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  • Action, Adventure
  • Unknown
  • Encore
  • Teen
  • January 3, 2003


Lava Domain

In the first world, as soon as you enter the door, turn right and grab the mana. Ignore the dragons if you can. Run ahead and jump to the right at the end of the path. You will have to run/jump to grab the ledge where the exit door is. Remember to unequip your sword! When you come to room with the dragons that fly out of the circular hole at the top, kill the dragons and shoot the eye. Stand where the light is shining onto the ground and you won't get killed when the wall falls. To fight the Smithees you need to use your sword in the fire pits that are burning. Make sure to cut the peice of wood that is holding the wooden gears in place (which the big log will eventually work it's way into). In the next room you'll fight knights and dragons. Go back into the other room and light your sword and return to the room with the Smithee statue that isn't moving. I think you can avoid fighting him by not lighting the fire pit beside him, only light the three small pyres on the left hand wall, which will reveal a switch. Hit the switch, watch the cutscene and climb the ladder to access the door. If you do have to fight the Smithee simply light the fire pit beside it. Once up top and through the door, hit the switch and run along the platforms and take the first door on your left (the others don't open yet.)

Dirk Shapeshifter On Top Of Castle

You can't sword fight him, so just use your arrow attacks against him and the other things he transforms into. Targetting really helps and you should have enough arrows (fire or normal) that should make this battle a breeze. Once you defeat him you will earn the Dragon Scale which protects you from fire. Use this and jump down the pit in the Impossible Room.

Singe The Dragon

After the chase sequence which you will definitely need the glide power for in a few instances, you come to what you'd probably think is the end of the line. Nope. But luckily Singe the Dragon isn't that tough. Stand a fair distance away but close enough so that he won't charge you. Run in the opposite direction of his sweeping fire blasts. He will shoot one fire blast at you, which you should run away from while trying to get close to him (but not too close or he'll swipe at you). Once he has fire swept you, hold the block button and Singe will shoot a fire ball at you. The magic sword will absorb the blast. Hit the target button and shoot the fireball back at him by using the sword button. Once he is dazed rush up and hit him with the sword, quickly unlock target and run (with the L button held down) to the left direction. Keep repeating this method (Singe will increase his fire sweeps as the battle continues). 5 times of this should do the trick.

Lizard King Boss

Use the Dragon's Eye to locate the Lizard King and then you'll have to run around and nab a key. Eventually you'll have to chase after the pot that has your sword, while avoiding the Lizard King's attacks and other environmental hazards. Once you reach the end of the line, run towards the pot, get your sword and attack the Lizard King with a swipe or two. Then the pot will steal your sword back. Repeat this about a half dozen times and you'll defeat the Lizard King. The trick is to keep moving.

Impossible Room

Impossibly easy that is! Turn off Dragon's Eye power and set it to glide. Go into the room with the fire pit and snag the barrel full of Mana. Use some of it to refill your health if necessary. Take the stairs and enter the first door that you see. Go through the doors until you reach an open area. Jump across and take the door on your right hand side. Go through the doors. Once you reach the hallway turn right (the door straight ahead leads to a neverending path). Go through the door and you will eventually come to an open area. You will hear an ogre grunting and some dragons may be around. You can jump down (glide) and kill the ogre if you want to, or you can avoid it all together by jumping down and gliding to the purplish platform that has no doors on either side. As you do, Daphne will say "I believe this is the way to the Lizard King". Once on the platform, use Dragon's Eye and the door to the Lizard King will magically appear. Done and Done!

Cyclops Worm Boss

This is easier than it appears. Once you open the gate that unleashes the boss, glide back to the ledge (above where the Cyclops came out) and then over to the stone ledge (the tentacles don't reach you there). Use crossbow with flame arrows and target the Eye. Shoot it and it will be stunned. Jump down and immediately press the Black button for your sword. Hit the Cyclops in the eye and then immediately press "Y" to untarget it. Run towards the ladder on the other side of the room and press Black button to sheath your sword before you get there. While climbing the ladder, the tentacles don't attack you. Once up the ladder run around the long way back to the stone ledge where you were before. Smash the barrels for Mana, Health and arrows on your way, but try and avoid the tentacles. Once back on the stone ledge, repeat the process four times. Remember to use your Dragon Spirit to regain health if you need it. Once you beat the Cyclops you will earn the Dragon Eye. Immediately activate it and you will see a secret room appear. Walk through the wall and exit the level.

Pool Room

Run straight ahead while pressing the white button to activate your crossbow and stand on the golden bricks, just before the green pool in the center of the room. Take measures to shoot the dragons first as they will do more damage to you than the Mana worm that appears in the center of the pool. Once the dragons are dead shoot the Mana worm and it will disappear. There is a spider at the back of the room that should be shot as well. Be very mindful of the three areas on the left wall that shoot arrows. If the room hasn't completely felt into the ooze below, it will start doing so once you move off the bricks towards the back of the room. Use your roll move to get by the knives. If you reach the door before the room has completely collapsed, the door may not open just yet. Keep rolling over and over and the eventually the door will open a little bit and you will roll through. Hopefully. This room seems to be a little glitchy.

Castle Depths

Using the fire arrows from afar, go to the right hand side and aim at the barrels (left hand side) at the other end of the level. They are hard to see because of the mist. Then go to the far left and shoot the barrels located on the right hand side at the other end of the level. Next turn on Glide power and climb up the ledges to your right. Jump from the tallest ledge and glide to the higher level. If you release the glide, Dirk will catch the ledge with his hands. Walk over to the circular tunnel and stand on top of it. Using Glide, jump towards the first rope. Simply swing on the ropes. At the other end of the level, go through the broken wall to earn health. From inside there, use the fire arrows to blow the red barrels away that are blocking the door. Glide to the stairs and exit. There are two flying dragons waiting to ambush you. Note that once you get inside the room and jump down, there is a Health potion behind you. In the next room, avoid the Mana worms and don't be afraid of the water. You can walk on it - it's not deep, those sneaky programmers.... Roll under the green gas coming out of the pipes and make your way around. Kill off the dragons and pick up the key. Exit back the way you came, past the mana worms and go back to the room where you were blowing up the big barrels. To get onto the ledge to back into the room, you will need to put away your sword and de-activate the glide power. Once in the next room, glide to your right and use the key with the X" button. Once inside kill the dragon, but don't hit the switch. Use the fire arrows and shoot the barrels above you. This opens up a secret passageway. Go inside and once in the blue room, stay to the left. When you get to the other side, do NOT use the X button on the chain. Bad news. Take the exit out the circular door on the right at the back of the room. Go through and find the Eye, which you should shoot with the Crossbow - this turns off the water in the room with the Mana worms and opens the cage. Careful on your way back - dragons are loose and whatever you do, still DO NOT pull that chain. Once back into the room where the Mama worms were, kill the dragon(s) and grab the Mana Cell. Carry it past the green gas and into the room where the stand for the Mana Cell is. Place it onto the stand and a walkway will appear over the green ooze. Mana Worms are present so run fast.

Castle Sewers

Drain the sewage, prepare for a battle with a half dozen goons and then exit the room through the circular door. The red barrels must be destroyed with the fire arrows, which you don't have yet. Go into the hallway (you may have to roll under something) and you will find yourself in the Fire Arrows room. To get to the other side you must watch the pattern of the fire and jump on the squares in that particular sequence. If you missed the sequence, to the right of where you entered is a dark impression on the floor, step on it and it will show you the pattern. Sheath your sword (you don't need it) and turn off the glide power. Holding the L trigger, jump on to the first square (after you learn the pattern). If you are running, you sometimes don't have to jump to other squares that are above or below (you will have to side to side though), you can just run onto them, except in the case of moving from square 7 to 8 in the sequence (you'll have to jump). Pausing slightly on square 6 before jumping to square 7, makes it easier to make the jump due to the somewhat delayed jumping of the button press. Even this method will require some practice. Once you get to the other side, step on the red impression on the floor and it will unlock the arrows. Go back out the door you came in and use the fire arrows on the red barrels now.

Bell Challenge

When you enter the room, you have two directions to choose from. Choose the one that doesn't require you to go over water on ropes (I can't remember if it was right or left - sorry). Take the other direction, climb the rope or chain and go up a level. Before you hit the bell, go the rope on your right and climb down. Daphne will say something about a "poor support for a wall". On the level you just climbed down, take our your sword and hit the wooden beam that is supporting the higher ledge. Once you do this, the wall will collapse. Climb back up the rope, hit the bell, avoid the knight and now you will have access to three ropes. Jump on to them and then jump onto the higher ledge, run across, jump down and hit the second bell with ample time to spare.

Bat Boss (Bell Challenge)

Hit it a few times on the ground and then Daphne will tell you about the bells. From this point forward the bat will attack from above. Hit one bell and then rush over and hit the other (I would highly suggest starting from the bell that you must climb to). Once both bells are ringing, the bat will drop to your level. Rush over and attack him. You will have to repeat this method to beat him.

Planet Room

This is the room just after Mordoc's bedroom that was bricked up. Run over to the two round discs on the left hand side of the floor and have your sword out. Stand on the first circle holding the block button (B on Xbox) which will allow you to destroy the planet/orb things flying at you. Standing on the circles activates the platforms. Stand on the other one and hold block as well. Then run to the front of the room and while running, sheath your sword. Climb the ladder and platform jump all the way over to the other side of the room. Once on the other side, hit the lever which will open the door. If you have only a small amount of health DO NOT jump down to the floor because you will die. Jump over the platforms again and jump down at the lowest place, then run to the door and you are finished.

Blocking Projectiles And Attacks

Many players forget that they can block attacks with the B button on Xbox (not sure of other button configurations for other consoles but check yourself!) . If there are numerous projectiles coming at you, stand tall and use the B button. This will make some rooms and battles much easier.


We have no cheats or codes for Dragon's Lair 3D yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Dragon's Lair 3D yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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