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  • Fighting, 3D Fighting
  • Bandai
  • Bandai
  • Teen
  • November 17, 1997


To Play As SS3 Gotenks

Beat the game with regular Trunks with sweat coming down his face 9 times. But u cant go out of the yellow line into the red. You've got to stay in the yellow and after u beat the game with him 9 times press select 9 times and gotenks should show up

Very Quick Build Up Levels

If you want high build up levels heres a head start. Play a other Dragonball z game called Ultimate Battle 22 and play bulid up on it and get the maxium level of a character. Save this max level on your character to a memory card. Now put finalbout in your playstation and go to build up section to the last category. Go click on it and it will label the characters max level from ultimate battle 22 game on the top screen. click on it and the arrow will then point to the character in final bout and click on the name you want to transfer the level. Even though the character from ultimate battle 22 his level will be shown on the max the level transfered to the final bout character will only have about level 43 or higher. For example Gohan's max level in ultimate battle 22 saved on my memory card I transfered to regular Goku in final bout and was level 43 when first started the build up with Goku, but a cuation is if your character in final bout is higher then level 43 don't try to transfer levels into him from ultimate battle 22 because the final bout character will go back to level 43 no matter if he was at a level 100 before.

Play As Gotenks

Beat the game with GT Trunks nine times on hard mode. Afterwards, select Trunks nine times. Then, Trunks will become Gotenks.

Play As Bebi Vegeta

At character select screen, hold down select and square until match starts.

Get Gotenks

Beat the game 7 times on hard with regular trunks 9 times. You must not use any continues. And you must have a near perfect for each person you fight. After doing so, at the character select screen in training or 1 player mode, highlight regular trunks and press (select) 9 times and Gotenks should appear.

Outlined Character

To do this cheat, when your picking a fighter on the Vs. menu hold select while pressing x and in battle your character will only show his her outline.

Powerful Pan Combo

While being Pan, stand near the second player the press toward,back,down,up, and imedately hit square. If entered correcty she will to a really powerful combo.

Vegita's Death Bomb

When choosing vegita in the training hold L1 + Triangle. When it loads all you gotta do is press Triangle to shoot and it will shoot friezas! Death bomb, but with vegita.

Play as Ubuu

First, put the skill level on hard. Get Super Saiya-Jin Goku Level 4 and the rest of the hidden characters. This includes Gotenks. Note -- You cannot lose a match and you need near perfect when getting all the hidden characters. Once done, beat the game on hard 7 times with Majin Buu a.k.a. Original Buu. You need a near perfect doing this and no losses. After that's done, beat the game 15 times on hard with Pan. You also need a near perfect and no losses here too. Beat the game 6 more times with Chibi Goku with a near perfect and no losses. 8 more times with SSJ to the 4th power Goku. You also need no losses and near perfect every match here too. Finally beat the game 3 times on easy with Majin Buu. On the third time you need to continue 4 times by losing to your first round opponent. And get a perfect on every one after that. Except for when you fight Super Baby. You need to half your life bar at 1/4 the way, and finish Super Baby with a strong 'Ki Attack' (or in other words ---- a strong knockout ki blast.' i.e. Goku's "Chou Kamehameha," but for Buu! After that, go to the character selection screen and highlight Majin Buu. When you do that, press the select button 15 times and Ubuu will appear.


Cells Super Move

Press right, left, down, up. Then press triangle or press left, right, down, up, triangle, and cell will release something that can be more powerful than a spiritbomb or selfdistruct!

All Hidden Characters (except Bebi Vegeta)

At title screen, press right, left, down, up, right, left, down, up, triangle(x9), x(x11)

Veggeto`s Instant Transmission Fast Kick.

While in battle hit Forword, Back, Down, Up, Circle slowly and Veggeto should do a really fast kick.

Boo's (Bhu) Explosion

Get Bhu in the battle (p1). In the battle, press right, left, down, up, and triangle.

Buu's Explosion

Basically the same as Vegeta's Explosion. Just press Foward, Back, Down, Up, Triangle. It does massive damage, but takes a while to charge up.

SSJ4 GOKU Cheat Code

To get SSJ4 GOKU first you have to enable the secret characters cheat which is right, left, down, up, right, left, down, up. Then for the Rare US version push the triangle button 10 times then the Square button 9 times. For the Japanese version press the triangle button 5 Or 7 times and the square button 9 times.

Do The Spirit Bomb (Henkidama)

You must have Normal Goku and by normal I mean not Super Saiyan. Hit Foward, Back, Down, Up, Triangle slowly.

Bonus Characters

At the title screen, press Right, Left, Down, Up, Right, Left, Down, Up, Start. Then the following fighters will appear at the Build mode character selection screen: Super Saiyajin Trunks, Super Saiyajin Seinen Trunks, Super Saiyajin Son Gokuh, (Z), Super Saiyajin Son Gokuh (GT), Super Saiyajin Chibi Son Gokuh (GT), and Super Saiyajin Vegetto.

Play As Super Saiyanjin 4 Son Gokou

Enable the "Bonus characters" code, then at the title screen, press Triangle(10), Square(9). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Note: For the Japanese version of the game, press Triangle(5), X(9) at the title screen.

Wire Frame Fighters

Select two player or training mode. Then when choosing a character, hold Select and press X to fight without texture mapping or shading. When choosing a character, hold Select to fight without texture mapping or shading.

Alternate Costumes

Select two player or training mode. Then when choosing a character, press Square + X + Circle.

Sound Test

At the title screen, press L1, L2, R1, R2, Start. Then, press Select after choosing a song to view the lyrics and additional song information. Note: For the Japanese version of the game, press L1 + R1 + R2 + L2 at the presentation screen.


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Easter eggs

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