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  • Dragon Ball Z Budokai: Tenkaichi 2
  • Fighting, 3D Fighting
  • Spike
  • Atari
  • Teen
  • October 17, 2006


Kaio-ken Kame-hame-ha X20

With Goku wait for your blast stock to have the number 4 then go to max power and do kaio-ken then charge your kame-hame-ha and it should be stronger than a normal kame-hame-ha. Warning:it won't say kaio-ken kame-hame-ha x20.

Easy 10,000 Zeni

First go to Saiyan Saga. Then go to to event 01/Kakarot. Next go to the Central Capital (It is a yellow dot). Once you enter it look around and you'll see a bag, get it and you got 10,000 Zeni. Hint:Do this 10 times and you get 100,000 Zeni. Do this 100 times you got 1,000,000 Zeni!!!

Superb Trick

Go to Dragon Adventure then choose Majin Buu Saga. Then choose theTwo Majin Buus and select 1 Game Level. When the adventure started, go to the Mountain Road at your North-East. You will see yamcha there. Speak to him. Then fight him.

How To Get 100,000 Zeni

All you need to do to get 100,000 zeni is beat the cell games tournament. This is not the story mode cell games, you need to beat the actual cell games tournament.

An Easy 180k

Go to the Saiyan Saga. And pick the board when Goku and Vegeta are fighting, but hey move to the Rocky board go to where they were at. Go to the Saibaman and fight him. When your done sell it at the old Lady's shop.

How To Do Kaio-ken Spirit Bomb

First use goku and do share your energy with me 3 times then wait for your blast stock to have the number 4 then go to max power then do kaio-ken then last do your spirit bomb.

Super Omni Spirit Bomb

I like to call it the "Spirit Bomb On Steroids", but this is extreamly hard to use unless in training, first go to practice and pick goku "normal" and pick whoever you would like to go up agienst, make the com "stand" then instead of useing "give me your energy" once, use it 3 times, it wont let you do it more than that, then charge up to max power, and to push it over the limit of goku's normal power use his kiao-ken and unleash your might! It causes 36980 damage wich is enough to take out frieza in one blow!

Attack 15

In order to get attack 15 you must find all seven dragonballs and wish for shenron you get many of the same items as the the last time you summoned shenron (atack 15, ki 15, supreme ki methods and many more hard to get things that you can only get them by summoning shenron).

Dragon Ball Z (show Move)

Durring the game (must be as any z fighter) (goku, krillin, gohan, trunks, vegeta, piccolo, or any other z fighters from tenkiachi 1) press l2, l1, triangle to use the hamehameha.

1 Million Zeni

In Dragon Adventure, go the the Android Saga and select the mission "Cell Games Begin" you will want to choose difficulty level #1 because this might be difficult. You will be playing as Hurcule (If you have not leveled Hurcule up before this, you will want to, only give him health Z Items, the stronger the better). Fly over to the Mountain Road and land. There you will find Yamcha and the Z Item "Champion's Belt" behind you. Talk to Yamcha and fight him. He is very difficult since you are Hurcule, and his attacks will be constant and powerful. The Key is to not let him attack. As soon as you can, use your "King Of Dreamers" attack and when Yamcha falls down, charge your energy and do the attack over again, repeat. If Yamcha ends up getting near you or begins a rushing attack from far away, use your "Present Bomb" attack. When Yamcha is blown away, charge your energy and continue to use the "King Of Dreamers" attack. When you win, you will win 1 Million Zeni, and the Z Items "Equipment Slots +4" and "Fox Mask". The "Fox Mask" is the fisrt Z Item for Unlocking Grandpa Gohan. The second is "Master Roshi's Pupil". If you lose the battle, pause and select "Select Scenario" to choose the Scenario again. Keep Trying!

Beautiful Treachery

Go to the Freaza saga where you get to play as Kr- illin and Kid Gohan and fight Dodoria then you have to defeat Dodoria and win then you get Beautiful Treachery.

Easily Win Every Battle

Choose SS4 Gogeta, and then add any number of equipment slots, and put it all into power and defense. If my hunch is correct, your normal hits will do a lot more damage, and all characters will flinch towards Gogeta.

Quick Fighting Style

For this, hold up on the left analog stick and get close to your opponent then quickly bombard him with punches by pressing square. Keep doing this and while he's down, use special attacks and charge up.

How To Fight Broly On Destined Rivals

Before you fight Vegeta for the first time on Destined Rivals, you can fight Broly just go to the Glacier and he will be there waiting for to fight.

How To Get Kid Goku

Go to Destined Rivals battle three Destined Battle and once you are Goku go to Kami's Lookout and talk to the person that is there. You will fight Grandpa Gohan and you have to win. You will get Kid Goku.

Make An Easy $1,000,000

This hint only works if you have a DragonBall Z Tenkaichi file. When you are picking a mode, pick Data Center. Then pick sparking fusion. Once you pick it, Bulma will see if you have a DragonBall Z Tenkaichi file. If you do have a file, she will give you $1,000,000.

Jump Hit

When in any normal battle. When you are near your opponent press the X button to jump and when you are in the air, you can either click the square button or hold it and do a super smash.

How To Get Super 17

To get Super 17 you must fuse the items HFIL Fighter with the charecter Android 17.


To Get Broly Lv. 122

Password is case-sensitive, enter as exactly shown - PhoO FMFO OOud zRor [email protected] CetQ )%DG vzJQ

To Get Android18 (level 160)

Go to the password and put in this, NzErvcJo)[email protected]$Abq&2c6

To Get Piccolo Level 134

Go to Data Center then go to Enter Password. Remember: password is case-sensitive enter exactly as shown. Ggxk feAF iHOv wswV CvmU ezz* Jrcg Yj! k.

3 Wishes

Once you have all 7 dragonballs go to any namek stage (frieza saga) and summon porunga and in stead or getting 1 wish like on earth you get 3!


Baby Vegeta

Baby+Vegeta (second form)

Unlock Chi Chi

Go to the main menu and press R1, R2, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle.

Kid Goku

In "Destined Rivals" battle 3 (Destined Battle) instead of going to the World Tournament Stage go to Kami's Lookout. Talk to King Kia. Then you will fight Grampa Gohan. Defeat him and you will get Kid Goku and a Z-Item called Master Roshi's Pupil.

The Original Great Ape

All you do is in the first mission in the majin Buu Saga, when you are Goten, defeat Gohan, you will receive a new saga, complete the new saga (destined rivals) and you will get the great ape as a character.

Gohan Super Buu

Gohan Absorbed + Evil Buu

Super Slug

Giant Form + Slug


Lower Class Saiyan + Tree Of Might

General Tao

Bros. Crane Hermit + Memorial Campaign

Great Ape Turles

Power Ball + Turles

Ssj Trunks (with Sword)

History of trunks

Super Baby 1

Baby Vegeta + Lower class Saiyan

Super Baby 2

Super Baby 1 + Power from lower class

Super Perfect Cell

Suicide Bomb + Perfect Cell

Garlick Jr.

Demonic Star + Dead Zone

Great Ape Raditz

Power Ball + Raditz

Super Garlic Jr.

Frist Unlock Garlic Jr. By beating the Makyo Star Scenario and fusing the Z Items Makyo Star & Dead Zone. Then Fuse Garlic Jr. With Giant Form to create Super Garlic Jr. (Looks like the huge Garlic Jr. From the end of the Makyo Star Scenario).

How To Get Goku Bright Yellow Super Saiyan Hair

First, go to character select screen. Then, choose Goku and pick his sixth costume. Last, transform into Super Saiyan and you will see that Goku has bright yellow hair instead of gold.

How To Unlock Grandpa Gohan

You need to fuse Fox Mask and Master Roshi's Pupil.

Unlock Characters

You must beat Dragon Adventure if you want too unlock ANY characters, other than the ones that were given to you ant the beginning of the game.

Full Power Bojack

Ultimate Transformation + Bojack

Great Ape Vegeta

Power Ball + Vegeta(Scouter)


Namekian + Mutation

Mecha Frieza

Full Power Frieza + Remolding Surgery

Fateful Brothers

To unlocked Fateful Brothers go to the Sayain Saga then select the very first event numbered 00. after that you should fight against Raditz in a special battle (the ones were you loose and still advance to the next event) anyway kill Raditz and you should get Fateful Brothers. Note: you can choose any difficulty level and still get Fateful Brothers.

General Tao

On the 2nd mission of the Saiyan Saga playing as Goku go to the Southern Capital. Genral Tao will be there. Speak to him then you will fight him. Defeat him and you will get two Z-Items called Bros. of Crane Hermit and Memorial Campaign. Go to Z-Item Fusion. Fuse those two items together. They will become Genral Tao.

Great Ape Vegeta

Power Ball + Vegeta (Scouter)


Hildegarn's top half + Hildegarn's lower half


Saike demon + People's bad energy


Supreme Kai + Kibito

Majin Buu (pure Evil)

Human gunman's gun + Majin Buu

Master Roshi

Defeat Raditz with Goku

Mecha Frieza

Reconstructive Surgery + 100% Full Power Frieza

Metal Cooler

Big Gete Star + Cooler

Monster Zarbon

Broken Seal + Zarbon

Perfect Cell

Cell saga


Coolers soldier + Armored Cavalry


Armored Troopers + Cooler's Henchmen

Ssj 2 Goku

Defeat Majin Vegeta

Ssj 3 Goku

Defeat Fat Buu

Ssj Adult Gohan

History of trunks

Ssj Goku

Defeat Freeza as SSJ Goku

Super Android #17

HFIL fighter #17 + Android 17

Super Buu Gohan Absorbed

Absorb Gohan + Super Buu

Super Buu Gotenks Absorbed

Absorb Gotenks + Super Buu

Super Garlick Jr.

Giant Form + Garlick Jr.

Super Janemba

Janemba + Ultimate transformation

Super Yi-shin-long

Syn Shenron + Ultimate Dragonball

Syn Shenron

Evil dragon + Negative energy


The Tree of Might


Lower-Class Saiyan Soldier + Fruit of the Gods

Vegeta (android Saga)

Metal-cooler movie/android saga


Saiyan Saga


The flowers of evil + Galactic Warrior


Beat him in Story Mode


Beat him in Story Mode


Beat him in Story Mode


Beat him in Story Mode


Beat him in Story Mode


Beat him in Story Mode

Full Power Frieza

Super Transformation + Final Form Frieza

Android 13

Computer + Hatred

Android 13 Fusion

Android 13 + Parts of 14/15

Baby Vegeta

Baby + Vegeta (second form)


Unsealed + Galactic Warrior


Son of Paragus + Hatred of Goku

Broly Legendary Super Saiyan

Super Saiyan Broly + Breakthrough limit

Broly Super Saiyan

Broly + Super Saiyan


Beat him in Story mode

Captain Ginyu

Beat him in story mode

Cell Perfect

Self destruction + Cell Perfect Form


Frieza's Brother + Hatred of Goku


Frieza's Henchmen + Vegeta's Rival...?


Vegeta's rival + Frieza's soldier

Evil Buu

Evil Human Cannonball + Majin Buu

Final Form Cooler

Super Transformation + Cooler

Garlic Jr.

Dead Zone

Gotenks Super Buu

Gotenks Absorbed + Evil Buu

Great Ape Baby

Super Baby 2 + Artificial Blutz Wave

Great Ape Bardock

Power Ball + Bardock

Great Ape Nappa

Power Ball + Nappa

MAX POWER Master Roshi.

To get MAX POWER Master Roshi you have to fuse the item Seriousness with the character Master Roshi.

Zarbon (Tranansformed)

To get him you must fuse "unsealed" with "Zarbon".

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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