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  • Driver 3
  • Racing, Miscellaneous Racing
  • Reflections
  • Atari
  • Pending
  • June 23, 2004


Shelby Cobra Secret Car In Miami

Go to the construction site where you have to do the "Impress Lomaz" mission. (It is located on the river on the west side of Miami). Follow under the bridge(not railroad bridge, the highway bridge) as far as you can and then make a right turn on the road. The first building you come to (on your right)should have an alley in it.There you will find a car that looks like a Shelby Cobra!

Gangster Check

In Miami you thke the risk of steaking a gangster's car(so I learned). To prevent this, stop the car you want to steal, pull out a gun and aim at the driver if it's blue he's a civilian and if it turns red, shoot! He's a gangster!!!

Ice Tires

First, find a vehicle that has all of the tires on it. Next, pop all of the tires. Now drive! It will be like driving with Ice Tires! You could do this with a semi also, just pop the tires on the trailer ONLY! IF YOU POP ALL OF THE TIRES ON THE TRACTOR, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE DO DRIVE ON ICE TIRES! I recommend doing this in Miami, for it has large areas to spin out in. GO TRY IT OUT!

Police Chase

If you have the cheat "Immunity" (You can't get busted) pick a city but If I were you I would pick Istanbul because it has train tracks and at the end of the tracks do a battle with your guns but use the shot gun, the exploding gun, and the last gun on your gun list.

How To Die In Invincibility

You will need to go to Miami, inter the cheat "Invincibility" and get a 18 Wheeler and drive fast run into cars once you jump off the car you may tip over sideways or upside down and the 18 Wheeler may explode. (Good Luck! ).

How To Find A Timmy Vercelli

Spawn at your house and look across to the other house. Go into the backyard and kill Timmy Vercelli.

Istanbul 1930's Car

Go to FREE RIDE mode and select ISTANBUL as the location to go to and choose point 1 as the start point. Once you start check the map look for the RED line which signifies the railroad follow it to the western part of the island and i will go to the train yard. Go inside the CENTRE hold behind the crates on the right of the yard and you should find the 1930's car.

Flower Power Van In Nice

In Nice, look up the map and you'll see a part with circle shaped roads to the outmost west of the city. This is actually a mountain with a medieval town on it, go there and drive (or walk) up the mountain as far and as high as you can. There you'll find a castle and close to that a terrace, to the left of the terrace you'll find a garage, in which you can find the Flower Power van.

Hot Rod In Nice

Enter the airport and follow the runway to the left. Open one of the red garage doors to find a Hot Rod.

Go-Kart In Miami

Drive to Coral Gables and find the Biltmore Hotel, located opposite the water tower. Look in behind the bushes in the backyard to find a bunker entrance. Drive through it then climb up the stairs. Kill Timmy Vercelli then activate the switch to open the gate below. Drive into the next area and through the long tunnel. Once you exit, drive directly ahead to the Go-Kart track. You can find a Go-Kart in the pit area. Note: If it is not here, leave, then return later.

GT-40 In Miami

Begin at Tanner's house and look at the map. Go onto the first big bridge seen on the map. In the middle of that bridge, follow the first street to the right. Enter the garage at the end of that street to find a car that resembles a Ford GT- 40.

Infinite Mass

Kill all ten Timmy Vercellis in Istanbul. Go to the Istanbul armory to activate the "Infinite Mass" option. Tanner's car or motorcycle can hit any other vehicle without stopping or being damaged in this mode.

Fugitive Mode

Kill all ten Timmy Vercellis in Nice. Go to the Miami armory to activate the "Fugitive Mode" option. All pedestrians have weapons in this mode.

18 Wheeler Havoc

Kill all ten Timmy Vercellis in Miami. Go to the Miami armory to activate the "18 Wheeler Havoc" option.

The Skate-park Miami

Although I do not know the name of this park, I do know where it is. In Coconut Groves, there are 2 dead end roads at the bottom of the map. follow the southern most road out past the parking lot and slightly to the laft. You'll see a half pipe. continue further and there will be a full blown skatepark, ramps pipes and rails gallor!


Everytime you start on "Take A Ride" on the main menu, and if you start with a 18 wheeler, look behind. You will see a trailer, you can get that trailer. Just park backwards and there you go!



At the main menu, press CIRCLE, CIRCLE, L1, L2, R1, R2, SQUARE and you will hear a noise. Then go to options, then to cheats, then turn on Immunity. This makes cops unable to see you. Submitted by - blairtherock

Unlimited Ammo

At the main menu, press R1, R2, R1, R2, Square, Circle, Square. Then go to options, then cheats, then Unlimited Ammo On/Off and turn it on.

All Weapons

At main menu press R1, L2, Square, Circle, R1, R2, L2. Beeps if entered correctly.

All Missions

At main menu press L1, R1, L1, L2, Square, Square, Circle. Beeps if entered correctly.

All Vehicles

At main menu L1, L1, Square, Circle, L1, R1, Circle. Beeps if entered correctly.

Invincibility (not In Undercover)

At main menu press Square, Square, L1, R1, L2, R2, R2. Beeps if entered correctly.


We have no unlockables for Driv3r yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Driv3r yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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