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  • Role-Playing, First-Person Action RPG
  • Surreal Software, Inc.
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • Mature
  • January 29, 2002


Mysterious Chicken.

I found him after coming out of Kragmore, after you get out of the valley and passed the 2 cannons, you should see a cave with spiked plants on each side of the cave, go inside and kill the chicken and collect a golden egg and you will receive 1000 gold. Recommended Weapons: Flaming sword from that boned guardian in the catacombs, Snotmaw's Cleaver, Blade of the order, Bonegrinder's Staff, or Just a Big Sword from the Blacksmith.


Before entering the Shadowmire, talk to Brekk the Blacksmith. He offers you 2000 gold if you can bring him back Toadfist's Helm. Going through the Shadowmire means a long trip, so be prepared. In one of the caves along the way you should find an Invisibility Potion. Use this when you fight Toadfist. Then run up and attack wildly. Not being able to see you, Toadfist is helpless. Try not to use an Invulnerability Potion if you have one. It shouldn't be needed. Winning gives you his Helm. Brekk keeps his promise and gives you 2000 gold, which comes in use.

Khossa Vole And Arokh's Soundbreath

The Soundbreath is a really sweet breath weapon for Arokh, but getting it is rather hard. First you explore the Catacombs. One part requires you to use Timeslow, so before you actually leave the maze part start that spell and jump over the gap before it is a really big problem. The rest is smooth sailing, exept where you have to kill the odd lookin' devil at the end. After that, talk to the head monk. Go speak to Derihmon and Jade, Jade'll tell you to go to the north to find Khossa Vole's domain and kill him. You should know where that is, if not look at your map. It's that really ugly tower in the middle of a lake. Land there and go into the tower. Step on the portal and save. You'll end up in the City of the Damned. Follow the road, kill the skeletons, and save before you jump the fallout bridge, as its a long way down! Once you reach the platform where Khossa is, look around. In a tree is a sweet sword. Now, go into the tunnel. Shoot Khossa's real body with a few of Rynn's fireball spells to make it fall down the pit. Then you can whack Khossa to your hearts content! After that, grab the Gravestone and head out of that Halloween world. Once you are out and back to Arokh, check the skies. There should be a floating orb somewhere close by. Fly through it and you have the super-cool Soundbreath! Oh, don't forget to take the Gravestone back to Jade. In return for your efforts, she'll let you buy a spell free of charge!

Blade Of The Order: Earth Blade

While you are going through the Shadowmire, you will most likely come across Nichols the Bold. He may look tough, but don't be fooled! Later on in the big stone room with the large brown Trogs and some small green Trogs, there is a tunnel between the two entrance passages. Go down there, and there is a prison where Nichols is being held. Pull the lever and let him out, then talk to him. Keep going, and later back outside in the swamps, you should spot him dangling by his foot in a tree. Not a very bad problem exept he's chained there and some Lightning Trogs are killing him! Free him before they kill him and he'll give you Nichol's Tome. Keep going down the trail but DO NOT GO UP THE RAMP! Keep going through the trees until you see the circular platform with the pillars. Go up and stand in the middle. Rynn will automatically read the Tome. The door will open. Go into the hall and grab the Blade of Earth. Be careful, as the door will slam closed and you will be attacked by skeletons! Kill all of them and the door will reopen. Then you are free to leave. The Blades each have their own special move that you can access with the circle button. Enjoy the Blade of Earth!


To defeat BoneGrinder, first destroy the lightning generators with the lightning spell. It will take several hits with your spell unless Magic Level 3 is used. If you pick up Invisibility or Invulnerability spells along the way, now is a good time to use them.

The Levers Of Surdana (continued)

After you pull the lever in the black smith's shop go back to the villager's house and go to the door beside his bed and pull that lever. Then go to the castle and right where those two guards are standing and go to the door on the left. Once you've done that go to the door on the right. IN THERE IS 9,000 GOLD.

The Levers Of Surdana

now this isnt really a hint, but here it goes. im sure u all know and love the spider basment right, well, in the cellar there is a weird looking wall, that indents in 1 spot, hit it.the wall will open and there will be a lever there, pull it. then go to the black smith shop, the door will be open, and there will be a another lever, pull it then search around and fund the next, and the next, and the next, and the next and the next, and eventually, when u pull the last lever, it will open a door somwere, and a rare item will be inside. sorry i dont have all the details, i havent actually finished it but i will eventually

Sky Battle

When you are in a sky battle, make sure you are targeted on one of the dragons. To dodge easily, make sure you are hitting X and triangle, as well as, left and right.

Rynn And The Hermit

When you reach the part where you have to collect the 4/5 satchels of explosive powder for the swamp hermit, press Select and drop one of your weapons; there is a bow in the cave close to the old man's hut. When you find it, jump up on the pile of large bricks to avoid getting killed by the predators. Next, press the O button for target lock and aim at those suckers and let 'em have it! After you've killed all th monsters, go back to the hut and take a left turn and you should see a Trog and a predator. Make sure they can't see you at first. Then, if you still have your bow, use target lock and shoot one of te monsters. If it starts running after you, take it off target lock and try to make it chase you to the hermit's hut. If you are successful, run into the hut and look at the doorway. The monster should be in the doorway; don't worry, it can't come in the hut. Use target lock and shoot it until it dies. Do this again to kill the other creature.

Through Shadowmire

As you go through Shadowmire, you will come across some Trogs that have staffs that shoot electricity. When you come to that part, in order to avoid getting hit by the electric beam, press the X button and roll over to the Trog with the staff then stand upright and start slashing it with your sword. That should take care of it.



While playing a game, hold L1 + R2 + L2 + R1 (in that order) and press X, Down, Triangle, Up, Circle, Right, Square, Left.

Extra Money

While playing a game, hold L1 + R2 + L2 + R1 (in that order) and press Circle, Square, Right, Left, X, Triangle, Down, Up. Repeat this code as many times as desired to receive $10,000 each time the code is entered.

Full Health

While playing a game, hold L1 + R2 + L2 + R1 (in that order) and press Triangle, Down, Circle, Left, Square, Right, X, Up.

Increase Level Up By One

While playing a game, hold L1 + R2 + L2 + R1 (in that order) and press Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Right, Down, Left, Up. Repeat this code up to twelve times to increase your level by one.

Increase One Spell Level

While playing a game, hold L1 + R2 + L2 + R1 (in that order) and press Up, Down, Left, Right(2), Left, Down, Up. Repeat the code to increase your spell level by one.


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Easter eggs

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