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  • Action, Side Scrolling Platform
  • Unknown
  • Nintendo
  • Everyone
  • November 16, 2004


Level Wrap

In the first world, when you get Gangplank Gallion, click on it the level, then dodge or kill the crocdile, then jump on the barrels toward the Kremcoin by the barrels then with the girl monkey, jump and press (B) and you should disapper. But don't worry if you do miss, try again and if you disapper, you will land beside about 15 bananas and after you pick them up go to the other side and you should see the level go a different color. But after you should land on a crank and you will be close to the end and remember the three banana coins at the end and then get your other prize.

Get Wrinkly Kong's Photo

Get all photos and talk to Wrinkly.

Get Expresso's Photo

Place first in the Expresso Race in every world.

Get Funky Kong's Photo

Complete Funky's games in every world.

Get Donkey Kong's Photo

Beat K. Rool at the end of the game.

Beating K. Rool

When K. Rool fires cannons at you with his gun avoid them. When he fires a barrel, jump on it then a cannon ball comes out. When he tries to suck you up with his gun, grab the cannon ball and throw it into the gun. This should take 9 hits to beat him.

Get Screech's Photo

Beat Screech's record in Screech's Sprint.

Purple Squawks

In the level in Gloomy Gulch, Parrot Chute Panic, you will see a purple Squawks waiting for you. The only difference is that he can't attack and can't fly upward. So basicly, he's like a parachute. This is the only level with a purple Squawks in it which is a beehive level.

Other Character Apperances

After beating K. Rool, Cranky will show you the video game heros you have to catch up to by collecting DK coins like Link, Yoshi and Mario.

Get Enemy Photos

Throughout the game, you will sometimes see enemies with little cameras above their heads. Attack them in order to get the photo.

Get Swanky Kong's Photo

Get all the answers right in every world.

Get Cranky Kong's Photo

Visit Cranky in every world.

Tiny Kong Appearance

When you play the Funky Kong game whrere you rescue members of the Kong family, they will all look like Tiny Kong from Donkey Kong 64.

Right Answers For Kong Questions

In the first level of the game you will be able to play a game. The answers are A, A, C.


55 Lives

At the cheats screen, enter "weakling".

Cheats Codes

Enter the following on the cheat menu:

Opens every level in the game: FREEDOM
Opens music player screen: ONETIME
Start with 10 banana coins: RICHMAN
Shows game credits: KREDITS
Start wit 50 banana coins: WELLRICH
No DK or save barrels: ROCKARD

50 Banana Coins

At the cheat screen enter "wellrich".

Get All Places

To get all places in the game go to the cheat menu and type in JOURNEY. This will give you 79% done but you can go where ever you wish.

15 Lives

At the cheats screen, enter "HELPME".


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Easter eggs

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