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  • Traditional, Cards
  • Unknown
  • Infogrames
  • Everyone
  • June 5, 2002


Defeating Krillin

Krillin is pretty easy to defeat. Have cards that rase your anger. Also have defensive cards to. If you dont have defense, you will be gone by the 3rd turn.

Defeating Guldo

Select Gohan as you character. He gets a bonus of two power level gains in his round. Next, put all the Defense cards you have in the deck. It is crucial to stop Guldo's MP card. Then, with all remaining cards, put them into Anger cards. This should stop all of Guldo's attacks. Also, Gohan's second Personality stage makes it so his MP card defends against Guldo's attacks. If you only have one Defence card remaining, take the hits until Guldo uses himself, then block it. This may require two or three attempts. You can also use Freiza due to his power of cutting damage down by two Life cards.

Frieza Smiles Card

The Frieza Smiles card is a double-edged sword. When used as the first card in combat, it stops all Energy or all Physical attacks for the rest of the round, but this affects both you and your opponent.

Green Artefact

To find the green artefact you must first go to the temple. Then go straight to the white teleport pad, when you enter the next room go south then east all the way to the wall then go north until you see a statue of a hand, then simply follow the fingers direction and you will enter a hidden room, keep walking and you will find the green artefact.

Level 1

To get past level 1, you must defeat Guldo, Krillin, and Nail. To defeat Krillin, use as many Raise Your Anger cards as possible. You have a very good chance of winning if you mix some strong Defence cards with the Raise Your Anger cards. To defeat Nail, use a combination of strong Defence and get your MP to level 2; or if they have a Defence power on level 1, use it. To defeat him, stop as many attacks as possible while pounding away. To defeat Guldo you must practice awhile before attempting to win. Your first attempt will probably be a loss. To defeat him, use the strongest Defence cards you have, such as Frieza smiles, which will not allow your opponent to attack during the combat turn it is used. Wait until you have a lot of a couple of life card losing combat cards and just hack away, repeating the process until he is defeated.

Level 2

Customize a deck that raises your Anger level and lowers the opponent's Anger level. The opponents on level 2 raise their Anger. Their Life deck is too high for a Survival Victory.

Vegeta's Main Personality

Defeat Cell using King Cold to unlock Vegeta's main personality.

Character Personalities

Krillin - Orange Style Tokui-Waza
Piccolo - Nemakian Style Tokui-Waza
Nail - Nemakian Style Tokui-Waza
Vegeta - Saiyan Style Tokui-Waza
King Cold - Blue Style Tokui-Waza
Frieza - Black Style Tokui-Waza
Goku - Red Style Tokui-Waza
Cell - Cell has all the Tokui-Waza Styles 

Miniature Tournament Breakdown For Starting Characters

Goku battle ladder 
Level 1: Krillin,Nail,Guldo 
Level 2: Gohan, Piccolo, GarlicJr. 
Level 3: Vegeta, Trunks 
Level 4: Frieza, King Cold 
Level 5: Cell 
Unlocks: Nail 
Gohan battle ladder 
Level: Krillin, Nail, GuldoLevel 2: Piccolo, 
GarlicJr., VegetaLevel 3: King Cold, Trunks 
Level 4: Frieza, Goku 
Level 5: Cell 
Unlocks: Trunks 
Frieza battle ladder 
Level 1: Krillin, Nail, Guldo 
Level 2: Gohan, Piccolo, Garlic Jr. 
Level 3: Vegeta, Trunks 
Level 4: Goku, King Cold 
Level 5: Cell 
Unlocks: King Cold 
Garlic Jr. battle ladder 
Level 1: Krillin, Nail, Guldo 
Level 2: Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta 
Level 3: King Cold, Trunks 
Level 4: Frieza, Goku 
Level 5: Cell 
Unlocks: Piccolo (Hero and Villain) 

Recommended Cards For Gohan

x1 Hospital Stay 
x2 Baba' Energy Blast 
x3 Burning Rage! 
x1 Hero Enraged! 
x3 Powered Up The Most! 
x2 Senzu Bean 
x3 Battle Pausing 
x2 Frieza Smiles 
x3 Mother's Touch 
x1 Saiyan Truce Card 
Energy Combat 
x3 Captain Ginyu's Energy Attack 
x4 Gohan's Energy Defense 
x3 Red Energy Blast 
x3 Yamcha's Skillful Defense 
Physical Combat 
x3 Black Hug Maneuver 
x3 Black Driving Palm Strike 
x3 Black Side Kick 
x3 Gohan's Ready 
x4 Gohan's Physical Attack 
x1 Nappa's Physical Resistance 
x3 Red Eye Laser Assault 
x3 Red Face Upheaval 
x3 Red Knife Hand 
x3 Red Lightning Slash 
x3 Red Palm Heel Strike 
x3 Red Power Rush 
x3 Saiyan Pressure Punch 

Win The Cell Personality

To win the cell personality cards you must first win the game, (beat the ladder) with every character the beat it one more time and you will win cell!

Namekian 79-80 Card Deck

Get 75 cards to deck then add Namekian cards until you can't add anymore cards to your deck, make sure you are playing with Piccolo or Nail.

76 Card Deck Without Namekian Tokui-Waza

Build a deck with 75 cards in it, but dont save it. take off the level three of your Main Personality(example:Gohan, Goku, Garlic Jr....) than select another card then save it. Voila, you have a 76 card deck.


Gameshark Codes

Must Be On [M] CDF59D8ECAB267C6  
Unlock Codes Unlock Trunks  E575BCA0613B89BA
Unlock Piccolo(Good)  E575BCA0613B89BA
Unlock Piccolo(Evil)  AD9917523080C93B
Unlock Guldo  5941B0CCAA72993D
Unlock Nail  73CAAF7D4FF09C9B
Unlock King Cold  22EE0878FA2C9469
Unlock Krillin  FFFCE8EF0EA60BAE
Unlock Vegeta(Good)  CECEC41E4C6A083C
Unlock Vegeta(Evil)  CE38C9B4DBAB7979 

Must Be On [M] AD1A19D18D99BA8A  68B9EE00BFA2A4E7
Infinite HP 8E390905C50236DD
Max HP F0F04309E2716C42
Infinite Magic E33B91086F1DBFC8
Max Magic 60830F231AD1B7C4
Max Experience 87013CE69996BEB0  6DB7C757F77C771E
Inf Flight Charges DBFA968D65313E1E
Tons Of Items C02C5DBBFBD4273F 246B35509BF2DDA6 
933A0A93D36CFAF4 CF3D00058E12D6A9 
0A06DBE2FAC4931F 300CCA1F459BE47A 
Have All Attacks 0BB1F00CB226D22D


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Easter eggs

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