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  • Action, Adventure
  • Unknown
  • Enix Video Games
  • Everyone
  • September 1, 2001


How To Get Cool Monsters

Lavaman: Metaldrak and Zapbird
Metaldrake: Andreal and Curselamp
Madnight: Beast and Dran
Battlerex: Dragon and Madknight
Deadnoble: Deadknight and Deadknight
Whipbird: Bird and Rayburn
Metally: Slime and Metaldrake
Rosevine: Plant and Drack

Get Goldgolem

To get Goldgolem breed a Iceman and a Lavaman.

Goldslime EASY!!!

Breed a Goldgolem with a white king or a Metalking.


Breed any ZOMBIE family with Dracolord.


Breed Dracolord with a Wattabou.

Hargon EASY!!!

Breed a whiteking with Metalking.

Monster Befriending Guide

You have to beet the game before you can do this Which means you have to beet Darck.

*50  monsters:- Elf Key from Prince Kameha
*100 monsters:- Kings Quest: The Nasty Merchant
              - Breeding oppertunity: skeletor+funkybird
*120 monsters:- Kings Quest: The Goldless Priest
*140 monsters:- King Quest: The Wayward Mage
*150 monsters:- Breeding Oppertunity: Andreal
              - Traveler Key from Prince Kameha
              - Battle in Arena with Terry
*160 monsters - Kings Quest: The Cowardly Warrior
              - Battle with trainer in Miagen Inn (traveler world 
*250 monsters:- Get Warobou's son from him


To get Mettable you mate two metaly together.


To get Dracolord you have to have 5 tiny medals and exchange them to get Servant. Then breed it with Andreal. If you want it with more defense breed it with metaly, mettable, or metalking. but I warn you it will have low HP.

Get A Strong Whipbird

To get a strong Whipbird you find another Monster Master in a Magic Key World ( I did mine in FIRSTMNT) and sometimes the person will have a whipbird and use the Sirloins that I told you to get, on the monsters. Then make sure you kill the other monsters before whipbird or one of the others will join you. But the Whipbird will know at least one halfway desent move. Mine knew TatsuCall. You can also get other monsters like Shantak, Battlerex, Rosevine, Metalking, Darkhorn, and Serpintia.

How To Get Alot Of Good Monsters By Breading

Ironturt + Madcondor = Phoinex
Madgosse + Dracolord = Zapbird
Madgosse + merman = Whip bird
Andreal + Curselamp = Metaldrak
Dracolord + Eyeder = Digster
Antbear + Dracolord = Darkhorn
Dracolord + Slurpeon = Rosevine

Get The Ultimate Slime!!!

Just to tell you you MUST beat the Ice key to do this. First catch eight metalys. Then breed two metalys to creat metable do this four times. After thats done breed two metables to make metal king do this twice. Then breed the metal kings to make the powerful gran slime!!!

How To Get Azurile

To get Azurile, breed any bird family with a drakslime(and you will get a pheonix), then any bird family with metaly(and you will get a blizzardy). Next breed the blizzardy and pheonix and get a rainhawk.In the end, breed any ??? family with rainhawk and you will get a Azurile.


To get Balzac, breed a goopi with DracoLord


Breed a Spotking or Kingslime with a MetalDrak to get a MetalKing


TO get a DracoLord, breed a servant with an Andreal.

An Easy Way To Get A Zapbird By The Ice World

Catch any bird, and two gismos. If you want the Zapbird to know HEAL, use a Wyvern, which is in the Pirate world (in the outside areas), and in the Lighthouse in the Pirate world. Catch two gismos in the Ice world. Breed the Wyvern with the gismo, wyvern first. You will get a phoenix. Breed that with the gismo. Make sure that the phoenix learns HEAL. When you breed the phoenix with the gismo, you get a Zapbird that will learn HEAL.

An Easy Way To Get A POWERFUL Metalking (For Cobi's Game Only)

YOU MUST BEAT THE PIRATE WORLD IN ORDER TO DO THIS. READ ALL OF THIS THOROUGHLY BEFORE STARTING. Catch about 5-6 slimes in the Pirate world. If you want your matelking to know HEALALL, ALSO catch 2 healers. If you don't want metalking to know HEALALL, just catch 2 more slimes instead. Breed the 4 slimes to make 2 +1 slimes, and breed the other slimes with the 2 healers to get 2 more +1 slimes. Breed 2 of the +1 slimes to get a +3 slime. Raise the other 2 +1 slimes so they learn HEAL. Then make another +3 slime. Breed the +3 slime so it learns HEAL.Then breed the 2 slimes to make a +5 or +6 KIngslime. If you just get another +4 slime, just breed another slime with it to get Kingslime. Make sure that the Kingslime learns HEAL. Then beat the Ice world and go to the Ice tower in the middle of the lake and catch a Metaldrak. Breed K.S. and M.D. to make Metalking. U can only Catch M.D in Cobi's Game. If youre playing tara's versoin, catch a pixy and plant, make a Gulpple, breed it with a member of the dragon family to make an Andreal. Breed it with a material family member to make Metaldrak. Put Kingslime first to breed, then Metaldrak.

Get A Metalking

Breed metable with metable

How To Get Matable

Breed metaly with metaly.

Drak Slime

To get a Drak Slime breed a Slime Family member with a Dragon Family Member.


We have no cheats or codes for Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi's Journey yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi's Journey yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi's Journey yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi's Journey yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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