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  • Shooter, Shooter with Weapon Peripheral
  • Id Software
  • Activision
  • Mature
  • October 4, 2004



The Bio Force Gun (BFG-9000), is one of the most advanced weapons known to the UAC. To get it, go on Delta Labs 2B on Veteran and find the Martian Buddy Locker and type in 0508. Also, when your in the portal room back to Delta Labs, go around the portal and you'll find an opening. Go passed it and up the stairway. Once you reach the end, you'll see some plasma cells and the BFG-9000.

Sticky Laptop

On the level Monorail Skybridge Sector 2 when you go inside a small room with a Soda Machine you will see a laptop on the table and if you shoot with a shotgun, it will go flying and stick to the glass wall.

Saving Ammo

After you get the chainsaw, use it on zombies and mosters that don't shoot at you. This will save you tons of ammo for later levels.

Using Your PDA Properly

Be sure to check your PDA often for E-mail. E- mail on your personal PDA or the PDA of someone else for Access codes, Updates, and useful information. I spent hours on the monorail access code trying to guess it because i forgot to check my PDA.


Original Classic Doom Cheats

During game play, hold the L trigger and press:

A, A, A, A (god mode)
B, B, B, B (gives you all weapons only)
X, X, X, X (temporary invulnerability)
X, Y, Y, Y (radiation suit)
X, X, Y, Y (invisibility)
B, B, A, A (gives you only chainsaw)
A, A, B, B (skip ahead to next level)
A, B, A, B (gives you all weapons and all key cards)
(note: These codes only work if you have the collectors edition of Doom 3 and are playing the Classic Doom games)

Infinite Health

Hold down left trigger and then hit X, Y, B, A. You do not have to go to the PDA.


First acces your PDA, go to objectives and hold down L then press X, Y, B, A. Exit and hurt yourself to see if it works.

Infinite Health

Access your PDA and hold left trigger, and then press X, Y, B, A. If entered correctly it should exit out to the previous screen.

Skip To Next Checkpoint

Hold sprint (left trigger) and press X, A, B, Y.


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Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Doom 3 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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