Angry Bar: [ 50/50 ] 
Then go to Greymon's Arena and then defeat the "S" Cup and then go to the misty trees. Go to where you found Cherrymon and then stay there until it has passed 6 days. If this is going to work, on the sixth day, it should have been 4 years and 18 days. If this is correct, then at night Omegamon will arrive. He will look like Skull Greymon but except he has a shield. Omegamon is a real killer. He can do 1000-2000 damage to you on one go. He can alos take your items and use it on himself. He can regenerate his HP and MP when he turns blue. This is his regen bar:
Blue- HP and MP Restored 
Green- Speed and Brain Increased 
Purple- Off. and Def. Increased 
Red- WARNING! Attack Damage is Increased! 
The deadliest one is RED which will alow him to do a massive record of 5000-8000 damage.

Wizardmon's Wand Spells (Digital Card Battle)

Go to Wizardmon on sky city after complete the game. Talk him and select yes.

Card		Spell

Aero Veedramon	A-VEEDRAMON
Jijimon		JIJIMON
Metal Etemon	MTLETEMON
Metal Garurumon	MTLGARURUMON
Omnimon (Fire-type)	OMNIMON-1
Omnimon (Water-type)	OMNIMON-2
Piedmon		PIEDMON
VenomMyotismon	VENOMMYOTIS
Wargreymon		WARGREYMON


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Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Digimon World yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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