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  • .Hack: Mutation (Part 2)
  • Action, Adventure
  • Unknown
  • Bandai
  • Teen
  • May 7, 2003


Snakey Grunty (Lambda Server)

Feed your little Grunty 2 Cordycep, 2 La Pumpkin, 2 Mandragora, 2 Twilight Onion, and 16 Golden Eggs.

Bony Grunty (Lambda Server)

Feed your little Grunty: 4 Cordycep, 1 Mandragora, 2 Piney Apple, 1 Snaky Cactus, and many Golden Eggs until it is an adult.

Sword 3000 (rare 14 Heavyblade)

You can get this sword by data draining earth monsters (normally ones the can heal).

.hack Flashback

Do you remember old times. Hack sign, well would you like to see them again [but in someone memoroy? ] visit the church after every event happen[whatever if you defeat one of the phases or investgateion, ask by annoying pig[lois] anyway get in the church and you will see someone flashback then you get a siliver grunte or golden grunte.

Rare Weapons

If you Data Drain monsters, you can either get Virus Cores or weapons/armor. Most high level monsters have very rare weapons and strong armor. Most of these monsters are above level 45; be careful when fighting them. If you do not receive the item, keep Data Draining that monster. However, do not Data Drain too much where you are in danger of system crashing:

House Golem: Laevateinn (Heavy Blade) 
Wander Demon: Rod of Pattern (Wave Master) 
Mad Witch: SWORD (Blademaster) 
Harpy Queen: Great Elite (Wavemaster), Jishuwen (Long Arm) 
Easter Rock: 8 Key Guardian (Heavy Axeman) 
Squidpod: Fishskin (Twin Blade) 
King Worm: Bureido (Blademaster) 
Angolmere: Crimson Raid (Twin Blade) 

Defeating The Last Boss

After you go to Net Slum, you can fight the last Boss. You have to kill the leaves that it drops. Hit it until it breaks and Data Drain it.

Defeating Martina R

After you defeat Magus (the last Boss), the message board gets updated and you are challenged to another round of Goblin Tag. Go to the Root Town and look for a player named Koji. Trade him whatever you can for a Beast's Bane. Go to Lambda: Detestable, Vengeful, Gate and you will start the fight with Martina R. You will notice that physical attacks do very little, if you can even hit her, and no magic can hurt her. Use the Beast's Bane and it will lower her Magic Defense significantly. If you have the Fishskin Twin Blade weapon (obtained by Data Draining the Squidpod enemy) you can use Merrows. Using Merrows one time should knock about 1,000 HP off of Martina. Use it a second time to finish her off. After the battle, Martina gives you the Imp's Praises Key Item. Once again, equip all the Goblin Armor on Kite and he will be able to summon level 2 Goblins.

Defeating Cubia

At one point, you will get an email from Aura that is as always garbled, but she will mention Cubia in it and Kite will mention the name. immediately stock up on magic scrolls , spells, and magic armors . You will be forced to take Mistral along for this, but this is a good thing. Your other character should be a powerhouse such as Blackrose, Gardenia, or Piros. When you reach the bottom of the dungeon, you will be attacked by Cubia. The actual boss here will be Cubia Core, which will spawn other variations of Cores such as Repth Core. This should be your first priority. The Repth Core holds 1,000 HP. This must be killed first or it will heal Cubia for 400 Hp at a time. After you kill it, ignore the others and order your companions to use magic on the Cubia Core (which holds 5,000 HP). After about 1000 damage it will launch a powerful attack. You should immediately heal yourself, then order your companions to attack the Repth Core again with physical attacks this time. Then once again, attack Cubia Core . You will need to repeat this multiple times. Remember to alternate between physical and magical attacks after he launches a powerful attack.

High Level Fields

In the Lambda server, if you type in Chosen, Hopeless, (and another keyword) you will get fields that range from level 48 to 50.

Key Axe

If you completed .hack Part 1: Infection and finished the OVA Keyword dungeons you should have an Ice Bar. If not, go to Delta: Hideous, Organ Market, Scaffold, and when you reach the Statue of Gott you will receive the Ice Bar. Go to the Root Town and look for a player named Panta. You trade the Ice Bar to him for a Level 38 Key Axe.

OVA Keyword

In the OVA that comes with the game, there is a hidden Keyword shown while Mai is on the computer: Lambda: Capricious, Unending, Corridor. When you reach the statue of Gott at the end of the dungeon, you will get Chinese Food. Go back to the Root Town and look for a player named Annri. You can trade the Chinese Food for a Super Wufei (a very powerful spear for either Nuke Usagimaru or Gardenia).

Hidden Meetings

You can do this at any time, but you may want to do it early. Go to Delta:Hidden, Forbidden, Holy Ground. This is the same place from .hack: Infection that BlackRose invites you to, and the first place you met Balmung. When you go through the doors, an intermission sequence will begin and you will see a meeting with the characters from .Hack//Sign. It is also the same scene from .Hack//Sign where Mimiru and Bear think Tsukasa is a girl. When the scene finishes, you will receive M:Wavemaster to your Key Items and a Golden Grunty under the Books section of your items. The Golden Grunty raises your Max HP by 30 and the M:Wavemaster is a line that Tsukasa says from the anime. After the scene with Subaru, Silver Knight, Bear, Mimiru, and BT, you will see another scene from .Hack//Sign. This time, it is the meeting between Crim and Sora. After the scene, you will get the M:Long Arm added to your Key Items and another Silver Grunty which raises your Max SP by 15. You can see the first scene at the beginning of the game, but you have to wait until you finish other events before going back to see more. If you go back to Delta: Hidden, Forbidden, Holy Ground after the scene with Sora and BT, you will see another scene from .Hack//Sign. This time it is the meeting between Subaru, Silver Knight, Bear, Mimiru, and BT concerning Tsukasa not being able to log out of "The World." After the scene, you will receive M:Heavy Axeman and another Golden Grunty which raises you Max HP by 30. If you go back to Delta: Hidden, Forbidden, Holy Ground after the scene with Tsukasa, Bear, and Mimiru, you will see another scene from .Hack//Sign, where Sora asks for BT's member address. After the scene concludes, you will receive M:Twin Blade for your Key Items and a Silver Grunty which raises your Max SP by 15.

Hidden Dungeon

After you defeat Magus (the last enemy), you will get two e-mails from [email protected] One just tells you that you can convert your game data into the next .hack. The other one gives you a hidden dungeon. Restock on healing items and Resurrects when you log on and give your characters the strongest armor and weapons you have. Mia and Wiseman also are finally able to join your party. Take Wiseman (Elk or Mistral will do just fine) and someone with good attacks. Give Wiseman better armor (something that lets him cast Ola Repth and Rip Maen recommended) and a good weapon (Great Elite or Rod of Pattern recommended). After fully prepared, go to Theta: Bitter, Fantasy, Mirror World. Use the Virus Core U you received earlier to hack the Gate. The dungeon is level 50; make sure everyone is at a high level. When you reach the door with the purple flame, a Boss is behind it. Heal your characters and recover their SP. Head to the magic portal and you will fight Agnomen. Angolmere is an easy Boss if you know the correct tactics. Have Kite attack a couple of times and retreat so the Boss will not hit you. Send your attacker to attack and use skills. He or she will most likely get killed frequently; use Resurrects to revive them. Set Wiseman to First Aid and occasionally switch him to use magic. Angolmere only attacks one character at a time. This lets you attack him as he is barraging your other character. Keep Wiseman healing, and when he gets low, use a Mage's Soul on him. When Angolmere gets a little more than halfway past his health, he Protect Breaks. Use Data Drain and you will receive the Crimson Raid Twin Blade weapon. Also, after you kill the Death Head that he becomes after Data Drain, you receive the Lucky Shoes which allows the casting of Rig Saem and Rig Gaem.

Easy Experience

If you are level 30 or more, go to a place 40 or above. Keep using magic skills to gain levels very quickly and easily.

Getting Items Needed For Trade

Use the following trick to get certain items needed for trade (for example, Cooked Bile). Remember a place that has the item and go there. Once you get to a place with a lot of jars or eggs/small eggs (usually a treasure box area), break everything. If you get the desired item, exit then immediately return. The jars or eggs/small eggs have been restored. Break everything again. Note: This does not mean you will get the desired item every time. Keep repeating the process until you have enough of those items to trade. You will get items that are useful, such as Healing Potions, Healing Drinks, Antidotes, Resurrects, and Restoratives. This is especially useful just before Bosses. Also, since it is free you will not want waste any money.

Getting Good Weapons

Visit your Grunty to get good weapons that might help. Just go to Lamda or the first place where you raised your own Grunty then talk and trade.

Easy Flag Race

On Theta server use Iron grunt. Turn the grunt in the opposite direction a full grunt length away from the flag. Get the flags in this oder; green red purple. ON Lambda server use Bone grunt. Turn the grunt in the opposite direction a full grunt length away from the flag. When turning down a street, turn into the wall(on Kite's right) then quickly straighten out inorder to prevent extreme sliding.

Easy Potions

First you go in to a dungeon and look for pots, skeltons, crates, and eggs (It depends what words you use to get to a dungeon to dertermine the the type). Then you bust them open to find potions, antidotes, and restoritives.


DVD Secrets

The DVD that is included with the game has a secret section. It reveals secrets in the game. Highlight the gallery of pictures, then press Right. The pointer will disappear. Press X or Enter, then scroll right and left between secrets one to ten.


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Easter eggs

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