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  • Fighting, 3D Fighting
  • Dimps
  • Atari
  • Teen
  • November 17, 2004


How To Unlock Cell JR

To unlock Cell JR, go to Dragon Arena, battle Piccolo, and beat him.

Get SSJ5 Broly

Complete the game 100% then fight SSJ5 Goku and SSJ5 Vegeta in duel mode. Go to dragon universe and beat it with Broly as usually. A capsule will be unlocked saying you have unlocked the legendary SSJ5 Broly.

Get Dragon Arena

To get Dragon Arena, beat Dragon Universe with Goku, Vegeta, Kid Gohan, Teen Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo Yamcha, Uub, Gohan and Tien.

Destroyed Level

On the level select screen, press O instead of X to select a level. When the level appears, it will be a destroyed version of it. This will not work on "Inside Buu", "Hyperbolic Time Chamber", or "World Tournament". In my opinion, its more fun to destroy the level yourself with an Ultimate.

SS4 Goku

To get ss4 goku you must cllect all 7 dragonballs with goku then when shenron appears pick breakthrough (goku)


To get Gogeta, go to Vegeta's DU. Get to the point right before you fight Super Buu with Vegeto. (Have your map on)Go to the part on your map where a whole continent is white (Ice Land). Fly there and you will talk to Kabito Kia. He will ask you if you notice a unusual power level besides buu. Then you go to the red dot on the map and fight Super Buu with Vegeto. After that you fight Buu inside Buu. Then after that you go to the red dot and fight Broly. Then you go to the next red dot and you will get a note. Then you go to the last red dot which is at the World Tornament. There you will get a green capsule that says Gogeta, "can fuse into Gogeta as long as fusion is done correctly"

Unlock Supreme Kai

Beat Gohan's DU two times then keep fling around un til you find him then you will unlock him.

Kid Goku

Go to Grandpa Gohan House before or after you fight Raddtiz in Goku's DU OR complete Broly's Du.

Android 16

You can find Android 16 at Plain among the south island. Bring him to Bulma in West City (Krillin's Dragon Universe mode the second time) to unlock him.

Unlock Metal Cooler

To unlock Metal Cooler, go to Goku's Dragon Universe the second (or higher) time. After you fight Frieza the first time, three red dots should appear on your map. Go to the one on the Central Continent. You should already have unlocked Cooler, because this will NOT unlock Cooler. Fight him at the dot. Then when you beat him, there will be a dot in the same place. Go to it and talk to Metal Cooler. After you talk to him, go just north of his spaceship. Go to the "???" event, and you will recieve the "Cooler's Spaceship" capsule. It the capsule is equipped to Cooler during battle, it will allow Cooler to turn into Metal Cooler if he is defeated in a battle.

How To Get Cooler

To get Cooler beat D.U with Goku. In namek on your second time through after beating Frieza 1 time. There will be 3 red dots. Go to the one at the bottom LEFT. Hit X. You talk to Cooler. Then there is a red dot in the middle. Go to it and hit X. Win that fight.

Buu To Uub Transformation

Beat Kid Buu with Goku(5) to unlock Uub.

Unlock Videl

Find her in Gohan's DU.

How To Get The Dragon Radar

In Dragon Universe (DU), look around until you find "????" with a flashing light on the spot. Go there, and you just might get a Dragon Radar. You might also get capsules, but that's beside the point. The Dragon Radar is used to help find Dragon Balls. To show it, press the triangle button until a radar comes up. Dragon Balls will be orange dots on the radar. You must get it every time you start a new DU.

How To Unlock Frieza

To unlock Frieza, you must battle him and beat him.

How To Unlock Saibamen

To unlock Saibamen, go to Dragon Arena, battle Nappa when he breaks in, and beat him. Note: When you unlock characters in Dragon Arena, others must break in.

Better Transproting

You know every time when a character from very hard mode transport insted of hitting you thay just hit you with a combo. Will I solve that problem. All you have to do is when you transport hold (x) so that way you can trasport behinde him so you can come up with a combo all your own. (Remeber insted of just pressing (x) when trasporting. YOU HOLD IT.)

Super Spirit Bomb

To Do Super Spirit Bomb put your skills in this order: Kaioken, SS1, SS2, SS3, Spiritbomb, Kamehameha, SpiritBomb [second time].

Unlock Saibamen

Play as anyone be from levels 0-20. Nappa should break in beat him to unlock Saibamen.

Unlock Bradock

If You wnt to unlock Bardock, you have to beat Goku's DU First. Then start DU again and before going to the red dot, head for the mountains and find a Sayian Spaceship. Press X to enter it and you will get Bardock.

How To Unlock Brolly

You have to beat Brolly on the second time through as goku instead of Kid Buu.

Mystery Vest

When you first start DU with Goku go to Goku's house and Chi Chi will say that Bulma what's you. Then go to West City and Bulma will ask if you seen Tien and you will say no then Bulma will give you the Mystery Vest.

Easy Ultimate Attacks

Once you have enough ki, press L2 to go hyper mode. Press L2 again to start the ultimate attack. There will be 2 bars. The bottom one increases. When you think it's close to finishing press X, O, Square and Triangle at the same time. The bar increases 3 times

How To Get Cell Jr.

Almost the same as how to get saibaman but, Piccolo must break in while your level is 20-40

Super Saiyain

When you are in DU you can get super saiyain with Broly, Goku, Gohan, Teen Gohan, and Vegeta.

Red Ribbon Army Base

When you have Dragon Arena, go there and choose the Red Ribbon Army Base, when you exit you should have it.

Double Death Shots

First pick Frieza in third form. Next do a complete dragon rush. He will then do a cool move.

Story Reactment 1

Hit Radditz with the Special Beam Cannon in Piccolo's Dragon Universe

Kid Trunks And Adult Trunks

To get Kid Trunks beat Fat Buu with Majjin Vegeta to get Adult Trunks complete Vegeta's Dragon Universe.

Get Cooler

To unlock Cooler, play through Goku's DU a second (or higher) time. After you fight Frieza once, three red markers will appear. Go to the one directly south of you, right next to FRIEZA'S spaceship. There, you will fight Vegeta as a Super Saiyan. Beat him, and you will sence a power greater than Frieza's. Go to the new red marker, and there you will meet Cooler. Defeat him, and you will unlock him.


When in Dragon Universe, hold down L1 to burst into "Super-Speed".

Easy Ring-Out In World Tournament

To get an easy ring-out in the world tournament, go to the edge of the ring. Right before your enemy hits you, hold X and tap over (in your opponents direction) to teleport behind them and hit them out of bounds. Sometimes, though, they will counter and after you teleport behind them, they may quickly teleport behind you. So make sure you have plenty of Ki so if that happens, you can quickly counter them.

Easy Power Struggle

When preforming an Ultimate, or defending against one, rotate the analog stick slower. That way, your Ki power bar moves slower, and it is easyer to get a high ammount of Ki.

Dragon Arena

Beat everyone's Dragon Universe, Goku, Piccolo Yamcha, Uub, Vegeta, Kid Gohan, Teen Gohan, Gohan, Tien, Krillin, and Broly.

Hercule And Great Saiyaman

To get Hercule, find him in Piccolo's Dragon Universe. To get Greatb Saiyaman, beat Gohan's Dragon Universe.

Unlock Recoome

Beat him in Goku's Dragon Universe(at Planet Namek)

Inside Buu

Fight Buu with Goku or Vegeta during Dragon Mode.

Teen Gohon

Beat Kid Gohon's Dragon Universe.

Unlock 18

Complete Krillens Dragon Universe mode.

Get Dragon Balls Easy

Find the dragon rader, then you can find the dragon balls easy.

Unlock Vegeta

Beat him in Goku's Dragon Universe.

Unlock Kid Goku

Complete Broly's dragon universe or, on your second time through Goku's dragon Universe, go to Grandpa Gohan's house.

Unlock Android 17

Beat him in Piccolo's Dragon Universe storyline.

Get Bardock

Play as Goku in dragon universe. In the beginning, before you fight Raditz, look for the sayian spaceship on the screan. Land there and you'll recieve the Bardock skill.

Alternate Costumes

At the selection screen, press Left when choosing a charater.

SS4 Vegeta

collect all 7 dragonballs with vegeta then pick breackthrough (vegeta)


To get Broly, you talk to the supream ki and he will say he sceans a great evil. Then you defeat buu 2 times and you talk to ki agine. Goku will say he will handle it. then just go to the red dot on the map then you face Broly.

Hyper Mode

To enter hyper mode easier, just press L2.


Unlock All Capsules

R1, R1, R1, L1, L1, L1, L2, R2, Up, Down, Left, Right, Start+Select.



To unlock Videl, beat DU once w/ adult Gohan. Then, on the second time, go to the southern island chain, and on one island, a scroll that sais PLAINS will appear. hit X, and there will be a dialogue. After this, you should have Videl.

Get Omega Shenron

First, you have to get Broly then you have to beat it with everybody three times. After you did that you need to complete the training mode them, you gu back to the dragon universe and be Broly and after you beat Videl with Broly in dragon universe you will see two red dots on the map. One will be at the top right corner another will be at the bottom left corner go to the bottom and you will fight Omega Shenron.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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