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  • Dragon Age 2
  • Role-Playing, Third-Person 3D Action RPG
  • BioWare
  • Electronic Arts
  • Mature
  • March 8, 2011


Location Of Gift Item For: Carver

You can find it in Act 1 – Tobrius’s Documents, Birthright Quest, in the Amell Estate Cellar to find this Gift Item.

Location Of Gift Item For: Anders

You can find it in Act 2 – Tevinter Chanty Amulet, Fenris Companion Quest A Bitter Pill, in the Abandon Slaver Den

Location Of Gift Item For: Aveline

You can find it in Act 2 – Shield of the Knight Herself, Offered and Lost Main Quests, in Ser Vernel’s Refuge to find this Gift Item.

Location Of Gift Item For: Fenris

You can find it in Act 2 – A Slave’s Life and Act 3 – Blade of Mercy (Best Served Cold Main Quest). During Act 2 you’ll find a Gift Item in a sack at the Elven Alienage at Lowtown during the nighttime. Then you’ll find the second item during a Secret Meeting Place in the Best Served Cold Main Quest.

Location Of Gift Item For: Isabela

You can find it in Act 2 – Ship in a Bottle (during the Blackpowder Courtesy Main Quest) and Act 3 – Rivani Talisman. For Act 2, you’ll find the Gift Item during Smuggler’s Cut. For Act 3, look in the Dissused Passage at the docks during the nighttime.

Location Of Gift Item For: Merril

You can find it in Act 2 – Wooden Halla Carving and Act 3 – Sylvanwood Ring (Murder of Crows Quest) For Act 2, this gift item will be a purchase at Ilen’s Craft Shop at Sundermount. For Act 3, you’ll need to loot the Thief Leader either during the Murder of Crows Quest or upon entering Sudermount.

Location Of Gift Item For: Varric

You can find it in Act 2 – The Tethras Signet Ring. You’ll find this Gift Item sold at the Trinket’s Emporium in Lowtown.

Location Of Gift Item For: Sebastian

You can find it in Act 2 – Strakhaven Longbow, Companions Quest Repentance. You’ll find this final Gift Item within the Harimann Estate.

Location: Gift Item For Bethany

You can find it in Act 1: Portrait Of Your Mother, Birthright Quest. You should check in the Amell Estate Cellar to find this Gift Item.


Unlimited Level Up And XP Exploit

More Unlimited Gold Reward

Go to Kirkwall and start the quest in the chantry called "Sister Plinth's Remains." While returning her remains to her brother, DON'T MOVE! Not moving prevents the exploit from working. Just keep pressing the button to turn over the remains and the brother will keep giving you the reward. Note: You find the remains in Darktown in the top right corner of the map. They are surrounded by a bunch of soldiers.

Get Infinite Gold And Experience

Complete any of the side quests that do not activate a cut-scene when receiving your reward. These include South-Song Gerralt's Corpse Side-Quest, or any of the find-and- deliver side-quests. Then save your game. Draw your weapon and approach the NPC. While your character is putting their weapon away to talk to the NPC, quickly and repeatedly press A to get unlimited money and experience. You can keep doing this until you move your character. Keep doing it over and over to get unlimited!


We have no unlockables for Dragon Age II yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Dragon Age II yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Glitch: Unlimited Armor Points

You can do this with Hawke and Aveline during game play. Just equip then un-equip, and then equip your shield. Your Armor stat/percentage will constantly increase as you do so! You can max out your Armor Points by doing this. This may be fixed if there is an update.


DLC Achievements

"The Stone Prisoner"
Rock and a Hard Place (Bronze) Completed "The Golem in Honnleath".
Stone's Lament (Bronze) Completed "A Golem's Memories".
"Warden's Keep"
Diabolist (Bronze) Took advantage of Avernus's research.
Master of the Peak (Bronze) Completed "Soldier's Peak".
The Enduring Vigil (Bronze) Acquired all upgrades for Vigil's Keep.
Awakening (Gold) Completed Dragon Age Origins - Awakening.
Commander of the Grey (Bronze) Reached level 30.
Savior of Kal'Hirol (Bronze) Destroyed the broodmothers in Kal'Hirol.
Blind Vengeance (Bronze) Escaped the silverite mines.
Pride Before The Fall (Bronze) Defeated the baroness.
Amaranthine's Last Hope (Bronze) Saved the city of Amaranthine.
Keeper of the Vigil (Bronze) Saved Vigil's Keep.
"Darkspawn Chronicles"
Bane of Thedas (Bronze) Handed victory to the archdemon by killing Ferelden's last Grey Warden.
Enthralling (Bronze) Earned maximum approval from all types of thralls.
Ogre's Keeper (Silver) Kept the initial ogre alive through the whole story.
"Leliana's Song"
Provocateur (Bronze) Collected and assembled the Battledress of the Provocateur.
Turning Point (Bronze) Heard Lelian's version of her betrayal.
Vendetta (Bronze) Destroyed the career of Guard Captain Eams.
"Golems Of Amgarrak"
Reaper (Bronze) Defeated the Harvester.
Grim Reaper (Bronze) Defeated the Harvester on Hard or Nightmare difficulty.
A Secret Stitched Together (Bronze) Gathered all of the research notes in Amgarrak.
"Witch Hunt"
A Time of Wood and Stone (Bronze) Gathered the lost lore of Cadaish Thaig.
Through the Looking Glass (Bronze) Completed the scrying ritual.
Varterral's Fall (Bronze) Defeated the varterral on Hard or Nightmare difficulty.
Witch Hunter (Bronze) Completed "Witch Hunt".

Trophy List

Annulment Invoker (Bronze) Sided with the templars in "Broken Circle".
Archmage (Silver) Main character achieved level 20 as a mage.
Bhelen's Ally (Bronze) Sided with Bhelen in "A Paragon of Her Kind".
Blight-Queller (Gold) Killed 1000 darkspawn.
Bloodied (Bronze) Completed an origin story without the main character ever falling in battle.
Bully (Bronze) Succeeded at five difficult Intimidate attempts.
Casteless (Bronze) Completed the Dwarf Commoner origin story.
Ceremonialist (Bronze) Defied the Cult of Andraste in "The Urn of Sacred Ashes".
Conscripted (Bronze) Completed the City Elf origin story.
Corrupted (Bronze) Completed the Dalish Elf origin story.
Easy Lover (Bronze) Experienced the thrill of romance with Zevran.
Educated (Bronze) Used a tome to improve the main character's attributes, talents, spells, or skills.
Elite (Bronze) Main character learned two specializations.
First Knight (Bronze) Experienced the thrill of romance with Alistair.
Grey Warden (Bronze) Killed 100 darkspawn.
Harrowed (Bronze) Completed the Magi origin story.
Harrowmont's Ally (Bronze) Sided with Harrowmont in "A Paragon of Her Kind".
Heavy Hitter (Bronze) Main character inflicted 250 damage with a single hit.
Hero of Redcliffe (Bronze) Completed "The Arl of Redcliffe".
Hopelessly Romantic (Bronze) Across all playthroughs, experienced all possible romances.
Kinslayer (Bronze) Completed the Dwarf Noble origin story.
Last of the Wardens (Bronze) Completed Ostagar.
Last of Your Line (Bronze) Completed the Human Noble origin story.
Liberator (Bronze) Destroyed the Anvil of the Void.
Magic Sympathizer (Bronze) Sided with the mages in "Broken Circle".
Master of Arms (Silver) Main character achieved level 20 as a warrior.
Master Warden (Silver) Killed 500 darkspawn.
Menacing (Bronze) Succeeded at 10 difficult Intimidate attempts.
Mercenary (Bronze) Complete 15 job-board quests.
Perfectionist (Bronze) Across all playthroughs, discovered all possible endings.
Persuasive (Bronze) Succeeded at five difficult Persuasion attempts.
Pilgrim (Bronze) Completed a Chanter's Board quest.
Poacher (Bronze) Sided with the elves in "Nature of the Beast".
Pragmatist (Bronze) Preserved the Anvil of the Void.
Rabble-Rouser (Bronze) Completed "The Landsmeet".
Recruiter (Bronze) Across all playthroughs, recruited all party members.
Sacrilegious (Bronze) Sided with the Cult of Andraste in "The Urn Of Sacred Ashes".
Shadow (Silver) Main character achieved level 20 as a rogue.
Silver Tongued (Bronze) Succeeded at 25 difficult Persuasion attempts.
Slayer (Bronze) Sided with the werewolves in "Nature of the Beast".
Standard-Bearer (Bronze) Used the Grey Warden treaties to recruit all possible allies.
The Ultimate Reward (Platinum) Completed all Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies.
Tinkerer (Bronze) Crafted an item.
Traveler (Bronze) Set foot in every area in the game.
Veteran (Bronze) Main character learned a specialization.
Wine, Woman, and Song (Bronze) Experienced the thrill of romance with Leliana.
Witch Gone Wild (Bronze) Experienced the thrill of romance with Morrigan.

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