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  • Shooter, First-Person Shooter
  • Unknown
  • Capcom
  • Mature
  • November 1, 2000



Since the dinos can not pass through a shutter, use them to your advantage. Close each shutter after you pass them. This way, if a dino appears in that particular area, you can not be attacked (unless, of course, you are on the same side as the dino).

Puzzle Preview

When at a puzzle, before changing it, around push the button. Nothing will happen, but if you watch the colored lights they will turn on in the order needed to solve the puzzle.

Save Ammo

There are some areas that you will only pass through once or twice in the entire game. Killing the dinos in these areas is pointless; more importantly, it is a waste of ammo. Use the weakest tranquilizer dart on it/them, and move on. This way, the bullets/shells/slugs/grenades are available when you need them. Once you get unlimited grenades (by completing the game three times under the normal difficulty setting), you can kill those dinos, without wasting ammo.

Third Energy Key Card Early

Before leaving the jungle, you can retrieve the card from the shallow stream. This way you will not have to make a return trip after finding out that it is needed.


Design Disc Code

At the part of the game where a sound is heard after pushing the shelf, enter 367204 as a code.

Alternate costumes

Successfully complete the game once to unlock the Army and Battle costumes. Successfully complete the game a second time to unlock the Ancient costume.

Grenade gun

Successfully complete the game three times to view all endings. Then the grenade gun with infinite ammunition will be available at the start of the next game.

Operation: WipeOut mode

Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting in under five hours.


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Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Dino Crisis yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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